Monday, May 23, 2011

At Last.....Ipad2

Finally I got my IPad 2! After a long discussion in my head, I settled with an IPad just because it's very convenient for me! But it's not easy as I thought to buy these babies I didn't even realize that they are hot like pancakes! Everywhere I go like best buy, future shop, apple store are all sold out! I am this close to giving up! I woke today thinking I go to best buy and just get a whatever netbook! I chose the samsung netbook the sales guy came back and told me they have a bunch of them at the back if I'm ready to go he'll just get it on my way out but I ask him just in my curiousity if they have iPads stash at the back too? Lol! He said he'll go check and he came back smiling and said am I lucky or what? Haha! They just have shipment last night of a few iPads and I immediately told him I am more interested in the iPads....ditching the samsung on the side errrr! I prefer a white ipad2 but unfortunately the whites are all in 64gb and its not in my budget! Either 16 or 32 are all in black so got no choice to get a black one! I guess it doesn't matter which color I get....white would've be o sweet though lol! I Also got the pink smart cover and it look so cute, I feel like I'm convinced that the black is better with the pink :P

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shopping = Happy

I went shopping with my baby daughter to celebrate! Heck I don't know why we are celebrating hmm lets see....oh yah, finally last Tuesday on our final hearing they did announce the divorce I've been waiting for, so relieve that its over now after a year of a battle wheww! 2nd celebration, last May 1st was my 3month at work so I am now done my probation, my reviews are awesome at work and I get my benefits now! Me and Lauren can now visit a dentist and only pay 20percent of the cost and we can buy prescription medication not ripping my wallet! lol! Not to mention life insurance is a must have for a single mom like me! Yep I am happy with that! We got our Autopac insurance rebate, I put that towards buying an Ipad 2 but everywhere I go they are sold out and it really pissed me off! Oh well, I'm thinking of getting another netbook so we'll see how it goes lol! And last celebration....I am smoke free for few days now! Been on and off smoker for years, I hope I won't go back! I'll try my hardest to keep it up! :)

Here are the things that I got this weekend well minus the things I bought for Lauren hehe!

Bought this Leatherette cork wedge shoe where else.....Forever 21! $31.80cdn They are so comfy and cute to wear it with anything!

My new love of blushes came back and I am loving the Hard Candy's Fox in a Box! I have 3 shades now in "skinny dipping" , "truth or dare" and "spicy and sweet" ! I love love love the packaging they are so cute! And yah they are good blushes, pigmented and easy to blend! Bought it at Walmart for $5.98

When I saw this, it calls my name and i just have to get it! My boyfriend's parents gave me a $50 gift card at the Bay on my bday last month and i still haven't use it! i guess I'm just waiting for the right time to get something memorable! Indeed I am inlove with this ring! It was the Juicy Couture Pave Bow ring! Silver and pretty! $60

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pinkie Summer

Since its getting warmer here I am getting excited to wear some color other than black lol! Pulled out my black shorts that I bought years ago not sure where from :/ Also from my closet I got my white skinny jeans from Dynamite that I scored on sale for $10CDN last year! The pink flowy top is by Manhattan (says on the garment's label tag) I got this top at a thrift store Value Village so cheap and fabulous and only $5 lol! Normally I don't go thrift shopping and buy clothes but its actually fun, I found some awesome deals there like Calvin Klein, Micheal Kors, NineWest tops also a Coach wristlet that I scored for $2! Ok back to the outfit, I just mix and match with black shorts then switch to white skinny jeans for a total different look. I guess its like a day and night outfit idea!

Pink top by Manhattan, Black shorts by unknown, Black wedge sandals by Naturalizer

I love the neckline for this top, "love" necklace by Forever 21 :)

Night time, same top but I put on my white skinny jeans from Dynamite , also a long dual toned long necklace and a cute pink fun ruffled pumps!

Got this shoes last Christmas! I wore these at our work's Christmas party and its so cute! I still love them and its a fun shoe to pair it up with the right pieces of clothing or accessories! :) I got this for cheap at Shoe Warehouse for less than $15CDN

Tell me what u guys/gals think??? :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Just a simple face of the day before going to work!

Its only my "Tuesday" tonight at work and I am feeling tired already! Every week I don't see the bf for the whole 2days! Kinda bummed about that every week lol! Good thing now that we live together we see each other on our days off!