Friday, September 25, 2009

Little MAC-ing!

It's been awhile since my last post but I have 2 make this blog entry b4 I forget about it! I bought the mac 188 stippling brush, the smaller version of 187! Sooo cute and been wanting this brush for a long luvs it! The 2nd item was from the Hello Kitty collection "lucky tom" pallete! I love all the colors especially the "paradisco" eyeshadow its the pretty peachy one, lemming for that like forever LOL! I would've bought any of this if not from an awesome friend with a Mac Pro Card :D (tnx Ashlee)

I can't wait to try the lucky tom pallete I tried it and I liked the color combination in the quad so pretty and wearable!

Anywhoooo from other things on what's going on with me I am adjusting on my new job and the idea to work and leave my daughter at home is tough! I love her more than anything in this world but I have to work to make a living for both of us! Work is great so far...I'm still getting the hang of it in using their computer system and getting used to count backwards! I met a few nice people who are willing to help me out :)

That's it for now ladies...I am going to work ugh thank goodness its Friday woooot! Have a nice wkend lovelies muah! :)
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Working Mom?!

On my previous update that I posted here about my job hunting...well the job hunt is over my friends! I applied at least 10 companies and I got 2 call-backs! Actually I got a call back first at a Banknote manufacturer (pbanknote), offered me a job and then a few days later I got a call from the hospital(st.boniface), thinking that they will never call me back because I have no experience whatsoever working for a place like that but surprisingly they offered me a job too :) I feel so blessed for the job offers and asking if which one will be best for me?! So I accepted both LOL! I know eh...but the plan is I will start on Monday at pbanknote because they offered me a job first and if I don't like it I can still go to the hospital just because I haven't got confirmation when to start so by the time I started on the other job I know it by then if I will like it or not....yeah?! hahaha!

Yes...I will be working mommy! I have this mommy side of me that I'm sad because I will no longer have that much time for my daughter! I am doing this for her future! I am partly single-mom and I need a full-time job to support our needs and wants :) I am excitedly nervous hahaha! So wish me goodluck all of you blogger friends! laters muah! :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Everyday Eyeshadow Quad

Here is my Annabelle Eyeshadows that I put in a custom Elf compact and I use this almost everyday! I have Mac and other different brands of eyeshadows but I love Annabelle eyeshadows, they are very smooth, pigmented, easy to blend and super creamy! As promised on my previous entry I will do some swatches! I also did a look using this quad on my previous post!

The pictures are not that clear so sorry I should've take pics under a natural lighting but I did this during night time so the picture won't do any justice on how pretty these eyeshadow colors! If you guys are from Canada try Annabelle cosmetics check out their website they are great quality of makeup! They also have pan form of eyeshadows like Mac's pro pan shadows! They have the regular single pot shadows, their eyedust (pigments) are really nice too! (I am not promoting or anything....i wish they could give me free stuff bwahaha!) It is not available in US or International but check their website I might be wrong!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random and FOTD

My Saturday was just ordinary weekend trip to the mall but then I saw this.....

Yessss Apple store is coming to the mall near us soon! woot! I'm not a Mac user but I'm considering of owning a macbook or macbook pro soon! A good reason why I have to save up now LOL!

Now on to my FOTD! I did my usual eyeshadow look and used my Annabelle Quad that I basically use like almost everyday LOL! I love my go-to quad will take a pic and do some swatches soon, maybe on my next post?! :D

U see a little bit of my flower earring...hmmm cute nman di ba?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So here are the items that I really really really want to get for myself and I know Christmas is just around the corner so if someone is looking for a great gift to me *wink* stop for a second and read this post ahaha!

1. Smashbox's Headshot eyeshadow trio, i think this is the best on the go eyeshadow trio! I have the trial size and I used it for work, love to have the full size ahehe! You can buy at Sephora!

2. Nars Eyeshadows (duos or singles) heard a lot of good things about their eyeshadows and would like to try it out! I prefer neutral shades or anything that I can wear everyday meaning no crazy colors :P

3. Juicy Couture Perfume been lemming for this in ages I don't know why I end up not getting it but I know I really really want it, look at that pretty bottle sooo gorgeous LOL! Availabe at the Bay, Sears, Sephora or even at SDM beauty boutique!
4. Chanel Cosmetics every makeup lover should have at least Chanel in their collection right?!

6. Lululemon Bomber Jacket see more pictures and info about this jacket here!
7.Proactiv kit! Yes its working for me and used it for awhile and now Im now religiously using it to get rid of my acne hehe!

