Monday, March 29, 2010


Last weekend was my 1 wkend day off which sucks coz its our wkend switch shift at work! Every 4wks we change shift to Mon-Fri into Sun-Thur (which im on now). Holy week is coming up so we have short work week this week so its good, I can relax and rejuvenate for 3days of no work unless there is overtime on Fri then I might do it because I need it and its triple pay woot woot! Ok back to my 1wkend day and Lauren went to St. Vital just because a co-worker of mine told me that there is a Swarovski Store on that mall so I want to check it out! Oh my goodness I love that store, seriously all the pieces are LOOVEE! Too bad they are all expensive! I want to get earrings but I can't decide which one! So I might go back and get whatever I decide!

Me and daughter grab some late afternoon lunch and were just about to leave when we past by at Sears....that's where I park my car on that side and I was putting Lauren her jacket! I didn't notice that we are on jewelry department at first then I was like hmm doesn't hurt to check out couple things! So i did saw a sterling silver bracelet at first and I almost get that, it has a heart pendant with "G" for Guess brand. It was on sale too for only $10, originally $30 but I have to say it wasn't the bracelet I was looking for then I saw this...........

Love it! It was from Nygard Jewelry collection! I don't own any pearl-sque piece of accessory so this is perfect for me! I love the heart covered swarovski crystals! This is a lil bit expensive than the Guess bracelet! And its not on sale, bummer lol! Oh well, I'm inlove so I bought it anyways!

So moving on to my FOTD (Saturday actually not 2day lol!) Nothing special...except I curled my hair with the curling iron my brother and sister in law gave me for couple Christmases ago LOL!

I used Mac Studio Fix Powder in NC40, Mac select cover up concealer in NW35, blush in Nars "torrid", Annabelle Eyeshadow neutral quad, lipstick in Mac "mystic" and Estee Lauder double wear mascara and eyeliner pencil!

Thats it ladiessss gotta go and get ready for another work day ha! :P

Friday, March 26, 2010

GS&P Jewelry

Hello loveliessss! I'm so happy I got my order Glam, Sparkle and Pop Jewelry 2 days ago and I love my necklace! The owner Julie and owner of this blog makes gorgeous jewelry and accessories so go check it out! They are very cute and very affordable!

I ordered her Valentines edition heart necklace with lock and bail but I choose different color of the Swarovski heart crystal, instead of the light rose I want the purple/bluish one! But its cool coz when its under the lights it sparkle really really nice! Now i'm more into Swarovski crystals now...I want MOORREEE they are soooo prettty! I'm looking into buying more necklace from her!

Along with my order, it includes some cute things like nail art, lavander bath salt (im guessing its a bath salt) and yummy candies! Thanks Julie!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Random(s)

My weekend is just "eh" .....I am missing my baby girl so much its not even 48 hours yet since I drop her off at her grandparent's place, I am annoyingly calling there all time to check her if she's alright but it seems like I'm the one who's not ok about the idea of staying over there *sigh* Oh well I guess I have to get used to it now, just the thought that my daughter is bonding with her grandparents (ex-hubby's parents) coz they haven't seen her for months, I admit sometimes I feel bad that they don't see her as much as they want to not even last Christmas and on her bday so now its like I don't want them to missed out on anything on baby Lauren too!

Dear bf is working this weekend also so I am feeling lonely errrr! So yup...shall we start on some of my randoms now LOL! Anyways couple months ago I had haircut, see my bangs? its growing now actually hmm! And also I am breaking out like crazy so I have to get back on using ProActiv again!

So I went to the mall today I'm so bored, baby daughter ain't here and even baby bf aint here so a girl like me wants some cheering up so yup I went shopping alright, just a lil bit...I got this v-neck shirt saying "vampire" on it and little writings of what it means so its kinda cool!

Then I also picked up a copy of New Moon DVD! yey! Its new release and the price is super cheap so I have to get it! Im not a twilight fan I don't even own any of the books, so lazy to read but just because its one of the most talk about movie so I gotta have it ahaha! I had the first twilight movie too !

