Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm all blue :(

So its all about blue today, I wore my blue hat, I know u can't see under my winter jacket but I'm also wearing a blue shirt and used my new MAC e/s in "freshwater" which is a pretty blue shade veluxe pearl! I'm also feeling blue :( yup my past is hunting me! It's complicated but to be honest I miss my hubby, he used to be my bestfriend....the situation right now really sucked! BUT I'm fine...I will be'll take time! Sorry about the blurry pictures, my shaky hands wasn't good taking pics with my cellphone!

EOTD - I used:

-Mac e/s in freshwater
-Mac e/s in nylon
-Mac e/s in fiction
-Mac e/s in jest
-Almay eyeliner
-Maybeline DefineBrows
-SheerCover Mascara

We went shopping today with my dad! We bought some stuff for my dad to bring on his trip back home to the Philippines! Even though me and Lauren are not coming, I'm still excited because I have a list that I want them to buy LOL! Bags, wallets, sandals and white "sando" for Lauren, filipino movies and magazines! And I will also asked some copies of Philippine inquirer newspaper bwahaha! How about Makeup? Maybe not...I'd rather buy and see it myself because me and my dear mommy got different taste. Especially when it comes to clothes and makeup haha! Anyways this is it for now, will update this soon...I'm so tired today! Toodlessss :D

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Friday, January 30, 2009

I Bet "you" read this!

SHOULD I REALLY HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS?! Nope! I'm sure you (yes! "you"!) read my blog but maybe I'm wrong that u don't but...oh wait you do!! LOL!

We both love her and that's the only important thing in this world! Whatever it is on your airy little head right now ...shame on you! As I have said in the past "nobody is perfect...but don't be stupid!"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ytube Prize

Last Holidays around November Laura aka SephoraJunkie (look her up on youtube) started "what r u thankful for?" contest! Basically u just have to make video or slideshow of what u are thankful for and every Saturday starting from November till Xmas for 6wks she's randomly picked names of those people who entered her contest! The prizes are awesome! She gave away stuff that are her fave beauty products! Winners every week will have to choose 1 item whatever is available on her contest prize items! Unfortunately I was the final winner of her contest and I didn't get the chance to choose prize so the Urban Decay Primer Potion is the only one left LOL! But I could need a back up for my UDPP, this stuff is amazing! It's a primer/base for ur lids to make ur eyshadows last longer and to avoid creasing! So yup I heart my UDPP! It's hard to get this here in my area because we don't have nearby sephora or any other stores that carry that brand, back-up for this UDPP is a must! Thanks again Laura (check her blogspot->) aka sephorajunkie! And oh thanks also for the ELF shine eraser blotting sheets! :D

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Lush and Carlo di Roma

How is everyone today?! I know its Monday and nobody like Mondays unless its like a long weekend LOL! So I was watching MTV awhile ago...yupperz I watched Bromance, who watch this show anyways?! (well i just did!) but this show is just nonsense to me! It's about all these guys who will suck Brody Jenner's butt the most! The show is pure CHEESE! But let me tell you Brody is one hot dude! ahihi!

So I joined MakeUpAlley and I'm addicted to read all the makeup/product reviews and I came across to Lush's Dream Cream! I have an on and off eczema the back of my neck off to my upper shoulders. Also I visited a Dermatologists a few times and prescribed me creams and it got to the point that he also prescribe me steriods but it seems nothing worked for me! I even tried over the counter skin medications like Hydrocortisone ointments and Tinactins etc etc....u name it, I used them all LOL! Back to Lush's Dream Cream....So I went to the mall and passed by at Lush so I was thinking to look aroud and maybe ask about that cream! A full tub of this famous baby is worth 24.95 plus taxes I was like ugghh too expensive! I asked the SA if they have a smaller size because I will not pay for a full price if its not going to work for me! She suggested that she'll give me a sample in a jar for free to try it out to see if i will like it and she also suggested to get the oatmeal bar soap, smells yummy! I can't wait to try the Dream cream when I got home so I put it on my eczema area and from the first night that I applied I scratched less that I would normally scratch so i keep applying today one in the morning, after shower and one at night and oh the feeling I think its a miracle worker! My eczema area on the back of my neck smoothens out, it felt so soft! I tried also to my scaley/rough hands and it really moisturizes it is a "dream cream" after all! :D The smell bothers me the first time but its not powerful to hurt my nose! hehe! I would definitely buy a full tub, its awesome! About the oatmeal bar was fine, smells yum and really moisturize my skin but the grainy texture bothers me plus I normally use shower gels or body wash so I can't remember when was the last time I use a bar soap?!

