Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blog Give Away WINNERS!

To the 2 winners please email me your mailing info: nancydenieva@yahoo.com

Thank you to all of you ladies who took time and effort to joined my little give away! I really appreciate it! To the winners, my email is up there so CONGRATULATIONS to the 2 lucky ladies wooot!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Green Day

I've been meaning to post this look since yesterday but my soooo old laptop is having problems! Oh well here it is! I've done few makeup looks with green eyeshadows! I love green what can I say! LOL!

Face: Rimmel Foundation Primer, Mac Studio Fix foundation powder "nc40", Mac studio concealer "nc30", Mac Mineralized Skin Finish "medium plus"

Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Shu Uemura single eyeshadow in "me green", Mac "humid", Mac "nylon", Rimmel Browgel and brow pencil, Almay eyeliner "black", Stila smudge pot "black" and falsies!

Cheeks: Nars "orgasm"

Lips: NYC ultra last lipstick "mousse" and Avon Lip plumping lipgloss in "nude pout"

I hope you guys like it :D That's it for today, sooo tired from chasing Lauren in the mall...she's unstoppable errrr! Oh well, thats my work out now I guess hahaha!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lil bit of Lauren and LOTD

Hello my lovely fellow blogettes! :D So....for the past few days the weather here is hot hot hot like tropical goodness hot hehe! It rained for a bit but its fine I kinda like it like that, so it won't be too dry! I bought Lauren her first kiddie pool with a cute rainbow blow up canopy soo cute! She really did enjoy soaking under the sun in our backyard, of course wearing her sexy 2 piece swimsuit! :D

Now on to the LOTD just a simple purple look because if you know me I LoooooVee purples! Anything purple I like hehe!

My give away is ending very soon! So to those who haven't join yet please come and join the rest of the loveliesssss click here now for more info! Until June 30th lovers! My ThankYous and Goodluck to those who joined! Laters now byeee!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sephora Faves Boxset

I bought this at Sephora for $50CAD ($40US) and I think its a good deal! Go to Sephora's website for more info about this set and view other sampler sets. It includes 10 sample products and all are too cute but good size samples!

From left to right: Sephora's "copper" eyeliner, Anastacia clear brow gel, Anastacia brow highlighter pencil, Urban Decay primer potion, Too Faced shadow insurance, Lancome Bi-facil make remover, Cosmedicine eye cream, Smashbox mini eyeliner pallete, Stila smudge pot "black", and Smashbox eyeshadow trio "headshot".

I love this set! When I saw this set I was like I have to get it and they are cute as a button when I opened the box LOL! I can put all of them in my lil makeup bag and carry them around hehe! I love all of them but in particular product that I really wanted to try was the Stila smudge pot...so I tried it 2day and it was amazing more amazing than Mac's fluidline tehiiii! (luv them both actually hehe!) Too bad they don't carry Stila cosmetics in our Sephora which sucked by the way hmp! (I love my Stila rouge pot blush which I'm almost out)! Anyhow its good they put this smudge pot on this set! Also I'm excited to try the Anastacia brow gel and highlighter pencil! And oh there is Too Faced eyeshadow insurance too in a tiny patootie jube hehe! The Smashbox trio got the prettiest neutral colors in a cute lil pot! All in all I can't stop saying how uberrr cute this set is...its a great gift to someone who loves makeup or wants to just try all the products without spending too much! I'm sure its worth it though! I'm thinking to buy the lips sampler... too cute to pass up hahaha! They are limited edition so I better get it while they are just there right haha! I know our newly opened Sephora here in the city sells them like pancakes so if people wants something especially boxsets like these, they better get it right away because tomorrow it might not be there anymore! So that's it ladies...I'm so tired from yesterday from going to the mall and went to Red River Exhibition (yearly amusement park event) will post pictures soon I promised! To those who comment, email and message me I will get back with u guys shortly, I'm not snobbing all of you hehe! I know I got lots of catching up to do with my lovely ladies! So yuppers cyahh latersss :D

