Sunday, December 26, 2010


26th of December is shopping day time here in Canada! We call it Boxing day! Kinda like the "Black Friday" in States! But some people they just want to stay in and get some house chores done or just join the crowd lining up to look whats on sale in stores!

On the same day 3 yrs ago I gave birth to a baby Lauren Christen! Dec 26 to me is no longer just my shopping day but me and my family make sure that we get together and have lunch or dinner to celebrate her birthday! This year me, Lauren and the BF went for Bday breakfast at Denny's, then we did a little bit of our "boxing day" shopping! Mall was hollymollyjolly pack with people ugghh gave me migraine ahaha but I admit I had fun shopping with my 2 loves! BF bought a 7footer Christmas tree for next year and I'm excited to decorate the tree lol! It was a good deal since all the Christmas stuff are all 60% off! I bought my daughter a spiffy shirt for her Birthday and a cute hairclips :P I got small things while at the mall too but nothing exciting! I want to shop more but we are running out of time! We went to pick up my daughter's bday cake at this awesome bakery in the city called Bake Expectations! ohhhh the cake is delish nomnom! We went to Royal Forks Buffet for dinner with the family! Overall today is an awesome day! Tiring but fun!

Again....Happy Birthday to my one and only babylove I love her soooo much and my life is not the same without her! She's my life! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Year (Part 2)

Part2 from our 1year Anniversary lol....we keep postponing our Anniversary dinner but last Friday we went out to Corydon Village and dined at Saffron's Restaurant. The place is alright, lots of bad reviews on food and service but some liked just the atmosphere of the place! Ugh we should've went to our fave restaurant but BF wants to change it up a bit lol!

I will contribute on my 2cent on their food at Saffron's, we order appetizers the BF ordered chicken wings which aint bad then I ordered Calamari and lookie I was surprised the way it looked u barely see the calamari :( And for main menu I ordered the Thai coconut shrimp/scalloped noodles! Soooo disappointed! Taste exactly like coconut oil with wasabi! Bf ordered Greek pasta and he said he liked it but nothing special to it.... same as our dessert ahm we orders a slice of cheesecake but its just a normal cheesecake! Oh well at least we tried but the area is lovely! After dinner we walk around Corydon Village, soooo cold that day brrr snowing a little bit! For me its just romantic to just walk with your love one, talking and hold hands and just strolling around together :)

We exchanged gifts couple weeks ago and he got me some cute keyring with "love" engraved on a key shape key lol! It got a heart pink crystal too and a lil wing on the keychain sooo adorable! Also he gave me this necklace....i love the pendant its just cute noh! :) Purple heart and I think its made of glass and inside it has glitters that sparkles when it hit the lights! He knows I love anything heart on my accessories! Oh my present to him is just a chargeable travel shaver! Its so compact that he can bring it when he travel haha! He used it the next day and he said he loves how small it is but still works like a normal shaver yeey!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Hey everyone just a quick post on these Wet and Wild eyeshadow pallete in "Vanity"! I was not sure if I am going to get them or not but it was on sale at Walmart couple weeks ago for 3bucks so I snag just one to try out! I tried them couple times already and I was really surprise how pigmented they are! I swatch em and lookie its just looooove! No fall outs and really smooth to blend! I went back to Walmart today to get the other palletes but danng they aren't on sale anymore! But for $5.97 regular its still cheap compare to other palletes! I prefer these over ELF eyeshadows! I definitely recommend to you guys to check it out! :)

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eki's GiveAway!

This is so exciting! :) Go to Eki's website now for her cool giveaway!

Friday, December 3, 2010

One Year

Me and the Bf made it for a whole year...well its tomorrow but yeeey! I am excited for tomorrow we are going out to our work's Christmas Party so we will have fun there, I hope! He told me he got something for me and I really have no idea what it is, we will find out tomorrow! lol! I hate surprises ahgrr! I got something little for him too but nothing special but he said he'll appreciate whatever it is! And also we might just have our own dinner next week on our days off in our fave restaurant in the city to celebrate our anniversary all week long...nice eh! LOL!

Our timeline:
I basically met him through work! I started working at my current job last year September but I haven't notice him yet, end of October when we started having small talks and by middle of November we are talking on Facebook chat and he wants to ask me out for lunch outside of work but at that time I wasn't so sure if i want to date anyone but my friends who knew my life story told me I should move on and start something new with my life! I said yes to go with him when he ask me as his date at work's Christmas Party! It went well and we hit it off , to make the story short....its a mutual thing! The feeling of just like became love! Tomorrow is our one year mark of our first date and we decided that we make it official as our Anniversary date! Make sense anyway because thats all it took for me to know him and a few more dates after that lol! We both for sure have ups and downs for the past year...its not always sweet as a cupcake! I admit we fight minor things like he said she said nonsense this and that but oh well I guess its normal for couples who fights small stuff!

When it comes to my daughter Lauren....its hard for me to just push her into liking someone! It's very important to me for them to know each other! Especially some guy that isn't related to her! She's used to my dad and my brothers but not to a stranger but I have to introduced them eventually! I remember they first met at the mall before Christmas and Lauren was all shy and didn't say much to him! But overtime that I spend more time with him he is also spending more time with my daughter and now he became Lauren's Dad instantly! When I see him with Lauren I can tell that he cares and loves her! So proud of him the way he handled things like when my daughter is crying, acting up throwing tantrums...he knows how to take care of it, he's natural on being a dad I guess lol!

I am so lucky that we have him in me and my daughter's life, he is indeed the best boyfriend ever! With both of them in my side I am happy and content! <3