Heard of a cosmetic line "Carlo di Roma"? I haven't heard of it till now LOL! I googled it and its originally from Spain! And also Carlo di Roma is behind Pure Cosmetics! And I think they are launching it here in Canada this coming February, so cool! A friend of mine gave me this little white organza bag with goodies, so cute right! What's inside is a lipgloss and eyeshadow pallete both from the said cosmetic line! She thought I would love it because she's not into makeup as I am, she got these for free when she bought a value pack of beauty products I guess!! And she's right I love it especially the pallete, the packaging is so pretty! I don't normally wear blues but won't hurt to try for a different looks! I haven't tried the pallete but I swatched it and they are pigmented! The lipgloss on the other hand smells good and very pigmented its too pink and metallic finish...very shiny! I forgot to take pictures on my swatches maybe next time :)

That's it for now ladies...I got some bills to pay online so goodnight ya'll!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New little things!

I went to Rexall Pharma Plus yesterday because they had a sale going on to their NYX items and then I went there thinking I would buy Nyx Stuff but nopeeee I end up with all these:

-Renu Multiplus Solution for Contact Lens...I got the travel kit
-Lóreal Makeup Remover (I am a little obsessed with makeup removers lately)
-Prevens Makeup Remover towelettes purse size (see...obsessed!)
-Gosh Face Primer
-Nyx Long Lash Mascara (only Nyx product I got!)
-Ardell Falsies Starter Kit (I really have to practice putting some on)
-2 OPI nailpolishes in Onyx Black and Oh to be 25 again!

So I went to pay for all these items on the cosmetic's register and the SA was like punching something on the computer/register after scanning each items and I asked her about it coz it bothers me, u know when u go to check-in your bags in an airport and the front person is busy typing something on the computer?! She's doing that ! Sorry I'm just curious! LOL! So she said there is additional 10% off only that day so yeeyy SALE! Most of the items I picked are sale already so additional percent off is awesome! And it doesn't stop there....SA asked me to pick something up on the basket besides the desk for a cosmetics grab bag for FREE! Yup freebies yo! LOL! I picked this baggy just because I could use the eyelash comb thingy plus a mascara (no name, I don't think I'll use this), NeoStrata Moisturizer Sample and a Vanilla lipgloss that smells so good but to bad there are chunky glitters on it...who cares they are FREE! Oh wait...I end up with $50.05 and this weekend they have a promo that if u spend $50 or more before taxes its $10bucks off so yup another discount! I am one LUCKY shopper!

I went out today and got MORE stuff...yup if you guys can read my mind you know what they are! For now my princess will take a nap! And I will leave u with my FOTD pic! Laters lovers! :D

Friday, January 23, 2009

Comment and New Look!

New look for my blogspot yey! It's just a simple dark page but I hope ya'll like it! I had a lot of messages about my comment thingy, they don't actually see it or follow it or they just don't see it LOL! Just because my previous layout don't have a comment thingy below so now I changed the whole thing and u can now comment at the end of the blog entry! It took awhile for me to change it because I was too lazy to do it but I got some time today so I did it! I still have the chatterbox handy on the side so if u want to leave me a quickie message u can use the chatterbox as well! Anyways thanks to you...yup! YOU who always read my blog! Laters! :D

E/S of the Day!

