Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Pics

Pictures of randomness from my days off! I can't think of anything to title this post lol! So I am blogging directly again from my we go with some captions! Pic1: my friend is into doing mani/pedi so she did my nails last Friday, me loves it! Isn't it so pretty?! Pic2: loving bf with my sick daughter ugh i don't like it when babies get sick, but so cute together in that pic lol! Pic3: My first L'occitane products! I picked up an eyeshadow duo beige brocart and a little rose handcream to try! Overall I like em its just too pricey lol! Pic4: Finally snowfall ahaha! It was so bad on the road last Thursday and Friday but it didn't stop me to go out to do important things! Pic5: OMG this is the best dessert ever! White Brownies with vanilla icecream, whipcream and choco drizzles! I am craving this now so I might go to Moxies again on my days off ahaha! Pic6: when I saw this at the dollar store I just have to get it! I put em at my cell holder in my vehicle and it looked so cute! Makes me smile everytime I see it! :)
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


CONGRATULATIONS yeeeey! The WINNER should contact me by email at Please send me your name and complete mailing address! If no reply in 2wks I will pick another winner again through! Thank you to all who join....will have a Christmas/Holiday give away soon so watch out for that! =)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things I'm Loving!

Just wanna share the current random things I'm loving!

1. Clean and Clear Makeup dissolving Foaming Cleanser

Just 1 step cleanser and remove any trace of makeup! Works amazing! I love need wipes, cotton pads/balls to use! Just wet face then just 2 pumps of these, apply to face in circular motions and whoallaah makeup all gone!

2. MAC lipstick in "creme cerise"

Love this lipstick a lot, its my everyday lipstick because it looks natural but u still can tell that I have lipstick on!

3. Victoria Secret Pink Body Mist in "fresh and clean"

Obsess with the scent! So awesome its like the scent u smell inside Abercrombie store! So Fresh and clean indeed! I stocked up when I went to NYC last July, we don't have these here in Canada grrrr!

4. Elf Studio line Powder BrushMy fave makeup brush of all time! ELF flat top powder brush in their Studio Line! I really like this brush for applying my pressed powder or even liquid foundation! So versatile, very soft but dense! Best part its only $3!

5. Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Sheerest Cream Blush
This is weird but I have lots of blushes! Brands like MAC, MUFE even I have Chanel but I think this is the winner out of all my blushes! I got the shade of "sunrise" its like a peachy with tiny bit of gold shimmer but I like it...its not way too shimmery! It shows up well with my skintone! I'm hesitant to try it first because its cream blush, i'm concern i might break out but so far its going pretty good! It stays longer too on my cheeks! And oh by the way I got this blush at a dollar store for $2! I also hit the pan now and I don't have a back up, I wonder if they still have them at dollarama?! lol!

6. Glade French Vanilla Aerosol Spray I like candles but I just can't lit up candles, I could burn down the house ahaha plus I have 2yr old running around the house so I get distracted easily and forget about the candle! So air freshner is my option, makes me happy this days! I love this scent! French vanilla sooooo yum yum! I smell this and I'm good! This is one of their winter only so I guess I have to get a back up bottle eh! :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Korean Adventure

Few days ago I am craving for Korean food and since they open a korean xpress at my mall's food court called "Kimchi" I want to try Kimchi beef fried rice in mild spice! Oh boy sooo good! While I was eating I kind of google on my Blackberry if we have a nearest Korean store who sells korean things! And I found this lil store called "Arirang" maybe just a few blocks away from the mall! I'm so curious that after eating, me and my daughter drove to that little store and yep its so cute! I bought few things there! Bought 2 korean noodles to try out! Then I bought a hello kitty slippers soo kawaii lol! And this is the most exciting part they sell korean face mask woooot! The brand "dermal" so I got the green tea, ginseng and cucumber mask! That same night I tried the green tea one and yep its so refreshing! Made my skin so soft! I tried the individual mask things u get from walmart and those make my face so dry! But I'm loving this Dermal Korean face far I didn't break out yet,so its perfect! 1 sachet is $1.99 not too bad on a price huh!? I am also looking for a BB cream, they have one on sale but I never heard of the brand so I skip on that but they have a bunch of Leinage skincare things but yaiiks so pricey!!

And oh next door....Cafe Asia! Baby and I ordered bubble tea yumm! So excited I didn't even took a picture with my taro bubble tea errr!

Oh tnx to those who entered my give away! And to those who wants to join well... Still have lotsa time to join! :)
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