Monday, November 30, 2009

Contest Update!

It's CLOSED! and will announce the Winner soon! So watched out for that! I might be posting the winners tomorrow or the day after! Thanks to everyone who participated! I love ya'll! muah! :D

Monday, November 23, 2009

Why MIA?

Hello everyone I've been MIA for awhile and my contest is ending pretty soon! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and woooot I reached 172 followers and I think thats awesome! Lets drink to that! Tequila shots for everybody ahahahha! By the way meet my new bf JOSE CUERVO lmao!

Been hanging out with friends 2 wkends in a row with dinner out, tequila shots, videoke and just having good chit chat! It's just what I need for stressing out with everything going on in my life!

Another work is throwing fancy company Christmas party and I was looking for a cocktail dress and found this one/off shoulder black dress, flowy at the bottom just below my knee! I love it and it was on sale too! The thing is I bought another BLaCK dress, everytime I go for a dress I always end up getting the black one! I was tiny itty bit close to pick the red one same style but the thought of when will I wear a red dress again? ahm never after Christmas party haha! So what you guys think about this dress? I'll just fancy it up with some jewelry and of course hair and makeup haha! Shoes? i can't decide if I'm going to buy a new pair or just go with my old party black sandals!

That's it for now and sorry guys for not posting blog entries like i used to but I will for sure update more on things really soon of course I am so excited to pick the winner for my contest wooot!Ttake care and I miss you all! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Just updatin'! :)

Hello ya'll how's everyone's Halloween? Mines is just ok but not as fun as last year's hmmm but this is my daughter's "real" Halloween experience in trick or treating! Last year was not official because she was on her stroller and don't know whats goin on, she's just 11months dat time but this year she's walking and dress up as a water fairy princess so cute with her pink furry bag! We went to the mall trick or treating it was uberrr pack with parents and kids! Too much screaming kids and ohhh the crankiness of some parents are just eeeek! I came home with Lauren with headache and just few candies in her bag! Some stores in the mall didn't participate so not much treats we got but thats ok at least she had fun going from store to store! She even got her Halloween portrait for free! haha!

Oh about the contest...WOW thanks everyone who already participate and it is still open till the end of this month so join now! :P I will update this later as for now I am heading off to work byeeee!