Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy Happy Happy New Year to Everyone! Don't drink and drive :D

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Presents and Mini Haul

As promised on my previous entry that I will make a blog and show off what I got from Christmas and these are what I got! Picture heavy so I hope you enjoy as much as I did opening them hehe!

The perfect present from my nephew Audric: A shirt says "I'm stressed!" I really heart the shirt, so cute!!!

From my sis-inlaw Grace: I got a gift certificate from Professional Nails for a Pedicure yeeyy!

I got a replica Prada bag from a friend Vicky in Calgary and a Tommy sweater from sis-inlaw Marinel!

And then a teacup set by Tim Hortons from friend Ann!

Gift Cards are very much appreciated! They are from friends....I have more but they are in my other purse, i'm too lazy to get them and take a pic LOL! (Sears, The Bay, Wal-mart etc etc.)

Neutrogena Set from a friend, and my very first Dior: ultra gloss reflect from Hubby Mark and then my first ever Chanel: tweedrose blush from my brother Brian! TYVM :D

These items below are some stuff I bought over the holidays: the cute yellow tube is a Japanese Egg Facial Foam I got from Asian Supermarket during my stay in Alberta. Heard a lot of good reviews about Japanese products especially egg facial peel, egg facial cleansers, egg etc etc.! Then I purchased Physician's Formula Green Corrector Stick because it really works for me, I had that little trial size so its time to get the full-size! I got that @ Zellers! I went to The Bay during boxing day and I got 3 pairs of silver hoop earrings! Lastly I depot some of my MAC eyeshadows and finished my bottle of MAC Makeup Remover so I went to MAC and picked up my free Lipstick for their Back to MAC program! I got a MAC Slimshine in the shade of Ultra-Elegant , this shade for me is just too pretty loveeee love love!

So that's about it...its not that much but I'm pretty happy of all the things I got for Christmas! Also Lauren got lots of presents especially clothes, toys and lucky girl! HAPPY NEW YEAR! What's your resolution for the New Year?!

LC's 1st Bday!

So I am posting some new pics from Lauren's 1st Bday! It was held in Kumkoon Gardens Chinese Restaurant, Lunch Time! It was freezing cold outside but warm-hearted guests came to join us on Lauren's special day! I can't believe my baby is already 1 year old, it seems like only yesterday I gave birth to her and now she's this little cutie-patootie!

I guess that's it...few pictures here but I upload lots in my Friendster so if you have account there, add me up if u want to view the whole thing! On my next blog I'll post some pics of what I got from Christmas! I know some of you likes to see what everyone got, some of my presents are interesting and some are funny so I guess I will do a blog next about presents! oh...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! :D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


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MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! Have a wonderful one you guys! Please don't go out there drinking and driving! =)

Friday, December 19, 2008

1st Dior Product

The weather here is sooo sooo soo cold but me and Lauren went out today! We went to Winners because I was looking for an outfit on Lauren's 1st bday party on the 27th and I found a perfect top that can go on my old black dress pants! It's really cute and the price is just right so I got that! Will take pictures on the actual party so u guys could see it but I don't think anyone would care what I wear LOL! And then Mark (hubby) called and told me it's his day off so he'll meet me but ended up showing half an hour late! But its ok because I was too busy shopping and keep Lauren busy by giving her crackers and toys! After that, we went to Old Navy because I heard they have sales going on! Mark tag along with us and left his car on the parking lot! But on our way there Lauren fell asleep so I went inside the store by myself and Mark and Lauren stayed in the car! I bought some last minute presents for the boys (dad and 2brothers) and I was supposed to use a coupon for additional 15% off but I forgot about that grrr! Oh well...will use ém next time! We head off to the mall after because I was starving so we stop at the mall's food court right away and decided for Brioni's, I ordered spaghetti with chicken parmesan and chicken noodle soup for Lauren! Mark ordred the same thing.... yum carbs! After we ate our late lunch, we are in a good mood for window shopping so we browsed almost every stores LOL!

