Friday, January 23, 2009

Comment and New Look!

New look for my blogspot yey! It's just a simple dark page but I hope ya'll like it! I had a lot of messages about my comment thingy, they don't actually see it or follow it or they just don't see it LOL! Just because my previous layout don't have a comment thingy below so now I changed the whole thing and u can now comment at the end of the blog entry! It took awhile for me to change it because I was too lazy to do it but I got some time today so I did it! I still have the chatterbox handy on the side so if u want to leave me a quickie message u can use the chatterbox as well! Anyways thanks to you...yup! YOU who always read my blog! Laters! :D


Makeup Mama said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for following my blog :) I can't wait to read more from you...and it's nice to see another canadian on here!

Makeup Mama said...

Aw, thanks! And that's right, Van-city in the house!

Makeup Mama said...

Nope no sephora yet for us...closest is in seattle, until this one opens that is! Nars hey? Do they have nars at the bay? I get mine from Holt Renfrew, but I know we have it at the bay, least here in Vancouver.