Thursday, April 30, 2009

French-tip for the 1st time!

This is my first attempt to do a french-tip manicure even though I have short nails! I think it turned out well...hmm I think! And I'm damn proud of it! LOL! I jump up the YT bandwagon and got myself China Glaze nailpolishes @ Sally's beauty supply! I got the Fast forward top coat, White on white and Love letters! They are $3.99ea if u have Sally's card (which I do have) and regular price $5.99ea! And also they have this promo for awhile now, if u buy 2 get 1 free! So for less than ten bucks u got 3 nailpolishes compared to just 1 OPI brand nailpolish which we all know that they are expensive! I love OPI though, I own just 2 of them (oh 2 b 25 again and onyx black) but too bad my wallet isn't happy with the price of $9.99ea! Comparing CG and OPI? As I said I love OPI...the consistency is awesome, the wider brush makes it easier to apply, last long even with out top coat and the shade is pigmented/shiny in just one coat! China Glaze on the other hand are just OK but I'm satisfied with the price and the quality! If you are looking for a variety of unique colors/shades then CG are the best! They are a bit streaky and liquidy hmm maybe its just me... I duno, but that's my own opinion hehe! 2-3 coats will bring out the true shade but they do last long with or without top coat! I will definitely buy more colors because summer is just around the corner and making your nails pretty are important! :) Laters lovelies!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Product Review: Biotherm Biocils Makeup Remover Gel

I got the trial size or GWP (gift with purchase) Biotherm Biocils makeup remover gel from a friend and I absolutely love it! So I got the full size bottle as one of the things I bought from my Bday! I am desperately looking for a good makeup remover because soap and water won't completely help to take off makeup especially eye makeup! I tried so many makeup removers and I can talk on and on and on about it ahaha! I'll mention a few to compare with Biotherm!

This Biotherm makeup remover gel is NOT greasy at all! I don't like any greasy feeling/residue like many of other makeup removers and to name a few drugstore brands I tried...Loreal, Almay, Neutrogena and hmm Avon! The price range of those are from $5 to $12, they are not that cheap either huh?! They are mostly greasy, stingy, and hard to take off eyeshadows or mascaras! I also tried the Sephora brand face/eyes makeup remover for $10 and that thing didn't work out for me, u can't take off ur eyeshadows in 5 swipes so I call it garbage! From high-end I tried Mac (pink bottle), Clinique and Lancome they are a bit greasy but it does the job in quickly taking off eye makeup even waterproof mascara! Yup they are pricey, they r in between $20 to $28! Still...not completely satisfied! After months of looking for a makeup remover I finally found all the things I've been looking for in makeup removers in Biotherm Biocils Gel! It doesn't sting ur eyes, NOT greasy, soothes ur eyes like a cucumber, in 1 swipe it'll take ur eye makeup off! The MA said its not for waterproof makeup because they have another kind for waterproofs but I tried it on my waterproof mascara and it still works like a magic! Price? $27 haha I know expensive huh but its worth it! I love it and I will stick to this from now on! I'm tossing those other makeup removers that I still have, I finally found my HG! :D

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shopping day on my birthday!

So as I was telling on my previous post that there was nothing planned out for my Bday BUT actually it turned out to be fun and very wise LOL! Hmmm ok let's see....

I was just getting ready when Mark (hubby to be ex) came over to my house invited us to go to the mall for late lunch, so we went to the closest one since he'll go to work around 2:30pm! We only have an hour to hang out, we went to the food court and ordered yummy express sushi @ Bento Sushi! After our mini lunch date *wink* he left for work so me and Lauren walked around the mall to kill time since we are waiting for bestie to arrived from her baby's doctors appointment! She finally came with her friend! Around 6pm bestie got to leave for a bit to pick up her sister from work so I was with her friend in the mall walking around again window shop but discovered that she's an awesome shopping buddy, she's so honest and patient looking for stuff that Im really looking for like....gladiator sandals! In a snap she recommend this and that. After few suggestions, love at first sight on these sandals @ Spring Shoes and then I realized that I'm buying them! They are so comfy, I really love them plus they are only $39.99! Then we went to Dynamite, not planning to get anything but I found some capris that goes on my new sandals so I have to get them and its only $22! Oopps then I found a purple top for $10 haha!