I woke up late like 9:30ish in the morning but Lauren was up for I don't know how early LOL! So I got up and gave her breakfast, you know the usual Corn Pops cereal and her a bottle of milk! Then I checked my Lancome Holiday Pallete that I recently got because I tried fixing it last night so I put it aside to dry up...yup I dropped it and 2 shadows shattered grrr I was heartbroken! But I did a little experiment, I did watched a lot of tutorials on youtube on how to depot eyeshadows and stuff and I came across to a video on how to fix or pressing eyeshadows back in the pan so I did that, but I didn't have a pressing medium to mix with my shattered shadows but I heard I can use Mac's Studio Fix + and I have that on hand so I carefully started to fix it, its harder than I thought because pressing it are more difficult most videos I watched they are round eyeshadow pans and they used linen and coin to press it but my pallete is rectangle shape so I cut a very stiff cardboard box and wrap it with a linen cloth and wallllaaah it worked! I checked this morning and do a little swatch to check the texture if u know....still pigmented and all and it looked brand new again u can't even tell which one got broke! So happy! So here are the swatches in my arm with no primer or base!

Then I went overboard of happiness and test it out on my eyes of course haha! I also used my new Avon cream eyeliner that my friend Vicky gave me from Airdrie AB that I got in the mail last Wednesday! I love the bent eyeliner brush that it came with! It makes it easier to use it! The cream liner itself is just OK, just because the liner got some shimmer so I prefer to use my Loreal HIP cream liner but I love Avon's eyeliner brush LOL! :)

No FOTD...too early to show my face on camera bwahaha plus I just got excited trying out my newly fixed pallete! Excuse the lack of's messy by just looking at the pictures...sorry!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Heartbreak

My life...our life (me & Lauren's) changed dramatically since August of 2007! How could I forget it, it was the start of my depression. Darkest days of my life! It wasn't easy for me especially I was 5 months pregnant! I found out my husband is cheating on me! Its not ok to be cheated on but its worst than u could imagined! I actually came face to face with the "girlfriend", I told her that I'm his wife that we will have a baby soon and the way she talked to me uhh her mother should be so proud of her! I don't understand... she's the one who was so mad and she talked all the BS in my face when she is the other woman! The car chase was no fun but I'm notorious when it comes to driving! I caught her in some residential backlane yelling/screaming at my face...she can't accept the fact that I'm his wife and she said its all my fault! That same night I was admitted to emergency...scares the hell out of me, the thought that I'm going to loose my baby! Luckily I'm just suffering early contractions which the doctors said that its normal! It got reported to my OBGYN and on my next check-up she asked me a bunch of questions regarding what happened and I can't help to burst bucketful of tears..I was emotional wreck so she prescribed a mild anti-depressant pill! I was fine for a month or two, living with a partner who u found cheating on you was a torture! I can't believe I stayed with him of all the things I discovered, from receipts of clothes to cellphone bill oh and not to mention a NEW cellphone, YES she bought them! Not only she's the other woman but she's a sugar mommy! She spoils my husband, from showering gifts to undeniable sex(?) Seeing all those things and confronting my husband made me so angry! He told me its not his fault, because he told her that they will stop their relationship immediately the day I found out but that could be a problem to her...she's the one making phone calls to the apartment and to their "secret" cellphone non-stop! The day came again, face to face with the "GF" the 2nd time was a huge disaster, I was almost 8months! I'm spying my hubby for weeks, I was depressed then, there is nothing I could do because I was pregnant! I caught both of them in the gym's parking lot! I was so mad that I want to slap that dumb b!tch! She yelled at me called me names but I fought back yelling at her and called her names...she was walking away in her car and drove away! While they left me all alone crying in the parking lot holding my pregnant belly, then I felt really sick in my stomach...trip to ER #2! This time it was dehydration, I was admitted there for 5 hours, consumed 2 bags of IV fluid was no fun! My family was too upset that they offered me to come home in my parent's house but I told them I have to think about it! Dec 7th 2007 I decided that enough is enough, I'm doing this for the sake of my baby so I moved out and left my hubby! Dec26 I gave birth to Lauren without my hubby by my side, it was heartbreaking but I stayed strong and sucked up all the pain! I look at my daughter for the first time was surreal, its unbelievable! All the thoughts rushed into my head...single mom? Divorce? financial support? Etc etc? I got depressed even more! First to 3rd month was the "sleepless" nights but day by day I was doing fine! Days go by I re-gained myself back up again but there are times that I just break down and cry! My family is the most amazing supporters in my life, they helped me even the roughest phase in my life and I love them so much!

