Monday, September 29, 2008

Migraine Attack!

Migraine day for me today not because its Monday LOL! Migraine attack since yesterday, maybe I was watching too much Dora Explorer all day yesterday and 2day over and over and over OVERRRR! My daughter loves Dora, she got this huge giggle everytime Dora Dances and also when her backpack thingy comes on she goes whoaa of happiness! I think I memorized most of it too! Good thing of me watching this with my daughter....ahm I learned spanish in just a couple of days ahehe! Do-do-do-dora do-do-do-dora the exploreerrrrrr (whistles*) ahgrrr I can't get that out of my head its like a playback over and over and OVERRR!

Good thing I have sort of good news to my email 2day! Because I was a loyal customer to my bank for almost 10years now they are giving me a thank you/appreciation gift! Starting the month of October my bank will be giving me 3.75% interest on my savings account whooott! awesome!! They increase by 1.25% all I have to do is get some money$$$ to put on my account ahhaha! Anyone want to give out some cash?!? I accept Paypal, bank transfers or simple as cash and any amount will do nyahhaha!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

BS, PMS, and Sex'n the CT

I bought the SITC (sex in the city) dvd last Tuesday and its exactly what I expected....that I love this movie! I bought my copy at Zellers for $20 bucks and I also got a free SITC pink notebook! Its cute but I really don't need the notebook, if I don't have a cellphone that can do it all I could use the notebook as a planner or a journal.

PMS attack 2day and I hate this feeling! I'm cranky, grumpy, lazy and moody ahgrr! Mommy Nancy needs a cocktail or a glass of wine with cheese oh or a trip to the SPA bwhahaha! Also for a few months now I feel this weird backache where they injected that epidural when I gave birth last December, but according to some people who had them its pretty normal to have backaches every now and then! Yah yah yah it gave me a huge relief 1 day but I have to suffer having backaches ahm forever?! BS!

Can somebody please tell me where I could purchase this tablets? I seriously needs chill pill in my life LOL!


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love Tuesdays

It's Tuesday once again people! Other than Fridays/weekends I love Tuesday...hmm why? New Releases of DVD/CD arrives on the shelves ahaha! Today its Sex and the City movie wohoooo! I gotta have it! I never watch this movie on the big screen coz I don't have the time to go to the movies or I must say if they will allow me and my baby to go inside the the theater then for sure I'll go but now its hereeee, a definite buy LOL I can't wait to watch it! Actually right now I'm getting ready to go out with Lauren and we'll be heading to get our copy of the movie hehe! So what else is good on Tuesdays??? Oh...KFC's Toonie Tuesdays ahaha its not really toonie now its more like 3bucks ahehe and Orange Julius got something special on Tuesdays but I'm not sure what it is I think its hotdog and a drink? Nways I gotta get going here folks really really really excited to see the movie! I'll do blog soon about what I think of the movie if it is really as good as the TV show! cyah! =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

With my baby LOVE!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Few months ago I signed up for something like to get a coupon for stuff or something (can't really remember) oh well I subscribe to this "joke of the day" automated email so everyday I'm getting email about jokes and stuff but I usually delete it and don't bother opening it but 2day Im just bored and I opened one then I found this..... and I think it was really funny! LOL!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stuff Part 2

I just don't have the time to take some pics of the stuff I bought last wkend ...nah I'm just lazy 2 do it ahaha! Nways yesterday I got a 2 package thru mail and so excited to open it weee yup some stuff that I bought in ebay! After a week of waiting its finally here! I got a buffer brush and free mineral blush samples I paid $3.25 for the item and $2.25 for the shipping no regrets with this brush coz its so soft and then I got the MAC amplified bisque lipstick and I paid $5.50 and $3.75 for the shipping kind of disappointed with the color its light pink/peach but I kind of knew this already its so hard to buy cosmetics online or from a catalogue, half of the time u'll get a wrong color/shade when u order and it sucks when u see them that its not the shade u want lol! But still... I'm just hapi that some of my stuff are here! I got 2 more coming in the mail maybe within this week!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wkend pics and stuff Part 1

Just some pics dis wkend with my daughter! As I have said on my previous blog that have to go back to MAC and buy a paint pot and I did... Yeey I finally got one! I decided to get the shade of soft ochre and I loved this stuff it brings out the color of your eyeshadows but I still have to test it out if I can wear it longer without fading or creasing like many websites says! Then I also bought the MAC makeup remover but I wasn't so happy about this! I tried it last night to remove my waterproof eyeliner and mascara, didn't work as what the saleslady/artist said when I was in the store yesterday aghrr I'm bummed out but I'll use it nways but will never buy this again! For that 2 items I bought I spend $50! I also bought some stuff at walmart and superstore but ill just make it as a part 2 of this blog coz im kind of lazy right now!!
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Friday, September 12, 2008


It's a thank goodness its Friday blog! I don't know why I just said that but for me it's more like a weekend to me everyday since I'm on my maternity leave lol! Anyways today me and my baby didn't do much but we went out awhile ago like 6ish in the evening with my Dad and we went to the Mall....did not buy anything...dunn dunn dunn! A little visit at Mac section at The Bay, I just looked around and swatched some eyeshadows, decided not to buy anything but for sure tomorrow I want to go back to Mac and buy a paint pot , they are $20 each I want to try one of these coz I really need a base for my eyeshadows! I heard a lot of good reviews about them that I can use it as a base or a primer so yup I'm definitely going to buy one tomorrow, =D! I'll get the shade of soft ochre or painterly we'll see what will I end up buying tomorrow hehe!

