Friday, October 30, 2009

Love Spread CONTEST!

Hello lovelies as promised I am now happily giving back the love to my followers and some new ones hehehe! I was going to wail till I hit the 100 followers but oh well I want to start before Halloween and run it through end of November!

Oh the prize.....nothing fancy..... 1 Mac Compact with 4 pressed Mac Pigments in Golden Olive, Vanilla, Heritage Rouge and Circa Plum (all labeled and have magnets) and I will also include little cute things that aren't in this picture :P

Of course there are some easy rules.....
-Be a follower on my Blog
-Have a VALID blog (don't open blog just to join contests...not cool!)
-Spread the word you can post a quick link to your blog about it
-Comment below and tell me what you think of my blogspot in ONE word!
-International blog lovers are OK but be my follower ey :P!
-Contest starts right now and will end November 30th

That's it and hope u guys have a great and safe trick or treating with your kids or if not please don't drink and drive :) laters babessss love ya'll!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Giddy Giddy Yup Yup!

Before I will announce the start of my blog contest I will do this post for my wkend buy coz really I am excited for these items I got over the weekend LOL!

Beauty Rush by Victoria Secret at La Senza (canadian version of VS) has a sale going on to their makeup things its buy 5 items for $10 and I grab 4 lipshines (these are awesome lippies) and 1 glitter liner (for haloween :P)

Then check this out I bought 2 Urban Decay eyeshadows for $4.99 each at Winners (kind of TJmaxx here in Canada)! Seriously awesome deal! At Sephora they sell $21 each of these eyeshadows! I got it in shade of "acid rain" a very pretty apple green and "chain" a dark rusty green! Thinking they go together for a great green look :)

I went to Sephora also and got this Benefit full-finished lipstick that i've been wanting forever! Its kind of pricey...yah I know $23 bucks plus taxes duh! But I'm inlove with it so I can't do anything about it haha!
I got these Mac holiday things the past weekend....this 6 devilishly warm eyeshadow pallete is loveeee, the colors are very wearable so I practically use this to work everyday! The mineralized blush in "superduper natural" is my first mineralized blush despite of the disapppointment on the mineralized duo eyeshadow I bought months ago! This blush is u that natural glow on ur cheeks!

No more shopping for myself from now on I have to start shopping for gifts for Christmas haha better head off to toys r us soon I have to buy gifts for the kiddos "inaanaks" (god childrens), for my nephew and of course for my darling daughter lol! That's it ladies and I watch out for the start of my blog contest I hope all my followers or either new ones who blogs will join! I will blog more about it later on! byeeee lovers! muah! :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hey its like ages ago since the last blog post but dont worry ladies Im just being lazy here! Anywhoo I update my WISHLIST, I had fun adding more things on my list checkit out! I also love to see all the things you guys are wishing for.....ahm wishing for a sexy boyfriend doesn't count ok! LMAO!

And also dam-dam-darat-dara-dam-dam-dam I will hold a CONTESTt pretty soon! I know i know I keep saying it but this is for realz this time! Not much of a wait now I promise! I have cool prizes for all my lovely followers and will reveal them SOON! :D

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello ladies...been MIA but I'm good thanks! This is my MAC purchase last wkend I just didn't have that push I needed to blog about it ngerr! I'm so behind reading all my ladies' blogs and replying comments, busy adjusting at work and at home! Went last weekend for my Mac fix and take a personal look on the new collections came out, originally I want to get the Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask from the Mac Black collection but danngg 2 Mac stand/store are sold out! Soo disappointed! And Dsquared looks so promising I wanted the bloody red lipstick but when I went there it was so busy and the lipstick is missing in the counter and the MUA took so long searching for it so I was like whatever! I didn't get any in neither of the 2 collections hahaha! Enough said here's my little Mac purchase:

l-r: Lipstick in "brave", Select cover up NW35 me loves this concealer bought it because I ran out hehehe and lastly the Matte matte-ifier!

So excited to try this Matte matte-ifier, I heard a lot of good things about this...looks like a gel in the tube but actually it was a cream? Yes a cream that acts like a powder, a no shine matte texture in one smooth layer. Can use especially on T-zone area to reduce the appearance of shine. Can also use in eyelids before applying eyeshadow or paints to help increase the longevity of the makeup and creasing! (from the website click here) Wow eh! I tried once and it really works wonders on my oily T-area! I loveee it! I will try and test it out on my eyelids 2day and wear it all day i will let you guys know how it turns out :D

This lipstick in "brave" is a pretty pink nudish color I'm in love with it...the texture is amazing its a satin finish lipstick! I am beginning to get lipsticks now than lipglosses! I used to be just a lipgloss girl and hates lipsticks but now it changed how i'm liking lipsticks even more! I know crazzzzzyyy right?! LOL!

This weekend is our long weekend its our Thanksgiving weekend and 2day I am taking out my darling daughter for a walk in the mall and maybe...yep maybe a trip to MAC counter again? ahaha! I am lemming for the perfume the pink one "pinkaura" I smelled it last time I was there and I can't stop thinking about it ugh! But there is a sale at Superstore on the Marc Jacobs "Daisy" perfume! Sooo im torn which one should i get!? We will find out tonight...oh yeahhhh follow me on twitter -----> in you haven't have twitter go here and sign up! Its really fun I promise hahaha! Although I don't tweet as much as I would like during work days because cellphones aren't allowed in my work building! (my work is so strict about that rule!) Anywhooo I guess thats it for now and we are heading to the mall later this afternoon haaaa its SNOWING by the way since last night and its only the beginning of October ugh! 10cm of snow overnight aint good blah! byeeee ladiessss!

Friday, October 2, 2009


So last weekend was mother and daughter outing to the mall! We just walk around window shopping LOL! On our way to the mall my dad told me that Provencher Blvd is closed under construction errr so I took another route by Marion then Panet mood changed when I saw my old job building, closed, locked up and sooo empty! SAD really, a lot of people work hard in that company, made friends and sure LOTS of unforgetable memories haaaay! Anywhoooo after passing by over there danng there is the train made a huge traffic so we got stuck for 15mins ahaha...Lauren fell asleep by Babyface's CD and the weather is awful, rained all day ugh! I was looking at Lauren while she's sleeping, my baby got soooo big already she doesn't look like a baby anymore haha! I love her to pieces my cutie patootie :D
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