Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Lauren!

Image(s) of the day: Lauren's 8 month Bday 08-26-08

A fruit top round cake w/ almonds and her "8" candle! She wasn't too excited about this at all as u can see on her picture above ahaha she's not herself when we took this pic! She was crying and screaming and I was like "Come on baby girl just one picture on the cake with mommy pleasee!"

This picture was taken at my in-law's backyard when we went there for a barbeque! I love this pic! She was just enjoying being outside. That's her dad behind her holding and watching her because she wants to play with the plants!

What's New?!? Part 2

Part 2 of the "what's new" post below! I forgot to mention the big "new" thing to me! Yuppers I got the new Blackberry Curve last weekend. As one of blackberry fanatic I just have to get it! My good old Blackberry Pearl was overdue! But I love my BB Pearl it did an excellent job, very happy until.... Lauren broke it, ahm...she ate it ahaha I'm serious she did put it in her mouth I don't know how long but when I found my cellphone its wet all over and my tracking ball isn't working so I was so pissed off! Not too mention those scratches she added on ngerrr! I can't be too mad at Lauren, she's my baby love! So.... now I can't get enough of Blackberries these days I even signed up at bwahaha! Very addicting I must say! I don't even use my laptop anymore I do it all on my new BB its amazing how u can do it all in this thing! Here is a pic of my new toy:

People don't have me on their YM, MSN, BB msgr, Facebook, Friendster etc etc etc....add me up! There is no excuse not to talk to me hehe! This time I won't let Lauren touch my BB ahaha can't afford to replace this one! LOL!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's New?!?

Another post again here on my new blogger yipee! I promised myself I really got to fix this before I'll get busy into something....into what?....ahmm I don't know! lol! So, said on my title up there "what's new" right, let me think what's really new to me? I have a whole bunch of things that I bought for the past few weeks just because I keep going to the malls and I pretty much buy something for myself or for Lauren everytime I go there! Here are some stuff I got:

This is a Quantum Pro Ceramic Flat Iron and I bought it from Showcase Store for $29.99! And I must say I'm impressed with it...i love it! It's easier to use than a curling iron! Cheap too! I was going to look for a Chi or a Babybliss flat irons but OMG it cost a fortune! So I'm good to use this one for now!

This is a Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow! I bought two shades of these...Copper Canyon and Moonlit Jewels very pretty colors! On sale for $3.99 at Superstore?! (not sure, thought that's where I got it from!l) Who would thought I will start buying make up?!? Nobody! I just started to love makeup and beauty products, I don't know what got me to get into them but I want to learn more about makeup! I'll pick up my very first Mac Cosmetics this Friday and I'm excited to try them out! I would like to try 1 lipstick and 1 eyeshadow/liner and we will see if its worth the money lol! I'm not ditching my Clinique, I still love them but its time to try something new! I heard I lot of good things/reviews about Mac so I'll give it a try...its a little pricey like my good old Clinique! I tried to use Almay's eyeliner and mascara and I like them too! But if u don't like spending that much on makeup...I prefer Revlon or Almay.

And for Lauren...I didn't buy her these pair of shoes, there was a draw when I bought Lauren's baby bottles at Child's Place and 2wks after, I recieved a call and told me I won a free pair of Robeez baby Tredz shoes! So I picked a white/pink mary jane shoes that will fit her when she's like 18mts and 2yrs old LOL! ! They are pricey...each pair I believe cost $40! So shoes for Lauren!

Those are few things I got but I bought way more than that! tehii! Also I bought clothes for me and Lauren just because they are on sale! Don't u love Sale items?! lol! Few weeks ago Children's Place had a monster sale and I bought Lauren a pair of pants and shorts, 2 sleeveless tops and 2 pairs of socks and I spent like $20 really cheap! They ol' say "don't buy lotsa clothes for her they grow fast!" but what can I do they are all so pretty on her! =) I will continue this soon......!?!?!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Image(s) of the day: Lauren day dreaming! =)

A new blog for me...Nancy the mommy and also for Lauren my daughter. But mostly its just me blogging, I will blog for my daughter on her behalf of course LOL!

I am currently on maternity leave but super busy with Lauren, yup she's more like my boss right now hehe 24/7 on her needs and wants because she's my one and only luv. She's almost 8 months and the cutest little person ever hikhik, reminds me I have to buy her a cute cake for her 8 month bday next week! I don't do it on month to month basis, I do it if I just feel like it. This month I will definitely celebrate it because its the month of August (8) and Lauren is 8 months old and its year 2008 so i got the triple 8s right there!

It's already almost weekend so its time to go out and look for sales out there ahaha yup I want to start my Christmas shopping early (as always) I save time and money that way. Plus I might be busy by the month November....I have to look for a new job as my mat-leave ends first week of January, I have to make time and effort to look all my options for a job that will make me happy! Also I have to plan a small party for Lauren's 1st BDAY! Yup she's turning 1 on December 26th! (Rip off baby! ahaha) And lastly...I really have to think about BABYSITTER! (eeekk!) My dad can babysit during night time so I guess night shift is a must for me ahgrrrh I thought i would never work night shift ever again but oh well! We'll see I still have few more months anyways!