8. Slapchop with the bonus grater (only available online or tv offer) Look so much easier preparing meals with this gadget especially for onions, garlic and tomatoes for my "ginisa" recipes :)

9. MAC 209 brush! Eyeliner brush!

10. Grey's Anatomy DVD sets in season 4 and 5 (also if there is 6th maybe lol!) I missed a whole lot on TV so I need to catch up! This is one of my fave TV show and McDreamy is mine okai! LOL!

11. Tiffany and Co hoop earrings 1837 ....who doesn't like Tiff &Co??? yup!
12. Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair concentrate! Very talk about skin care and good reviews so I am very curious to try this out!

13. Canon Powershot 12.1mp! I always tell myself if ever I will buy a camera it would be Canon and so my Nikon Coolpix is ready to be replaced...yeah?!
14. Lastly...Blackberry addict like me needs to upgrade to a new Blackberry Tour!

Too much? ahm not really eh... ahaha! Those are the things that I will look forward to buy for myself "or" if someone is generous enough to buy me one of those items above I will love you forever ahihi!

*will update or add more things till close to the holidays ahaha! So ladies what are on your wishlists?!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Me Luvs Accessories!

I love makeup...but also I love accessories! Darn! LOL! Not too long ago I noticed to myself when I go to the mall Im not really makeup driven instead I look for cheap fashion jewelries like rings, necklaces and of course earrings! I love earrings and for some reason it makes me giddy whenever I see cute earrings haha!

Went to the mall 2day with my family and of course I went straight to SuzyShier! Ok this store is soooo awesome! I love their accessories they are all cute and cheap too! The store mainly sells clothes from casual to office clothes to dresses which I bought almost all my dressy type clothes! This is like a low-key Forever21 LOL! So today I went there and they have a sale on their accessories 2 for $5! I bought the chadelier earrings its silver with rhinestones which I'm totally inlove with because its so light, it looks heavy but its not! Then a ring with black stone in silverware so cute! Those two caught my eye so I thought thats it for now I have to control myself not to buy a lot because all of them are cute, I want them all! But when I was about to pay I saw the bin near the counter full of earrings and bangles for $1.95ea I was like oh wait...gotta look there too ahaha! I I found this silver flower earrings with black rhinestone in the middle and i thought its adorable! Also a hoop earrings with blue beads, really cute! I don't have blue earrings so I just have to get it! I spend less than $9 and that is with taxes too so I thought that was a good deal! Anywhoooo bohooooo thats it for now and laters lovely lovers :D ciao!

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Little Update!

Been busy lately! Sorry for not blogging but here I am updating you guys of whats going on! Alright, for the past couple of months now I am looking for a job either part-time or full-time but depending on what shift! My maternity leave was done way back last December and they closed my previous job plus I don't have baby sitter for day time eh! Really drive me nuts not working for how many months now! Although hubby financially support us and have a little bit of savings in the bank, money is not the issue! I am thirsty of going back to work, I love my darling daughter to death but I really need to get in my feet again and be me...working! hehe! My hours of availability is not that flexible now that I have my daughter! I don't want her stay into a daycare so I'm just relying on my brother and my dad's time off in their perspective job LOL! I chose any evening positions! There are lots of jobs out there and lots of people looking for a job right now andI can say they are my competitions! 2 companies called me for an interview out of at least 10 places I hand out my resume!

First interview last week was the Hospital! I work as a volunteer in the hospital when I was in highschool and that was it! So I guess I can say I don't really work "work" in that area, hospital makes me sick just from the smell of it...I remember when I was giving birth to Lauren, I was pushing and puking at the same time UGH not good i tell yah! So the interview went well with this guy "boss" he said he liked our little chat and likes all the job experiences I had from the past! In my mind 'weeeeeee great!' , so yeah so he said they have to check my references, criminal record check and all that standard procedures in hiring someone, so I was like yeah yeah sure! Then he said..."oh by the way I will send you an email on consent form for credit check too!" ...ahmm WHAAAAT? I'm only applying for kitchen helper in the hospital and they need my credit history? for what? Oh well I said yes anyways so I waited and waited for whole week for that email and confirmation if I got the job but NOPE na-da! It ain't end of the world, its not meant to be eh so I keep lookin and handing out my resume!

Second interview was just today, I'm applying for evening shift in a banknote manufacturer. I was there early and confident for the interview! Thank goodness it went well! We have aptitude test but I find it easy so I'm positive about this and hopefully I'm going to get it! A job that I can relate to because its similar from my past job experience so I'm confident to have a call back...crossing fingers LOL!

September already?....fall is just about here and I'm excited, I dunno y hehe maybe I feel the crisp air saying Christmas is coming? ahaha! Anywho I am working on my wishlist and I'm going to post here soon so this is it for now and hopefully I can blog more often and wish me luck in getting a job :D laters!