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tiny purchase & MakeupAlley

Hello everyone! Been too lazy for couple days now but I did a little purchase when I went to Winners (similar to TJmaxx in US) the other day and bought this Too faced lip and eye pallete for $5.99! Its the only one left and also with a box in good shape not been touch or swatched but there is no price tag but the SA was looking thru some other cosmetic items and just marked it $5.99 like the rest of the other makeup like ELF stuff! I think I got an awesome deal coz I know Too Faced are way more expensive when I saw them at Sephora! Its pretty tiny to put in my makeup bag...love it! Last month I found Urban Decay makeup pallete for just $7.99 in that same store location but I end up swapping that in MakeupAlley, I love the little eye primer potion that came with but the eyeshadows are too glittery for me when I swatched it. To those who are wondering about makeupalley.com...my overall experience so far is great, I never have problems with my swaps I did like 8 swaps and not once I got swaplifted. I guess I'm being cautious too on the person I'm swapping my stuff with! Plus I don't swap expensive items so if ever I get swaplifted I don't feel bad about how much it cost on my swap but I hope it won't happen *crossing fingers* Its been fun just to get rid of stuff that I won't need or want anymore why not just swap of some things that you want from people have for swaps too! I only swap within Canada and US but its a pain on shipping to Canada yuppers its more darn expensive than shipping to US! And also I got things from swap that it aint available here in Canada like one of my swaps she gave me extras like Sonia Kashuk retractable powder brush and brandnew dessert lipgloss set (will take pics of the item mentioned soon) so lil things like that I got from swaps are fun and sometimes I end up loving the throw-in extras than the items I swapped for! So yup that's it for 2day might blog more a lil later or do some FOTD or maybe visit Winners again? Haha!

Note: no url links sending this via BB might edit it later if not too lazy to jump up in my computer LOL!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hugs and Thankyall!

15 more days till my give away ends and I have 62 followers on my blog! Thank you guys for following me here on my blogspot! I was using blogger 10 years ago and found few friends through blog world but then 5 years ago I stop blogging, I got busy with life and work! I lost touch to my online friends but again when I started to go online recently I found a couple of my online friends who still blogging! So when I had my daughter last Christmas of '07, I opened this blogspot to blog about being a new mommy! First 3 months of having a baby isn't easy, blogging didn't work out because I attempted to breastfeed and the lack of sleep just burned my energy of blogging but months and months passed by it became much easier especially now that Lauren sleeps through out the night! I can now blog without any interruptions whatsoever LOL! Plus I still do have time during the day when she naps! So yup pretty much I enjoy blogging right now and I love to get comments, suggestions, messages or just quickie on my chatterbox :D

This is like an awesome come-back for me and also to celebrate my new found love of makeup and enjoying being a mommy to Lauren! I hope to all the people who followed me are going to follow me till I'm not tired of posting new entries each day if I can!

Now I'm catching up to all my lovely followers who joined my give away....I wrote all the names on a piece of paper and putting all names on my Jollibee soda cup that I brought home when I went to LA, yup I'm weird, I brought an empty Jollibee cup on my trip hehe we don't have it here in Canada what can I say LOL! Missing Jollibee already, yuummy chicken joy, palabok, pinoy spaghetti ughh making me hungry! Anywhoo...that's where I put all the names and randomly pick 2 winners! I will decide if I'll make a YouTube or BlogTV vid to announce the winners?! haaa but for now here are some of our pictures in California Jollibee.....

I hope you guys got an awesome MONDAY :D laters lovelieesssss! *hugssss*

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feeling Down....?

How are you guys been doing lately? As for me here, I feel nothing! Completely nothing! I don't even know what day it was, and if u ask me whats the time and date...for sure I will just look at you with my blank face ughhh! For the past couple of days I'm feeling a little down, I really hate it especially if you don't know what really that weird feeling is for blah! Anyways here are some pictures that really cheered me up.........

Lauren said "cheessseee" with cousin Audric's backpack!

Enjoying the ride on her Mall stroller!

She's trying to open the door....."hurry Mom lets goooo"!

And I did a quick FOTD/EOTD

Love all my new and old blog followers! Yall made my day everytime I received new messages, comments and suggestions from you guys! I will update you soon on my give away....if you haven't join click here! :D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lauren Blogging

I'm just blogging here on my blackberry again...because too lazy to turn on my old slow-pooke pc plus its midnight already but not yet sleepy so might as well do some blogging! :D This is the part where I blog on behalf of Lauren hehe...here it goes!

So today the sun came out a bit because its been raining and cloudy for few days now..me and Lauren decided to go out! Our first stop of course... McDonalds to get some happy meal and mommy over here is craving for a fillet fish burger LoL! Lauren's Dad came to meet us, he spend time with her as usual b4 he go to work! After McDs we went to the mall minus Lauren's dad, we walked around for like 3 hrs of window shopping :) Didn't buy anything except some snacks we ate! Lauren took a nap so I got more time window shopping myself wuhooo!

After that tiring afternoon at the mall we went to the park nearby my place and took Lauren to the playground! She lovessss swing, can u tell on the pic that she really enjoyed it?! We just stayed there for a bit because the clouds went darker and looks like its going to rain again! While we are still on our way home pouring rain just ruins Lauren's pretty amazing day with mommy and a lil bit with daddy! Oh well tomorrow is another day hopefully it'll be nice out so I could take Lauren in her bike! That's it...I will blog properly later 2day on my pc but right now I'm sleepy! Night blogger world! :D
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Blog Give Away [CLOSED]