We stopped infront of The Bay because I gave Lauren her bottled milk plus I'm feeling a little tired! So while resting I glanced at the store's window and it's MacCosmetics stand! I went ahead and browse a bit but I went back outside where Mark and Lauren are seated with a sad face! They're sold out of the holiday set of lippies that I want! Mark want to look around in men's fragrance so we went inside the department store and while he was browsing perfumes with Lauren, first I went to Chanel cosmetics stand, 2nd Lancome stand then Dior...OMG I fell inlove with Dior's Lipgloss! As I have mentioned on my previous post that Im not a lippy person but I can't leave the store without Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect! Even if its $31CAN + taxes, I really can't compare it to Mac or Nars Lippies that I already own because its just too perfect! It's not sticky, no smell, shade is awesome and hopefully it'll last long, wear-wise! I tried 3 shades and I absolutely heart the 587 Lace Beige (plum beige)! I asked hubby if its too much for a lipgloss but he told me that I have to get it if I really really really want it, I said yah I really really really want it! So he end up paying for it! Yipeeee my 1st ever Dior product! BUT...I asked him if this counts as my Xmas gift from him?! He just gave me that weird look meaning to shuttup! While walking out the store he told me that the only reason he let me have it because the salesgirl was hot! LOL nah he's kidding! :P

So...that's my little Dior story hehehe! ciao! =)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm watching Ellen show right now coz i'm bored! Lauren is taking her afternoon nap! Britney and Ellen are so funny doing all the holiday cheers door to door nyahaha! Nways I'm still on vacation mode but yup I'm back here Winnipeg, as usual doing some laundry and trying to fix and fitting all the crap in my closet! I will set a rule that at least once a month I have to go through the closet and look for all the stuff thats not been touch for a month then get rid of it! Especially Lauren's clothes and shoes, like right now I brought some hand-me-down clothes from a friend's daughters from Airdrie and they are all in good condition but its still a lil bit big for Lauren so I have to stash them somewhere put them all in a box and I'm hoping that I will remember to bring them out when Lauren can fit on them LOL!

My Sephora purchase of Nars blush in "deep throat" was awesome! I'm loving the blush! I was supposed to get the "orgasm" but from swatching it's too sparkly for me! If you folks haven't try this product go get it! It's worth the $29 bucks ahaha! I don't own a lot of blushes...I think I only have one Mac blush which I wear it everytime I put my makeup on, I love Mac's "melba" blush, I got that a few months ago, so this Nars blush is my 2nd one! I heart blushes now ahehehe but I still love playing with eyeshadows! I'm not into lippies that's why I'm not too happy with my Nars "orgasm" lipgloss its $28 and it feels like a regular sticky lipgloss...nothing special! I still love my Mac Plushglasses! I heard they are going to discontinue Plushglasses please nooo! I hope not, but before they are going buh-bye I hafto stock up somehow, I can swap some of my Mac items at MUA for plushglasses? ahm maybe? Nah there is always ebay to rely on to buying discontinued ones LOL!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

No place like home!

Ive been here in Airdrie/Calgary for a week and its time to go back home to Winnipeg! Im kinda excited to go back...i missed everybody, my room, my bed, my things and for sure Lauren misses her toys as well LOL! I miss doing all the things I normaly do at home ahaha (like?) just excited to go home! Its funny how a one week get-away would do to you! Hehehe!

I've been going back and forth here in Calgary and a big realization came up to me! Calgary is a big city with lots of job opportunities that pays good money! Lots of places to see! Weatherwise?! Its not bad either! I heard a lot of great things y i should consider to move in Calgary! Do I want to move? Maybe not! I know Winnipeg is a small city, slow in everything, no good jobs with low pay and the weather sucks but i heart Winnipeg! My family and friends are in Winnipeg although one by one they are moving elsewhere LOL! I just love to travel around visit other places here and there but its not a plan that i have to move out of Winnipeg! Philippines is a different story...but for Winnipeg is very special to me, I went to highschool, meet new friends, got my first ever job, had my 18th bday, meet a bf, got married, got heartbroken, given birth, re-new life etc know what i mean...all the big events in my life happened in Winnipeg! And now its just the beginning of Lauren's too!

Even if i move somewhere i will always come back to Winnipeg! Like Philippines, if time and money will allow us i would loooove to go back to Philippines! THAT is truly my home! And hopefully i could show Lauren everything when the right time and age comes! Its important to me that Lauren knows where her mom and dad grew up and where we came from originaly, i want her to be proud of who she is! :)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


That's my Sephora haul! Whew! I spend a LOT of money, its not even funny ngerrr! But i love all of them! This is what happen of not having Sephora in Winnipeg! I only bought few things but i spend just about $130 with tax hehe! Its not too bad i guess, some people spend way too much money on makeup than i do...right? Besides these are the things that i wanted to buy for myself for a long time!

