Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog Give Away!

Its time again to celebrate! Only a few weeks away till Christmas....yep and I am hosting a little blog give away for my lovely followers and of course to the new followers, the more the merrier right! Easy to join....

Do's: Be a Follower of this blog and must have a LEGIT blog (I will check!), if u are under 18 yrs of age u must have to tell ur parents before joining :D International bloggers are welcome! Just comment you guys below and telll me.....

What makeup products you can't live without?!

Prize Pack contents: Urban Decay single eyeshadow in "acid rain", Elf Natural Lush Lashes, Revlon Glimmer Gloss Nailpolish in "blueberry burst", Avon Lipstick with spf15 in "blooming berry" and a Hello Kitty long chain Heart necklace! All these items are unopen, not used and all wrap in a pretty organza bag! Will include more surprise things later on :)

I will choose randomly ( by November 17, 2010 so comment away! This is one of the ways to thank everyone for following and reading my blog all this time! Some of you know that I blog for years since I got my own domain name in the past ( So till now I'm still in the blog scene, what can I say I love blogging and I love reading blogs and meeting new friends through blog world!

<3 Nancy

Saturday, October 23, 2010

FOTD and Exciting News + Giveaway

I haven't had the chance to post FOTD in awhile! I got lazy to take pics what can I say haha! But 2day I dont know I have the urge to take pics and even change my FB profile pic harharhar! So here's my FOTD...I figured you guys didn't see my eeeky, ugly, yuky feyz in a long time maybe a lot of you don't know how I look like now LOL!

What's on Feyz: Makeup 4ever HD primer, Mac Studio Fix NC40 powder, Mac Select Cover up concealer, Estee Lauder Eye pencil, Urban Decay Primer Potion,MAC "Bling" eyeshadow, MAC VV Bite of an Apple blush, Benefit "ladies choice" lipstick.

So here comes my EXCITING NEWS.....I am moving forward! Yep! Well I partially decided to move in to my BF's house after the holidays, so maybe in the middle of January of 2011! Partially? uhm its not that I wasn't sure yet but of course I still have 2-3 months left and I don't know what will come up on those months so maybe it'll push up the date or whatever errr! Bf asked me ages ago.....hmm if I remember correctly he asked me last July and I told him I will think about it! He is not pressuring me or anything but we are basically inseparable this days! If I'm not at his house, he's here at my house! He bought the house and moved here in the city last June just by himself so he does gets lonely when me and my daughter are not around! It makes sense if we move in, well eventually we will head on that direction anyway! right?! There is Lauren my daughter on the other hand but bf is excited about her moving in the house too! We've been talking about painting her own room in his spare bedroom awwww! <3 I am excited but scared at the same time! I want this so bad that I don't want to mess it up like my past relationship! I was rock bottom before and its sooo hard to move on especially when there is a kid involved! But thank goodness for Lauren I never gave up and now we are both in a good place.....HAPPY :)

As you can see on my Title...there is the word "GiveAway" well it is time of the year to host another give away again! Goshhh I blog for years and I still do love blogging! I love reading other's blog post too! It's time to have fun again right?! So this give away is open to all my lovely followers and to all blog readers who reads my blog (if u follow me now!) Give away prize will be revealed on my next post!

c u laters lovers! :D

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juicy, Boots and Tights

Another post using my blackberry because my laptop hibernate the minute I turn it on, its still charging haha! Me and baby woke up late, we are just lazy and lounging around my room as usual on my days off LOL!

Last weekend The Bay got some really awesome clearance on their jewelry including Juicy Couture! I mean wow I didn't even know they go on sale! I got an eye on the gold rhinestone heart necklace with matching earrings! I put them on hold because I'm not really too sure if I needed both of them and also Im in a rush that day don't much have time to decide lol! I came back the next day and I decided I have to get the necklace! But while the sales lady looking for the jewelry I put on hold, I'm kinda busy looking around and I found another necklace a heart key necklace but the pendant is smaller and more versatile to wear not like the ones I pick originally coz the pendant is super huge and it looks so loud "I'm wearing a Juicy couture" necklace! So I got the necklace with key heart pendant! So cute and I love it! I normally don't wear gold and that's one reason I got the gold one so I could add a gold piece on my jewelries! The necklace retails for $65CAD and they are on sale $40! :)

Yesterday my dad needed to exchange something in the photo store for his camera so me and Lauren tag along with him to go in the mall! While my dad do his thing me and baby went to Zellers! I need to buy a portable hair dryer to bring with me when I travel! (More like to BF's haus!) I bought one for $9.99 its a small basic conair blow dryer nothing fancy! (Not in the pics lol!) BUT I found they are having a sale on their Boots! All boots for $27CAD woot! Its hard to buy a tall booties for me as my calves are too big, way too big that most boots can't zip all the way up LOL! These boots fits perfectly and its so comfy to wear! The brand was "James and Jules or Jules and James?" Uhm whatever haha its strictly a Zellers brand! I believe the boots retails for $56, so I snagged them immediately! U can't go wrong a boots for only $27?! Its awesome! I was about to pay my things when I saw a bin of tights and knee highs on sale for 99cents I mean hellooo! I got a pretty good deal on everything and I'm so happy yeeey! :)

I catched a cold virus too few days a go so I'm still sniffling all day yesterday but for now I better get some rest and take it easy sooooo till next post lovelies have a good one! Muah!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gap City Flats

Started with an email from GAP saying they are having a 40% off all the regular merchandise so of course I got excited just because I've been wanting to buy a Gap fleece hoodie for my daughter since its getting cold now! Me, Lauren and the Bf went to the nearest Gap and oh my it was packed LOL! Bf wants new jeans so he went a little crazy buying 3 pairs of jeans oh well he took advantage on the sale what can I say haha! I got Lauren a cute grey/pink hoodie and it really looked so cute on her!Also it got my attention was the City Flats in metallic brown! When you walk into the store on one side it got the whole wall of different colors of flats! They are so cute! I want them but I look at the price its freakin $39.50! I was like are u serious.....cute but doesn't look like they are durable and it aint gonna last long! But I WANT IT! I went back and forth just to decide if I want to get it or not but I decided I just want them so I got it hehe! Plus I need something to easily take it with me when I travel! It comes with a pretty pouch too!

You can still find them at GAP website or visit this blog....she talked about the exactly same flats on her blog plus she got more pics on them! I visited the Gap website just now and gosh the review about this flats are terrible! They are not cheap but hey I got 40% off in them so not too bad but still expensive for flats like this! hmmmm hope it'll work out for me! I feel comfy when I tried them on! *crossing my toes* on them! LOL!

Friday, October 8, 2010

MAC's VV Hype

So I went to Mac a couple times to check out the new MAC collection Venomous Villains and of course the talk about blush "Bite of an Apple"! The 1st time I went to check out, the MAC counter was too busy so I didn't bother! Then the 2nd time I went and ask for the blush the MAC lady told me it was sold out the day it came out! I was like u freaking serious hmmp! So anyways I told myself no big deal, I didn't want it that much nways! But because it was so popular and everyone that got the VV collection got the blush and said it was amazing ughhh I want the blush even more LOL! Enough said....I went to a different mall 2day with my daughter then go to the MAC store and sadly it was sold out too! Oh well because Lauren was being a good girl I got time to look and walk around so we also went to check out The Bay and they have MAC counter inside. I ask one of the MAC ladies if they still have the blush and they have 1 left!!! I was like wuhoooooo!

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