Thursday, April 10, 2014

Career Talk

I'll be loosing my job very soon due to shut down permanently, been trying to think a lot what Im going to do, if I'll look for a another job OR take this opportunity to go back to school! Im thinking to take Pharmacy Technician and its the closest to what Ive been doing as an Optical Lab tech! They dont offer in any school for an upgrade or course related for Optical Lab Technician so this is a change of career for me! I am nervous if I will get into the program! I havent been into school in like 10yrs! Lol! So weird to be inside class and do homeworks etc! It'll be a 10month schooling that includes practicum/training! Im excited but nervous at the same time! Another thing too is this is my first time to put both kids to daycare! On my oldest I never put her into one as I always worked opposite shifts but this time, i need to toughen up and let it go! Not too bad on my DD, she only need before and after school daycare but for my DS he's still a little baby and needs mommy :( ugh Just thinking about it is making me cry! Im doing this not for myself but its for both of my kids! 

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