Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thrift find!

Who would've thought that I will come to a phase that I will like vintage pieces?! Nah-ugh! I watch a lot of youtube videos on thrift hauls and a lot of them find good vintage pieces for cheap! I did some research in thrift shopping in what to really look for in terms of Vintage pieces, Retro pieces and antique pieces! Vintage pieces are items from 1920s to 1970s! Retro pieces are from 1960s and 1980s and antiques are items before 1920s!

Why thrift shop?! So we can dig up some treasures, pieces that can incorporate with our modern things nowadays! Also to find designer pieces that are wayyy cheaper than buying in retail stores! But what's so fun in looking up used items anyway? Some people don't get the idea of thrift shopping because they always think that everything is unsanitary! For me I'm not too picky in that area! If I buy thrifted clothes I make sure as soon as I bring all the items home it goes straight to the washer! Simple as that! You see...if you go to a retail store, do u think u are safe because you thought that the item is brand new?! I don't think so! You don't know how many people tried it on! I do the same process whether I buy brand new clothes or thrifted, it goes straight to the washer! But for some reason I have a rule that I don't buy any undergarments like underwear, lingerie and socks in a thrift store! For me its just too weird buying used items like that lol! I'm more into finding belts, bags, bangles or any fashion accessories! Sometimes I do like to look for designer clothes for cheap! :)

Speaking of bags....after watching a gazillion of thrifting hauls online, I kind of went to a Salvation Army near my house and see if I can find some good things/deals! My mission was to find a really nice vintagy looking belt, purse or any fashion things that are vintage looking even if its not real vintage from 1960's or whatever! I look through all their belts but nothing! I look for scarves but most of them are like forever21ish looking scarf ahaha! Then I look at the bag section and I found this really cool looking brown bag! I opened it up and it says real genuine leather and it was made in Canada! The coolest part was its only $5bucks!

So I look this bag up online and Mimo Sacs bags are from 1970s! Its leather inside and out! I love it! Still in really good condition, no scuffs or marks on the bag! The label is still intact and its clean inside! I really like the detailing on the outside and also the gold hardware is so cute! Out of all the nice things about this bag I like that fact that is a crossbody bag! I'm so into crossbody bags lately, so its like a bonus in scoring the bag for $5 you can't get a cute real leather bag anywhere not even at Forever21 lol!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Casual Wkend

Squeezing this post before I go to work LOL! Just an outfit of my weekend....I wore a slouchy crop purple shirt and i put a long black tank top underneath then a grey wash skinny jeans! For shoes I love my softmoc black boots they are the most comfortable boots ever! Similar to Uggs but these are more affordable but still durable! I have these boots for over a year now, they look pretty beat up because i use it almost everyday! For accessories I just throw in my favorite long heart necklace from Forever21! Don't mind the messy room....its laundry time as well ahaha! Plus it feels like unpacking to my move in this house is neverending! I still have 2 luggage to unpack and I'm living here 2months already agghhrr!

For usual just my powder from MAC studio fix NC40, blush from NARS "outlaw", eyeshadow just the Urban Decay primer in Sin, then eyeliner from Estee Lauder that I love! Mascara "falsies" by Maybelline and for lips Rimmel "Airy Fairy" I top it with some random gloss that I can't remember it from LOL!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Forever 21 in Winnipeg

Been obsessing about Forever21 lately! Why? Forever 21 just opened last weekend here in my city and its the first one ever here in Winnipeg and people like me who likes to bargain with clothes and accessories that are trendy went crazy! Before I buy F21 items only when we go to the States! My nearest F21 location that I know is the one in Fargo ND that is like 4hrs drive LOL! They have F21 all over Canada but its nowhere near my city! So Saturday it opened but I didn't had the chance to go because I was somewhere else that day that I totally missed the whole grand opening deal! And the first 300 lined up will get a 100CDN gift card! Also in every purchase will get a mystery item! Oh well whatever ahaha! I went there the first time on a Sunday and here's what I got! I didn't go too crazy about it just few things that I really like!

A slouchy stripe top! I love the color combo grey and pink! I love slouchy tops like these to hide the bulge in your mid-section ahaha!

I got another heart necklace! Been obsessing with hearts too! I have a few heart necklaces actually but I like this one because the chain is long like my previous one that its so old that I need a new one! Forever 21 jewelries are cheap and don't expect to last long!

Last thing that I got was this nailpolish! I love the color its a dark blue and its called "magnetism"! I got this when I was about to pay and its just near the counter and I saw the color and fell inlove! I don't have the color so I figured for the price of $3.80 its worth it! Polish is creamy but a little bit streaky but its ok! With a nice top coat it'll last for days!

