Saturday, November 22, 2008

CS Neutral E/S Pallete & Mac Hello Kitty

My CoastalScents Neutral Eyeshadow Pallete order arrived last Tuesday errrr Wednesday errr Im not even sure what day it came in LOL! But the pallete is absolutely L-OoooOoOo-ve! I mean just looking all the pretty! I haven't even try them out coz I don't want to use them just yet, I like it looking brandnew ahaha give me like a week or two then I'll start using it but now I just like to stare all the pretty colors in the pallete! (weirdo!)

So Mac is launching a Hello Kitty Collection and from the looks of it, loveee it! I'm going to be pennyless with these babies! All MacAddicts like me are excited and can't wait for these collection to come out! LoL! (I heard it'll come out somewhat in January) Heres a lookseeee:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I thought I could blog more than once yesterday but something came up so I couldn't LOL! So today its Remembrance day or Veteran's Day! We just got home and went to the mall! I didn't do a massive shopping but I did buy few things for Christmas for my "inaanaks" mostly toys and children's clothes, also for Lauren's daily needs such as wipes/diapers/juice etc... and I bought a little something for myself too =) I bought my daily moisturizer but I just get a drugstore brand I was this close of getting a Clinique Moisturizer but I'm on a budget ahaha! So I got the Clean and Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer with spf 15. Not only it moisturize your skin but it also brightens skin! For $13.99 plus taxes, i guess its worth it naaah who knows I only got it today so I don't know if it'll make a difference on my skin LOL! Pic below is what I got:

I also bought a neutral e/s by Physician's Formula and I absolutely love it! I will buy more if only they were on sale! I saw a video on YouTube of this amazing makeup guru that she used these babies and she was right about the pigmentation is gorgeous! I tried it today and its a must-have especially if you are just starting out with makeup!

That exact same picture above was the one I got in the shade of Baked Sands! It was the Physician's Formula Wet/Dry eyeshadow in Baked Collection! It was $11.99 plus taxes at Superstore! Unfortunately it wasn't on sale danngg I couldn't wait for the sale but a few weeks ago I saw @ Shopper's Drugmart that they had it on sale but I didn't pay that much attention to these products but now I love love love them! =) So yup that's my purchases for myself today another dent on my bank nyahaha! ciao!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Randomness 101

Another entry for 2day and expect more entries because its Monday and its not the nicest day...snowing outside errr! (Winterpeg) This post is just rambles nothing serious LOL!

Here is Lauren on her Halloween costume as a piglet and she's sporting her cute dimple and lower teeth =)

I used this colored hairspray (purple) from the left overs from Halloween, its on sale so wutdahek!

And then I used it on my hair just because...I'm bored bleh :P...the results....nah not to bad!

So that's it for now, I'll do my other sh!t online and i'll post something else later LOL! ciao =)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My bad babygirl!

So...posting Lauren's pic above coz she's cute when she got mad and all serious! I can't believe she have this personality/attitude already! Her cousin Audric are playing the other day and they came across with one toy they both really liked and they start pulling the toy with each and my dad was just watching them expecting Audric will get it eventually because he's older (almost 3yrs old) and stronger and Lauren will be just herself...a normal 10 month old cry baby! BUT oh no Lauren acted so mad and really wants the toy so she grab Audric's finger and bite it! LOL! Her cousin was like "awww baby bite me!" LOL! Lauren only got few new teeth like couple months ago and she did bite him...she can be so mean huh! So Lauren got the toy but her face on the pic was still mad and serious! After taking pics of her serious cute face well, she cried all day! LOL! I don't know y, but probably ahm... maybe...i tried to talk to her about not to do that anymore because its not nice! It's like i have to start the decipline a child thing early huh! (Yah i talked to her like an adult, not a lil baby lol!) so from now on NO BITING for Lauren! :)

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blog Update!

