Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm all blue :(

So its all about blue today, I wore my blue hat, I know u can't see under my winter jacket but I'm also wearing a blue shirt and used my new MAC e/s in "freshwater" which is a pretty blue shade veluxe pearl! I'm also feeling blue :( yup my past is hunting me! It's complicated but to be honest I miss my hubby, he used to be my bestfriend....the situation right now really sucked! BUT I'm fine...I will be'll take time! Sorry about the blurry pictures, my shaky hands wasn't good taking pics with my cellphone!

EOTD - I used:

-Mac e/s in freshwater
-Mac e/s in nylon
-Mac e/s in fiction
-Mac e/s in jest
-Almay eyeliner
-Maybeline DefineBrows
-SheerCover Mascara

We went shopping today with my dad! We bought some stuff for my dad to bring on his trip back home to the Philippines! Even though me and Lauren are not coming, I'm still excited because I have a list that I want them to buy LOL! Bags, wallets, sandals and white "sando" for Lauren, filipino movies and magazines! And I will also asked some copies of Philippine inquirer newspaper bwahaha! How about Makeup? Maybe not...I'd rather buy and see it myself because me and my dear mommy got different taste. Especially when it comes to clothes and makeup haha! Anyways this is it for now, will update this soon...I'm so tired today! Toodlessss :D

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Jannie said...

cute pic on the top. i love the hat, especially. really great job on your EOTD too. different shades of blue are very, very pretty. :)

my internet's down, so nakiki-internet ako sa pinsan ko. lol.

N=LC^101 said...

TY :P it was my first time to wear a blue eyeshadow...ok naman pla ehehe!

angry freak ako pag internet namin down, i call the customer service right away and give them BS haha!

Jannie said...

haha... galit ko nga sa kapatid ko. pinatay ang internet. he said he had to remap something or whatever BS it is has to do.

yeah, bagay sa 'yo 'yung blue. maganda naman ah. :)