So I was set already but freakin bestie took so long so we still had time to look around! We went to Smart Set and find a cute wristlet purse for only $12! For like an hour I got all those stuff for under $100 with taxes so I'm good in spending my birthday money from hubby! :D I still have few $$$ left and that's for Lauren's things to be spend on maybe this weekend! I love all the things I bought, so happy with them yiiiiiiii! So bestie came back and we decided we are going for dinner @ Moxie's Classic Grill Restaurant its inside part of the mall so its convenient! I ordered some bbq ribs with brocolli and mashed potatoes for Lauren! We also ordered drinks, delish peach bolinni while waiting for our meal! After our dinner! Mark called me and he wants to come over and join us! We waited for him for a bit, its ok though because I got my bday brownies for desert that we all was yumm! Mark finally made it so he ordered some beer and chicken wings then another round of peach bolinni for us girls hehe! Chat chat chat till we realized its almost 10pm errr! Lauren was getting cranky and sleepy so we headed home gaaaah! (I will post some bday pics once I snatch them from bestie's camera haha!)

I never thought it'll turned out like this today! I had so much FUN! Thanks to hubz and to my bitches for making it fun on my birthday! :D and to all who messaged/comment/greeted me on Twitter, Facebook and Friendster thank ya'll so much, ya'll made my bday special! :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday 2 Me!

So another year again and I'm getting old by tomorrow or if I won't be done by midnight tonight writing this blog post then yup another year older! Its sad this bday is just like any other day, nothing planned out and nothing special! I don't know what's my agenda on my actual bday but I want me and Lauren to go out and spend the day with her! Just mommy and baby time, just like everyday! Do I even have friends? yup I do but they have a lot going on...its called "work" haha! I'm not counting on my hubby who by the way called me today and greeted me a happy bday! I was like Duh, its tomorrow! He's not good at remembering dates, i know him so well LOL! He told me he got surprise but its HIM, surprising me doesn't exist or he'll forget it gaah we shall see tomorrow! :D

I'll leave you folks a picture of me and Lauren @ Disneyland Anaheim CA, one of the few places we went to on our trip to California last March 22 to 3o, 2009! More pictures on my Facebook account!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Egg hunting anyone?!

Sorry about not posting as much as I would like to! I don't want to say I'm busy but its just I'm lazy...period! I just go online on my BB (blackberry) and read my daily blog dose, few comments here and there but thats it! It don't motivate me to blog on my own blogspot either grrr so weird! Way back, if I read my fellow blogger's new entry it encourages me to blog also and blab about random stuff! I guess it changed all!

I missed a whole lot by not even catching up on my TV shows because of watching Dora and Big Comfy Couch all day long!

I wanted to catch up to phone a friend by I can't do it either because Lauren wants to grab the phone off me!

I wanted to attend a house party but I can't because Lauren is teething and she only wants her mommy to hold her!

Fast and the Furious is out on the theater but it seems impossible to go watch it as they will not admit infant inside the theater!

Wanting to shower to refresh a bit but I have to wait till Lauren naps, if she won't nap it'll be a stinky mommy or wait somebody to watch her.


I LOVE her to death though! :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blah blah blah

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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Before anything planned out for my sudden trip to LA, I browsed to my daily blog-dose and I stumbled to Adriyah's blog makeup sale! So when we came home from our 1wk trip, there is a package waiting for me in my room but I didn't open it till waking up from my 3hr nap...damn jet-lagged! I absolutely love her Mac's Novel Twists 5 warm eyes pallete! It was slightly used in excellent condition! $20 so I have to get it aight haha! Plus I saw one of her japanese falsies for $ I got that coz I really wanted to try em out! And she's so sweet to give me some xtras, she gave me a mk&ashley lipgloss, BB cream sample and laneige samples! :) - can't wait to try those samples...I always want to try BB creams but its hard to find here in Canada! I can always buy stuff online especially on ebay but what if the product won't work out errr! Gotta love samples! Nways yup that's my purchased on a blog-sale! U can check her out coz I think she still sells few of her items...later dolls! Bye!

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