Monday, January 26, 2009

Lush and Carlo di Roma

How is everyone today?! I know its Monday and nobody like Mondays unless its like a long weekend LOL! So I was watching MTV awhile ago...yupperz I watched Bromance, who watch this show anyways?! (well i just did!) but this show is just nonsense to me! It's about all these guys who will suck Brody Jenner's butt the most! The show is pure CHEESE! But let me tell you Brody is one hot dude! ahihi!

So I joined MakeUpAlley and I'm addicted to read all the makeup/product reviews and I came across to Lush's Dream Cream! I have an on and off eczema the back of my neck off to my upper shoulders. Also I visited a Dermatologists a few times and prescribed me creams and it got to the point that he also prescribe me steriods but it seems nothing worked for me! I even tried over the counter skin medications like Hydrocortisone ointments and Tinactins etc etc....u name it, I used them all LOL! Back to Lush's Dream Cream....So I went to the mall and passed by at Lush so I was thinking to look aroud and maybe ask about that cream! A full tub of this famous baby is worth 24.95 plus taxes I was like ugghh too expensive! I asked the SA if they have a smaller size because I will not pay for a full price if its not going to work for me! She suggested that she'll give me a sample in a jar for free to try it out to see if i will like it and she also suggested to get the oatmeal bar soap, smells yummy! I can't wait to try the Dream cream when I got home so I put it on my eczema area and from the first night that I applied I scratched less that I would normally scratch so i keep applying today one in the morning, after shower and one at night and oh the feeling I think its a miracle worker! My eczema area on the back of my neck smoothens out, it felt so soft! I tried also to my scaley/rough hands and it really moisturizes it is a "dream cream" after all! :D The smell bothers me the first time but its not powerful to hurt my nose! hehe! I would definitely buy a full tub, its awesome! About the oatmeal bar was fine, smells yum and really moisturize my skin but the grainy texture bothers me plus I normally use shower gels or body wash so I can't remember when was the last time I use a bar soap?!

Heard of a cosmetic line "Carlo di Roma"? I haven't heard of it till now LOL! I googled it and its originally from Spain! And also Carlo di Roma is behind Pure Cosmetics! And I think they are launching it here in Canada this coming February, so cool! A friend of mine gave me this little white organza bag with goodies, so cute right! What's inside is a lipgloss and eyeshadow pallete both from the said cosmetic line! She thought I would love it because she's not into makeup as I am, she got these for free when she bought a value pack of beauty products I guess!! And she's right I love it especially the pallete, the packaging is so pretty! I don't normally wear blues but won't hurt to try for a different looks! I haven't tried the pallete but I swatched it and they are pigmented! The lipgloss on the other hand smells good and very pigmented its too pink and metallic finish...very shiny! I forgot to take pictures on my swatches maybe next time :)

That's it for now ladies...I got some bills to pay online so goodnight ya'll!

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Iyah said...

Ohhh! More Lush!! I heard so many good stuff about it and I'm so tempted to try it but I have so much skincare products that I have to consume 1st! :p I have clinique, benefit and laneige and some other more that I alternate. Lol! That's probably why I'm breaking out on my chin because of not sticking to just 1 product. hahah!

Yes move out here and we'll be work out buddies! teeheehee!

Oh, yes More mac stuff!! Adrian asked me what I want for Vday. I told him some HK stuff and he said OK. I'll be going to the pre-sale so I should get the HK stuff sooner than the launch :P I'm so excited!! Grabeee! :p