18months later...I'm still trying to move on with our lives! Hubby is begging for us to come back, promised that he will change for the better! But trust is hard to get it back! He broke me in so many ways...he broke my heart, my soul, my life! But inspite of all that happened He's trying so hard to please us, he visits Lauren almost everyday and try to spend time with us on his day-off! He said that he will support us the best he can! But I told him that maybe its better for us to be like this for now, separated! We talk on the phone everyday and I share adorable stories about Lauren and we have a good laugh, its nice like that! When we go out just the 3 of us I felt that there is hope for us! Although we are still married we are not thinking to get divorce. I don't know if 2nd chance is worth a try but I won't expect anything, if we are meant to be...God will find ways to get us back together as a family!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Whatelse is new than going to MACcosmetics!

From left to right I recently bought JEST, NYLON (both in pro pan because it's cheaper) and AMBERLIGHTS (in pot, ding that baby from depotting grrr! u see?!)

This is my MACeyeshadow pallete! I have 11 so I need 4 more to fill up my pallete! On the top of my list I need HUMID but they are sold out when I got there bummer! Then CARBON, STEAMY and GOLDMINE! I am almost out of my DA BLING e/s (right corner) I always use this shade and I hit the bottom of the pan :D So what I got on my pallete right now are (from l-r) JUXT, TRAX, NYLON, JEST, MYTHOLOGY, BEAUTIFUL IRIS, CRANBERRY, SUSHI FLOWER, BEAUTY MARK, AMBERLIGHTS and DA BLING! I have NOCTURNELLE, EXPENSIVE PINK and FICTION in there pots but I will leave them just like that because I will not attempt to depot them anymore hehe its too much work thats why I prefer getting them in Pro pan form!

My funny-crazy-sex face! :P I guess this is my FOTD! I use my fave e/s DA BLING and SUSHI FLOWER with my VANILLA pigment! :D

Friday, January 16, 2009


They all smiling at me! Ahaha! I swear to who made this mashed potato shape into smileys are genius! They are soo cute! I know, I know they are not one of the healthy foods out there to give to a 1yr old but hey once in while doesn't hurt plus she likes them! Her doctor will kill me ahmm...screw that doctor LOL he don't know that Lauren was eating french fries since 3months old and drinking beer since 6months old ahaha (jk!) Its not like everyday I'm giving my child one of these! They are yum! Have u guys tried these yet? Well go try them out!! They are delishhh! Even my 3 year old nephew liked them with LOTS of ketchup on the side! :D

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I was sick for the past few days and I need to treat myself with something that would make me feel better so I went shopping! Bwahaha!

MAC @ The Bay:

- e/s brush 224

- e/s brush 217

- e/s in cranberry

- lipstick in viva glam VI

- pro e/s empty quad

Lancome @ Sears:

- eye pallete in starlette and stunning

- 2 samples of e/s quads *free

- whole bunch of skin samples *free

And @ London Drugs:

- Posh face powder brush

Whew it seems like a lot of stuff but these are all the things that I kind of wanting to get for a long time especially for the MAC brushes! The brushes are way expensive but they have awesome reviews online! And yes, they are my very first MAC brushes! I also bought an eyeshadow in cranberry and I'm liking it so far. I want to get humid and nylon but its out of stock...bummer! So I ended up getting a lipstick in viva glam VI and empty pro e/s quad! I had some gift cards that I got from Xmas that I did use so its not like I spend a whole lot out of my pocket! The Lancome eye pallete was from the holiday collection and its the last one so I have to get it plus everything is just so pretty even the packaging! And the sales associate gave me a LOT of freebies/samples so yeey!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Things Can't Live Without

10 Things I Can't Live Without or things that matters.....

1. My daughter Lauren...she's not a "thing" but I can't live without her!

2. about portability, plus im a BB addict!