Last Tuesday I went to buy the Barbie Princess Collection for my daughter! They are 3dvds in the set : 12Dancing Princesses, Island Princess and the latest Barbie movie Diamond Castle! My baby loves the Island Princess, at least once a day she watch the movie or else she gets cranky and grumpy bwahaha! We had the Island Princess dvd that a friend of mine copied it for me so right now I got the original together with 2 more Barbie movies baby's dvd collection is growing not to mention her shoes, shoes, shoes!!!

I got my first blogger's hate mail today and I don't want to mention anything about this but all I can say to you my dear...Thanks for reading my blog, as I have said if u leave me an email like that then obviously u took the time to read my blogs and also u took the time to email me and wrote me nasty things about my site! You know least I'm just blogging and I'm not hurting anybody, there is so much more I could do than spending my time reading a blog that I hate and sending hatemails! If you don't like what I do or say in here don't read it or just dont visit my site (im guessing u bookmark my site eh bwahaha), your comment, advice or opinion is not needed! Okidoki! =)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Layout

I changed my blog layout! I just installed my photo editing software since my laptop was fixed yesterday! But I completely forgot to install my editing software so I could make my own layout! I got this layout from a site called and the layouts are free, easy and ready to use! Its a simple layout and I liked it! But if im too lazy to change it then I'll keep it like this for awhile till I know what to do on a new blog layout, its been awhile that I haven't create a blog like this so bare with me till I figured it all out!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

OMG my BB works!!

Ok that pic below was LC playing with her grandpa's empty pepsi bottle! Just so everyone know that I'm not feeding her soda lol! So yup once again I'm using my bb to blog and it was awesome! See, I'm addicted to blackberry! I use it in almost everything! So before I will end this post I want to attach couple more pics taken from my mobile so hope u enjoy my 3 or 4 post in a row ahaha! Bye!
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Lauren Christen

My first attempt to use my bb (blackberry) to post an entry! We'll see how it works out lol!

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My 8month old LC!

Over a week without blogging huh but I kinda miss doing this so here I am lol! Nothing new to blog last week I'm just doing same ol'things all the time sooo so boring! Me and Lauren is going crazy here at home just the 2 of us in our room but once we get out of our "box" its like ohhh yeahh fresh air hehe! Oh...did I mention on my past blog that my LC got 2 lower teeth, yup both came out and when she giggles it's like...oh its right there! She was sporting those teeth since last month! An explanation why she was sick and a big cry baby a month before that! I'm trying to get a good picture on her teeth but I can't get a shot, I always missed it so I took this pic below and forced her to show it on camera (then she cried =( hehe!), still.... its not the greatest shot, soooo blurry too ahmp! Nways hope u can spot her 2 lower teeths right in this pic:

But here's a great shot of Lauren Christen at 8months old and this is one of my fave picture of her! She grow up too fast and everyday she surprise me with something! She's amazing and I love her so much! Look at her gazing sweet eyes hehe so cute....

I was cleaning up our closet yesterday and I kind of sorting all LC's clothes and folding them neatly while she's just playing on her exersaucer. Then I figured I'll fit some of her clothes just to see if still fits her and some of her sleepers, diaper shirts, pants and some shirts don't fit so I put them in one box then stash it somewhere in our storage or give them away to someone who's having a baby girl lol! Then I look at her drawers and its half empty! I better bring out all the baby shower gifts that I got last year since they gave me a bigger size! But definitely I have to buy more sleepers because that's what she wears the most! I better go to Superstore and buy some of those sleepers and also those footless sleepers they have coz they are so cute and I love them, its easy to put it on and change her diapers and also she can wear her pretty shoes or booties in it not like those regular sleepers that goes all the way that covers the foot too! I love the clothing brand Joe at Superstore, its not only the baby stuff I like but also the womens stuff too they are all wearable and affordable! And when they go on sale, its really a huggeee savings I love love love discounts......who don't?! I bought her a couple new shirts last weekend for like 95cents hehe u can't beat that price anywhere else! lol! But before I end this....more LC's pictures .....ciao till next blog amigos!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Heyall!! I hope yall enjoy the long weekend! This year for my Sept long wkend was just very low key...ahm yes plain boring! 2 summers ago I usually go to Grand Forks, Fargo or Minneapolis and go shopping with my hubby and friends but now I didn't do anything exciting just stayed home with Lauren then we eat out with my dad and my brother that's it! My blog title right now if u are wondering, "certifiedmaclover" means....yes this is kind of addicting since I don't usually wear any make up on but when I tried using Mac Cosmetics Im surprise that I'll actually love Mac over Clinique (still luv u) ehehe! Last Friday I went to Mac Store and pick out the basics that I will need....

So here are the Mac Make up products I got: I got the Mac Lipstick in Charismatic, Studio Fix Foundation, Silver Dusk Powder, 2 Eyeshadow Pigments (Golden olive & Copper sparkle) and of course Black eyeliner. I spent shitload of $$$...i know lol! But thanks to u know WHO ahaha I got a huggeee discount so it's not that bad! Last Saturday, I was wearing the Studio Fix, lipstick and the eyeliner, Im so impressed because it was so humid outside and I was sweating like crazy but my makeup was still there at the end of the day! Lovvee it! I still have couple of things I bought from ebay and I can't wait to get them!

Anyways this one up here is the new Barbie Collection DVD and I'm waiting for these to come out on Sept 9! My daughter loves Barbie as the Island Princess! I don't have the original disc, a friend of mine just burn the CD for me, I almost buy one but then I saw the new Collection and I thought I'll just wait till its out because it has 3 Barbie movies and one of them is the Island Princess that my daughter really loves! She loves the elephant named Tika, everytime she see Tika on TV she laughs, she screams, she giggle and trying to sing along too! Really really really cute! ahaha!