Here are the things i picked up:
-Shu Uemura eyelash curler $22
-Nars lipglosss in Orgasm $26
-Nars blush in Deep Throat (?lol?) $29
-Sephora brand 5 face/eye brushes $38
-Sephora brand eye/makeup remover $10
-Clinique 3 steps trial (from sears) $14?

I also bought a lot of random stuff while we're here so now im officialy broke! Hahaha! Sorry about the messy presentation of my haul on the picture baby is the one excited opening the box! I told her...these are mommy's new toys weeeeee! :)

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MIA in Wpg!

We arrived here in Calgary last Saturday for our one week hiatus in Winnipeg! But we are actually staying at a fren's haus in Airdrie Alberta, like 15mins away to Calgary! We enjoyed our first day going to the outlet mall and also the nice weather compared to snowy winterpeg but on the very next day it snowed like crazy! Its like 10cm of snow....the road are all slippery and slushy grrrr i thought me and Lauren could get away of snow and enjoy the nice weather but i guess not! For some reasons the snow is following us LOL! Yesterday we went out and the road is not too bad so the shopping goes on! Bought some kid's presents and some stuff for Lauren ....lil things for me of course! We haven't visit Sephora but hopefully tomorrow we could go because im too darn excited to get my Shu Uemura eyelash curler, the famous eyelash curler that i've been hearing about, it has all the awesome reviews from MUA, youtube, bloggers etc etc...oh well i will keep u guys posted of whats up here on our trip but we will go back home this coming Saturday! For now the pic above is Lauren with sisters Kaitlynn and Katherynn, they are soooo great with LC and both too cute! :) Links are to be edited as I'm posting this entry via email! Laters!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Killing Boredom!

Im in bed now with Lauren and Im sad that my daughter still looks sick and not happy baby herself yet! The baby book says that I should just let her be and just comfort her and give her lots of fluids! Poor baby is irritated by every little things like she always want to be carried which she isnt like that usually! My back hurts carrying her all day, she also sleeps cradled in my arms all night long and now I have stiff neck and not to mention that its not easy to take my daily shower or just go to the washroom to do my business! Teething phase is really hard for both us, but I want her to be comfortable as she can be so whatever she wants just not to hear her cry, I will do it....even not showering for 2days now errr stinky me! Our flight is on Saturday and Im hoping Lauren feels better by then! A visit to Calgary would be good for the both of us to have different fresh air in our system! This trip will rejuvenate us! Also I can do some of my Christmas shopping there wooot!

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Monday, December 1, 2008


Anyways i posted 3 adorable mobile pics of Lauren below! 1st pic: she basically took out everything out of the bookshelf and started scanning some books hehe! 2nd pic: she trying to figure out how to write, seriously im not even kidding! LOL! 3rd pic: she saw a cute face in the mirror and she kissed it! Soooo cute! My daughter got skillz yo! :)

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My baby genius!

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How are we?!

Sorry for not blogging for like a week, but I don't think anyone cares if I blog or not! Who read my blog anways?! The reason for that is I just got busy with life and our recent sickness! Me and my daughter somewhat caught a stomach flu err sucks eh! Its ok if its just me I could still brush it off and I'll be fine but Lauren too got it! I'm so worried about her, she was vomiting like 3times at night for 2nights, diarrhea and the crying OMG! We both got sick at the same time...that's the worst part of all she was crying then I started crying just because I can't even take care of myself, how could I take care of my own daughter?! My dad and everybody else in the house are out of town so just me and Lauren! (Oh 1 bro is here, he check us out once in while but he can't do anything about the crying and the screaming!) The next day the throwing up part for both of us mellowed down so I managed to drive by to the nearest children's emergency just to make sure Lauren is ok! The doctor didn't say much but she checked everything on her and she told me she's going to be fine! It was some kind of a stomach flu or something related to her teething! Lots of fluids for both of us as doctor's order! So today....we are getting out of our horrible sickening experience although Lauren is still not herself, what I meant...ahmm she's not as the happy baby as she is but hopefully the happy/energetic/non-stoppable baby will back soon! (I miss her giggles!) It's almost 4am right now and I'm looking at Lauren right now and she's gorgeously sleeping (*sigh* 2sleepless nights did this!) and at the same time I was looking at her picture too! (below) Made me smile :) There is no words to tell her how much I love her!