Today its me and Bf's day off so I am dragging him to come with me to the mall and maybe give him a little tour at F21 ahaha! Not like he cares or anything but actually he is a bit curious of what I've been obsessing about the store! Its almost my bday anyways so *wink*wink* LOL!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Went to run some errands! daughter keeps visiting the pet store all the time if we go to the mall so yep I bought her a fish! Beta fish that she named "Goldie" haha she's so cute that she even kiss her fishie goodnight in the bowl when she went to bed! lol! I also bought candles from Bath and Body Works! This is my 2nd set because I went to buy 2 last week and today they still have the 2 for $25CDN deal so I grab 2 more with the same scents that I bought before! Taking advantage with the sale! I love it, it think this is a start of my candle obsession! No kidding I want to collect candles now but sometimes strong scents gives me headaches so I am careful on picking out scents! I got the "fresh cotton" and "pineapple orchid"! Ahhh-mazzing scents!

After malling and a little bit of grocery shopping! Time to clean up the house! I have to pick up Lauren's toys everywhere, put away groceries, change bedsheets, and of course my never ending laundry! While Lauren is busy with Goldie the beta fishie....I put my headphone on my cellphone and put on some music and Im good to go with my PJ bottoms lol! And by 6pm I started cooking so by 7:30ish the bf from work can eat supper! That's my Sunday yo! :P

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Late Post, Haul and More

It's been almost a month now but I'm going to show u guys anyways lol! Me and the BF spend Valentines a little bit later than the actual date as I mentioned it on my previous post! We went for dinner at our favorite restaurant Moxies and then we went to watch a late movie in a cheap seats, "Little Fockers" is such an awesome movie and so funny! We had such a good time!

Dinner I got my Valentines present and it was a surprise...well I was surprised lol! I got my BF a DVD "shutter island" yep...nothing fancy but we agreed that we will not spend too much on gifts because its only Valentines! When I saw the gift bag said Swarovski I was like hmmmm and when I opened it oh myyyyy! I love the ring you can view the ring on the website here! I am wearing it everytime I go out, just sparkly and shiny and soooo pretty! I soooo love it and I love him sooooo sooo much! <333

Me wearing my moonlight ring and of course my EOS candy brown contact lens!

On to my haul....I got the OPI's much talk about Shatter polish "black shatter" and a Rimmel base/top coat polish! I went to Walmart to pick up another Wet and Wild color icon pallete in "greed" (246) and a Maybelline Mascara "Falsies" I heard so much good reviews about this mascara and they are on sale for $3.99 lol! At Winners I got the Instant Lip Volume and to tell you the truth I don't know what brand its called but they are made in Italy! Smells good and not sticky, also the taste is so goood kinda like a candy!

We are trying to get the house look more like a home, so we are slowly getting more house things lately! Like this clock I bought it cheap at Winners (kinda like TJmaxx here in Canada!) I thought its going to look big on our dinning wall but it look so good with the newly painted walls....tnx babe for painting! lol!

Curtains and this rod was cheap at JYSK! Just a simple black rod and white flowy kinda like c-thru curtains is perfect! Very relaxing and soft looking in the bedroom windows!

Beige and Cream satin Curtains for the Dining room! I love the Material and they are on sale too from JYSK!

Lauren's Princess room! She really loves her room but unfortunately she don't sleep yet on her own! We are trying to put her to bed on her own but she kept going back to our room! But eventually she will sleep by herself, its just takes time I guess :P!

xoxo - nancy

Saturday, March 5, 2011


So what do you know....another cellphone to play with! To think that I will get a blackberry again but nope I switch to LG! Life is Good with this Optimus One cellphone! ahaha! I'm surprise to even love this phone to begin with! I thought there is nothing special but boy I was wrong! This phone got the latest Android 2.2, I want to get the Optimus 7 instead but I don't want to spend too much on a phone that I'm not really familliar with!

There is a story behind of getting this phone?! Nope its simple actually, after giving my BF a new LG keybo cellphone for his bday last year and he loves it, we went out and feel inlove with our new LG plasma TV we bought last New year and I figured when Telus Mobility came out with this new LG Optimus I look it up online for reviews and I thought right away I will like it! So what happen to my Blackberry? ughmm I send it over for a repair, keyboard is fucked so yeah I guess I got no luck in owning a blackberry! Down with 3 blackberries and none of them last ahaha! After repair I will just sell it and not bother switching back!