Friday, January 23, 2009

E/S of the Day!

I woke up late like 9:30ish in the morning but Lauren was up for I don't know how early LOL! So I got up and gave her breakfast, you know the usual Corn Pops cereal and her a bottle of milk! Then I checked my Lancome Holiday Pallete that I recently got because I tried fixing it last night so I put it aside to dry up...yup I dropped it and 2 shadows shattered grrr I was heartbroken! But I did a little experiment, I did watched a lot of tutorials on youtube on how to depot eyeshadows and stuff and I came across to a video on how to fix or pressing eyeshadows back in the pan so I did that, but I didn't have a pressing medium to mix with my shattered shadows but I heard I can use Mac's Studio Fix + and I have that on hand so I carefully started to fix it, its harder than I thought because pressing it are more difficult most videos I watched they are round eyeshadow pans and they used linen and coin to press it but my pallete is rectangle shape so I cut a very stiff cardboard box and wrap it with a linen cloth and wallllaaah it worked! I checked this morning and do a little swatch to check the texture if u know....still pigmented and all and it looked brand new again u can't even tell which one got broke! So happy! So here are the swatches in my arm with no primer or base!

Then I went overboard of happiness and test it out on my eyes of course haha! I also used my new Avon cream eyeliner that my friend Vicky gave me from Airdrie AB that I got in the mail last Wednesday! I love the bent eyeliner brush that it came with! It makes it easier to use it! The cream liner itself is just OK, just because the liner got some shimmer so I prefer to use my Loreal HIP cream liner but I love Avon's eyeliner brush LOL! :)

No FOTD...too early to show my face on camera bwahaha plus I just got excited trying out my newly fixed pallete! Excuse the lack of's messy by just looking at the pictures...sorry!

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Jannie said...

dang, girl. i'm impressed by your eye makeup skills. thanks for sharing your EOTD. :D as for one of the e/s in the palette, sorry it broke. it's a good thing you fixed it. i'd probably have a freak attack if one of mine broke. i almost panicked when i already left a tiny little nail dent on one of my blushes. then again, no biggie. it's real tiny. lol.