Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shift Change

Work-wise I am officially on a 12 hour shift for 3days a week, meaning I will get more days off! I got more time to spend with Lauren! The sudden change was really tough but I gotta do it in some point! I met a new babysitter just incase my ex-in-law's schedule will not work out... but for now Lauren is back and forth with her grandparents! ugh! I liked my shift better than working 8hours a day for 5days a week, 12 hours a day for 3 days a wk seemed pretty quick but I am still adjusting especially waking up so early! I am working day shift for a change 7am till 7pm Sunday till Tuesday! Also, babe and I are working on same shift and I'm excited about that but we really don't work together but we see each other all the time now :) Right now I'm on my days off and it feels so good to relax and not be at work 5 days a week LOL!

Last Saturday babe and I attended our co-worker's son's 3rd Bday party!

Dylan the Bday boy, Me, Babe and my baby Lauren! Looks like a family picture...well almost LOL! I like this pic a lot just because all of us look in the camera! Too bad Lauren didn't smile at all :P

2day me and Lauren went to the mall to pick out her flower girls dress for a wedding in June...but I just got frustrated because its really hard to get her dress size! Lauren is 2 years old but she is small compared to other 2 yrs olds so size 2 is way too big on her and size XL on infant size is way too small ugh! The bride told me a specific color, style of the dress but shit happens eh so I end up with nothing! I need a white, poofffy dress with royal blue sash/ribbons...NADA! I will check out other dress shop in the city next week ahmp!

To make me feel better I passed by at Naturalizer outlet and to my surprise I feel in love with these pair! I can't believe how comfortable they are, perfect heel height and goes well with anything! Love it!

Hey... I can wear these babies to the wedding though LMAO!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Belated Bday Love Pack

Big THANKS to sis Jannie for my awesome goodies that came in the mail last Monday! She totally read my mind because the blush and the 2 lipgloss are just LOVEEE!

She even wrote a pretty note written in hot pink ink....nicceee! :) Much thanks again Sis Jannie! and now using some of the goodies, I used the Milani Blush and lipgloss in this pic! Milani brand is not available here in Canada so I am excited to give em a try! I absolutely love the blush, it really gives ur cheeks that rosy glow! The lipgloss is pretty pink with a bit of sparkles but not too barbie-ish! Love the strawberry scent to it and its not sticky yey! I still have to try the other lipgloss by Victoria is also a pretty light pink, I cant wait try em too!

Again thank you and much appreciated I really do like all of them! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu! xoxo!