That's basically my weekend, very mellow and lonely ahaha! Tomorrow its Monday meaning work work work! I can't wait till Tuesday that's when I am picking up my baby daughter to come home....did I mention I doooo really miss her! Ok so I guess I have to update you guys again soon! Laters lovelies! byeee!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Too Fabulous

Hello lovelies! Its been awhile since I posted something about makeup LOL! Honestly this was the first time I bought something from MAC since hmmmm nah its too long I really can't remember hahaha but I'm guessing just before Christmas when I bought my concealer from MAC! I went to the Polo Park mall with baby Lauren last Saturday to check out the new collection "Give me Liberty of London" the packaging was sooo cute but wut the efffff the blush I want isn't available, they are out of stock already! They only have the "prim and proper" but i tried it on and doesn't even show up on my skintone ugh! I want the "dirty plum" blush they told me to go to St. Vital mall but I still have to go to work for overtime that afternoon...bummer! I check out their Too Fabulous cremesheen glass collections and there I was....fell in love with em! They are all pretty but I managed to get 2 of them that it seems wearable for work! I got "DeeLight" and "Over Indulgence" Sorry the pictures are kinda blurry, its from my blackberry, i'm too lazy to take pictures on my camera since I still have to upload them! Over on blackberry I just attached it on email and whoalllah!

Cremesheen Glasses are fabulous I can't get enough of them, they are not sticky and no strong smell yey! Im happy that they are permanent now! "Over Indulgence" is my fave it goes so well with my neutral eyeshadow combo I used for work but I love "DeeLight" its more of like lighter shade! I love them both hahah!

I'm sick right now and still contemplating if I'm going to work later or not! My body is so sore, especially my back is killing me! I'm thinking if I don't go to work later all my freakin overtime that I worked on last week is such a waste but oh well, I don't want to be a pain in the butt at work later if all they hear from me is complain about how my back is hurting me errr! So maybe I have to stay home 2day! Doesn't mean I can relax tho...I still have gazillion of things to do here at home like laundry, cleaning/sort my closet and Lauren's closet, wash dishes, cook, sort Lauren's toys etc etc etc...its neverending ahaha! So I'll see you gals on my next post ta-ta~! :P

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Bee

My followers are slowly walking away from lack of updates here on my blog ugh! Really so sorry ladies but I'm really busy for the past few weeks and few more weeks ahead! I've been picking up extra hours at work lately, I need lots of bank hours to cover at least 2weeks of vacation this coming July when me and babe are heading to So-Cal....sooo looking forward for that day to come! I filed and been approved my vacation form at work and so as babe so we booked July19 to August3 wooot! Babe and I are planning day by day but at this moment we are both busy with things like for me, I'm busy with work, housework, baby Lauren and finally I filed for DIVORCE! Its really not a big news to others when I told people that I am going to divorce my ex they are not surprised at all! Maybe they knew that me and ex-hubby aren't going to work things out eventually! Going through divorce is not a piece of cake, its very stressful and time consuming! I hate it when a person (lawyer) I just met only few minutes asked everything from personal to financial aspect in my life...seriously not cool! LOL! I know for sure I'll get more comfortable talking to him next meeting! Ok back to babe....he's busier than I am, his school is taking him away from me :( oh well school is school and its a good thing, so I really can't complain to that! We barely see each other at work! I'm lucky if we work at the same day on the same shift! I do miss him a lot but as he said once he get a break from school he'll make up for it and we'll spend more time together *sigh* spring break hurrry up now ahaha oh well 1 more month won't hurt eh! :)

Gotta work again this evening so nothing really exciting going on today and will stay extra 2 hours tonight! And I was thinking to work this weekend too....but all this hard work is going to be worth it when I'm in Cali relaxing with babe ahahah! But I'll try to update my blog every now and then and thanks to my followers who are still reading and sticking around, I promise once I get some extra time I will post my collective is busy but I still do some shopping with Lauren! Its called stress reliever LOL!