So ladies....I finally decided to push this through! Yuppers, I'm giving away free stuff! Of course there are rules but its super easy haaaaaa piece of cake for ya'll, don't worry I won't ask too much in return! I'll announce the winner on June 30th so there are lots of time for everybody to join! I will pick 1st and 2nd prize winners! Lookie for a sneak peek on the prizes, I will include more surprise goodies :D

1st prize will get this: Hello Kitty mini nail kit, earrings, 2 MAC sample pigments in circa plum and vanilla, lancome lipstick in vintage rose, lancome mini definicils HD mascara, lancome mini booster xl mascara base, 2 lancome sample packet of Primordiale serum/moisturizer, lancome leopard makeup bag + more extra goodies :D

2nd prize will get this:

Hello kitty mini nail set, earrings, 2 Rimmel eyeshadow duos and a pink makeup bag + more extra goodies! :D
*all the items are brand new! (just in case ur wondering hehe!)

Easy access to these freebies if you are
1. Subscriber to my blog! If not....just click "follow me" button on the right side link!
2. Must be crazy inlove with make up! :D
3. You need to repost this on your blog and then leave me a comment below saying that you want in on the give aways.
4. Tell your blog friends about it, put a link back to my blog!
5. I'm still figuring out how to announce the winners, I will draw names to pick a winner...maybe on blogTV, youtube etc.....but for sure will be posted here on my blog so check it out on the end date I provided!
6. Will ship International!
7. EASY huh! :D

So the Give Away clock starts right NOW! wooooot!

Blog Award Tag

I got awarded by the Gurrjuiceee Donna! Thanks babe for the award, this is really cool! :D

The rules are:
  • Include the award logo in your blog or post.
  • Nominate as many blogs which you like.
  • Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  • Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the l♥ve and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
I'm now tagging:
Emmsmyca (my bestie's blogspot check her outtt!)

xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo hehehe! bye!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

FOTD and a lil bit of Rambling

I'm kind of missing in action here on my blogspot huh? naahhh you guys probably know it by now that I'm like that! Some days I like to blog 3 days in a row and some days I don't like to blog for like a week! LOL!

Anyways I did a look yesterday using my "affordable" cosmetics....except a couple of MAC items that I used, scroll below on what I used in details....but first, lets see the cam whoring queen shall we?!

So here are the things I used:
Face: MAC Studio Fix powder in NC40, Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NC30 (that's the only Mac products I used)
Cheeks: Aziza Blush Duo (only $1! yup u got it right 1buck!)
Eyes: Carlo Di Roma Eyeshadow Pallete (I used the concealer as a base), Almay Retractable Eyeliner in Black, Maybeline Define a Brow in Dark Brown, Sheer cover Mascara, Falsies and Wet and wild mini eyelash curler
Lips: NYC Lipstick in Mousse (my fave, its only $1.79)
Other: Posh Mini Brush set, and false eyelash glue that is not pictured below :D

So here is the rambling part but its related to whats up there anyways.....ok let's start with the blush, I know I purchase some Mac blushes and yup they are pricey for $20 something bucks you think I would use that often?..... NOPE! Instead....I bought a cheap blush at dollar store and that is the one I've been using for everyday, CRAZY! But I like that Duo blush, really shows up on my skin the only downside.... its really powdery but its ok hehe not bad for a dollar eh! Ok on to the lipstick, I also have tons of lippies like MAC, Lancome, Clinique even Chanel LOL but my fave right now is my NYC lipstick in Mousse and it is less that 2dollars, it moisturize my lips, no weird smell and it can last long depends on what your agenda like LOL! Ok, now to the brushes! I have full size Mac brushes and coastal scents brushes but i don't know what the hell it is that I'm always reaching for my mini Posh brush set! Another thing I noticed, I have the famous Shu Uemura eyelash curler but the heck I use my Avon or wet/wild eyelash curler all the time! LOL! I just don't know....so the question ladies, if there is one person can tell me why am I buying expensive things that I don't even end up using it?!?! I'm done talking about this because its INSANE! .....my head hurts :( byeeeee!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Simple Rainbow FOTD and a GIVEaway Announcement!?!

Hello lovely boys and gals LOL! If you folks asked how I've been today, oh well i'll tell you right now that it's been soooo slow, it really was a drag! Me and Lauren stayed home 2day watched tv and took a long nap errr! Last night I was going to post this look but my camera died when I took the last close up shot hmp oh well I was sleepy anyways so I just washed up and went to bed hehe! So here's a simple rainbow look using my my Annabelle eyeshadows that I absolutely love!

Before I say bye bye............here is just an idea, just because I want to do it! :D

I know I don't have that much followers yet but I feel like I'm in the giving mode to host a Contest...or just a simple makeup/stuff give away! It will be for everyone, anywhere in the world! Because we love freebies! right?! I think I'm not going to ask to do a look or anything like that but just simply be a subscriber to my blog and such! Will reveal the prizes and few rules as soon as I get my current subbies for their input about this....let me know, comment below :D