3. Internet Connection...i freak out everytime we have "technical difficulties" on our connection at home!

4. Computer...i'm in it almost everyday, oh ok EVERYDAY!

5. to carry them around, i will never know when to capture those precious moments of Lauren

6. TV/DVD...i love watching my movies over and over again! same to Lauren she like to watch her kiddie dvds like a million times a day!

7. BearPaws boots/Uggs boots...both love it if only i could wear them in a formal occasions hehe!

8. Makeup...probably it won't be on my list right now because I can still go on without wearing any makeup but this past few months makeup is like my therapy *toinkkk*

9. Hoodies...i never realize my love of hooded sweatshirts/shirts till now!

10. Rings with diamonds(?) parents gave it to me so they have sentimental value plus they are expensive!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


In the past few weeks the weather here is always freezing to death cold! I have no idea how some people cope with this kind of weather! Everytime I go out with Lauren I have to bundle her up on her snow suit then cover her with a thick blanket and run to and from the vehicle to where we go so its a lot of work just to go around with a baby during winter time! Not only the temp is always -20s there is windchill too like up to -40s! Stand naked outside for 5seconds and u'll turn to a frozenstick person LOL!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Crazy Excited!

So excited when I found out that Sephora is opening a store here in Winnipeg! Wooot! I was like wow...a month ago a buzz that Ikea will come to Winnipeg around 2011 but who would thought Sephora will open doors in May of 2009...yup this year, sooner the better hehe! I believe in that saying "nothing really is impossible!" As I said on my previous blog that Winnipeg is just a small city, really small that almost every Filipinos knew each other LOL! So this boring city will not be so boring after all! =)

Maybe a DisneyLand here in Winnipeg 10yrs from now?! Hahaha I know I'm not pushing it but who knows...anything is possible right!?!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coffe what?!

So this is just a random rant about this coffee thing that I got from a friend whom she thinks that it works for her to lose some weight! As you all probably know that I've been struggling losing weight for the past few years! I never had a problem about losing weight when I was pregnant because I didn't gain any weight, thanks to vomiting! After giving birth to Lauren all the weight came back in like 3months?! or maybe 2! But all this drama going on in my life I can't help it to just eat all the wrong foods (junk) ! So when she told me about Coffee King Plus, I was a bit skeptical of trying it! It was a bit pricey though! I bought the whole box that contains 2o individual sachets for $20, kinda works out to be 1buck each cup of coffee! The secret of this coffee as I search via internet was the Spirulina and Ganoderma Extract which are both natural and won't harm the link over here for more info about this product's ingredients! It didn't say anything much about losing weight but its a good thing that all the ingredients are natural and also its a goood alternative of regular coffee intake which gives you caffeine and sugar.

Hopefully this coffee thing will help me out....this is the first time trying out a product that will help me to lose weight because I was this close in buying over-the-counter capsules/tablets you will find in drugstores or department stores or those things u see on TV! I didn't try any of it as I won't go that far because I can't even say/pronounce or understand all the words in it...ingredient-wise LOL! So I hope this thing will work out for me because its all natural! I'm loving the taste by the way! I'm not a coffee fanatic but its not a bitter coffee as I expected to be its just the right sweetness with a lil bit of cream taste to it so I like it so far! Taste is important to me as well, I'm not a fan of herb-y taste either! I will keep you guys updated if there is any negative side effects or any changes on my weight (crossing fingers)! I can use my TimHorton's Cup that my friend Ann gave me last Christmas! :D