Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Guess where I'm at?! Yup kids I'm here in LA! Long beach California to be exact! Me and my darling baby daughter arrived here last Sunday and we just love it here ahm weatherwise ehehe! We are staying at our grandma's place ... My dad's aunt! Our first day was just mellow we spent our time with granny at home all day! And today we went out and its a long day of pure sight seeings and shopping! So far we went to LA's Aquarium Pacific, Lauren really enjoyed looking at different kinds of fishes and ohhh sharks! And then we did a little shopping at The Block in OC! I paid a visit to the famous CCO and I was kind of disappointed because I thought I would buy more MAC stuff there but too bad they only have few selections hmp! But I end up buying 3 items and spend 39bucks hehe! I bought Lauren a cute denim skirt at Old Navy though for only 5bucks haha! And more stuff at Bath and Body Works...anti-bacterial soap 5 for 15bucks was a really good deal! *sigh* Tomorrow we will go to Disneyland wooot! Its every kids dream to go there and Lauren is so lucky to go there in just 14months LOL! For sure we will be back here if she's a little older like 7 yrs old or 10 yrs old so she could enjoy it herself coz right now its me who will enjoy LOL... but Lauren is not really aware of it yet! Our agenda here is pretty tight because we are leaving on Monday and a lot of places that I wanted to see but such a little time errr! Oh they have Jolibee nearby so for sure we will go there too! Haha! Well if ur here in long beach hollllaaahhh me on YM (ndenieva) and gimme a tour haha! K lovers laters! :D

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yummy Photos of LC!

So my Lauren Christen is 14 months now and she can eat anything....from whole bananas to cookies to a toasted wheat bread but oh wait.... she don't like eating eggs! Hard boiled ones or even scrambled, she makes her yukkky face and spit it out then say: uh-ohh! But I keep trying giving it to her because I don't like her to miss all the goodness of eggs hehe! We also tried giving her pizza once and again she made that yukky face again! Will do try again when we order pizza! But other those foods she pretty much eat everything even P&J sandwich :D and french fries, chicken nuggets, oranges, grapes, apples, strawberries, pancit canton noodles, mac and cheese aghhrr the list goes on and on! During the day whenever she's awake I gave her something she could snack on, those easy to grab and bite kinda foods, with her water on her sippy on the side and she's settle! She can eat, play, watch TV at the same time wuhoo multi-tasker already! And same thing too when we go out I just load her diaper bag with snack foods ahm also diapers! All that foods...ya'll know what's gonna happen next hehe!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We hate WINTER!

Putting wintersuits on a 14month old baby is such a hassle! Putting them on, then taking them off and put them on again grrrrr! Lauren got both kinds of wintersuits the 1piece suit and the 2piece (jacket with ski pants), I don't know which one is easier to use...ahm neither! And Lauren sometimes won't cooperate with me she screams and cries! I'm frustrated or she is?! LOL! It was easier when she was a newborn she just stayed in her carrier with that thick carrier cover and she's good to go! We can't hardly wait for summer so she can wear all her pretty sun dresses :D and all her cute sandals haha!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009


It's been freakin long since my last post up here but yup i'm just here being lazy! So what's up?! Don't even get me started on the word "shopping" because me and my darling baby are practically living at the mall LOL! We've been hanging out almost everyday inside a mall chilling on the playgrounds, foodcourts, nursing room, washroom u name it! Few weeks ago we also got together with one of my highschool friend and she also have a beautiful 5 month old daughter! Its even better now that I have someone to talk to other than my 14month old baby! Since then...we always hang out and go to the mall with our babies almost everyday!

So now I'll show u some of the major things that i bought and wrecked my savings LOL...I bought Wii console! Finally! I've been wanting to buy Nintendo Wii for a long time! Then I bought the Wii Fit! and some games but mostly for fitness, I just have to work out and loose some weight, don't ask how much pounds I gained because seriously its not funny!

Then I ordered 2 makeup 88 eyeshadow palletes at Coastal Scents! One for me and my friend, she asked me also to get one and she'll pay me after! She's getting into makeup also so we have all the similar addictions which are: our daughters, shopping, and MAKEUP! Can't wait to play with all the colors weeee! This pallete is sold out when I checked their website today so phewwww I guess I placed my order just in time! hehe! I hope I won't get disappointed like the CS Neutral Pallete that I ordered few months ago and but its ok I got rid of it and was lucky to sold it to someone!

Also Lauren's stroller broke, well not really broken but I always have a hard time folding it and sometimes I don't fold it at all! Thank goodness that it fits at the back of my suv without folding it! But it's getting harder and why just get a new one! I bought a new stroller and finally got a bigger basket underneath, got "mommy" tray and baby tray and can fully reclines so Lauren can sleep better while I'm window shopping bwahaha!

Ahm what else did I buy for the past few days, as usual I bought Lauren clothes and let me tell u guys she's set till she's 4 years old! I tend to buy some of her clothes a bit bigger, ahmm way bigger like 4T haha and she's only 14months! And.... oh at Mac I bought the Studio Finish concealer in NC30! I tried it today and it was a bit off so I might return it tomorrow! I'm always using pressed powders as my foundation, usually just my Studio Fix NC40 but I started using a liquid foundation in NC40 Studio Fix Fluid and I actually inlove with it using my Quo Stippling brush! I will post FOTD pics soon!