OMG how many times I posts blog entry lately? LOL! My brother helped me fix my pc problems...well not totally fix my laptop but I borrowed his old monitor as my laptop monitor don't work at all now! So I'm typing on my lappy and i'm using a pc monitor, its really super ghetto but hey it works!

I finally put a CHATTER BOX in here <<<< so if u are reading this go type something and say hello to me hehe! I updated my wishlist also in here <<<< Just scroll down to ur left side! So yup that's my update! ciao for now! =)

Survey: Random 25 facts

Boredoooom kicks in so gotta do a survey! Random 25 facts questionaire:

1. Single or married? -both ;)
2. Employed? -maternity leave
3. Do you drive? -yes
4. Fave color? -black/white
5. Nationality? -proud Filipina
6. Vehicle you drive? -03 Nissan Pathfinder
7. Fave food? -chinese/filipino/vietnamese
8. Do you have kids? -i have 1 daughter
9. Last time you shop? -yesterday :)
10. Shoes or sandals? -Uggz
11. Mcdo or BK? -mcdo
12. Do you wear glasses? -no
13. What is your fashion style? -casual
14. Call or text? -both
15. Last time u smoke? -2 or 3yrs ago!
16. Things u can't go out with? -wallet/BB
17. Do you have license? -license to what?!
18. Been out of the country? -of course!
19. Do you own a cellphone? -of course!
20. Missing anyone? -my mom!
21. Last person who called you? -mark
22. Do you sing? -in the shower
23. Will make you smile? -Lauren
24. Do you love someone? -Lauren
25. Last movie you saw? -sex and the city

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Let it snow 2x

Hello everybody! Its me again blogging on the BB (blackberry) again LOL! Nways i went out minus Lauren 2day to visit a fren dat just gave birth! And whoa outside was like snowing! It started yesterday and it was hell driving...its crazy out there! Slippery slippery road and i almost got into an accident! Dat stupid driver runs thru red freakin lights and i was this close that we will have a big collision but i kinda just slowed down but i cant coz im slipping so i panic and just whatever happen happens and thank God no accident happened it was an inch of his vehicle to mine infront of me but i keep honking that stupid driver but didnt care...jerk! So i keep thanking HIM that nothing happen! Whew! So i pulled over to a nearest tim hortons (canadian coffee haus) and ordered 3 coffees for the boys at home and my ice capp fix lol and also a chili with bread! While ordering i was still shaking and its like coming out in a bad dream! I was so scared i keep thinking the "what if" i got into an accident? I keep thinking about my baby at home! I went home right away and as soon as my baby saw me she says "mama" and my worries was all gone! :) I love her she's my everything!

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Ramble and more rambling!

Hey its me blogging thru BB (blackberry) again! Im kinda getting use of using this BB instead of a full size computer! Its been 3days since my lappy wont cooperate with me! I can always borrow my brothers laptops but only when they are not using it which is impossible coz they are always infront of it doing their thing! The only thing using BB in browsing...slow and sometimes some scripts in a websites are not allowing u to view it grrr! Also i cant upload my pictures from my camera and...upload my videos thru youtube as well aghrrrr dannnggg! I was thinking to buy a new lappy after Lauren's bday but thats lyk after Christmas, i dont know if i could wait that much longer!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008


I dont know why i havent blog for like forever but the only reason i could think about is my laptop broke! 3years...just like that its sad that i have to replace it! Im still looking around what to buy but nothing fancy shmancy, am goin to stick on the budget as im only going to use for like browsing and load them up with Lauren's pictures in it LOL! Right now im using my BB (blackberry) to post this entry! Wanted to post halloween pics too but thats not going to happen since i cant use my lappy nmore! Grr! This wkend ill probably go again en look around for laptops! But i'll ask around if its cheap to get it fix! Ill post some pics from my BB later on! Nways i hope u guys had a a blast last halloween!? We did too! Haha! We got candiesss LOL! Ahm yah im using my BB as my lappy but its not the same browsing especially in youtube! :(

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