Friday, February 10, 2012


I jump in the band wagon and tried the much talked about hair mask! Its the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque for hair! I dont mind spending much on something that I know It will help my hair grow healthier! So many great reviews on blogs and youtube so im not really going to put deep details in here! I bought the 8.5oz(250ml) tub for $19.99 at Winners! I think it aint bad...there is a bigger size for $30 better deal but I havent tried this product before so I figured im good getting a smaller tub, and you only need a small amount anyways and no more than 2 times a week is recommended use to this product! I did my hair withe the masque twice this week, I put it on after I shampoo and leave it on for like it said 7mins on the instructions and OMG Its amazingggg! My hair went to silky smooth city and the scent of this baby is awesome! Im inlove! I also bought the ConAir Infiniti curling wand! I wanted this for a long time so when I got gift cards last Christmas I finally got one! Its something that I have to get used to because its clampless, takes practice using it but overall I like it! It heats up pretty fast and its cool...uhm i think its kind of digital lol! Oh i bought the curling wand at a grocery store (superstore) and at that time its not on sale for $45! Oh well this is something that I need in my life so whatever ahaha!