Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone! I really miss blogging! I miss those days where I could just sit in the corner of my bed with my laptop blogging away once or sometimes twice a day! Now couldn't find time to sit and blog or just blog hopping to read their blogs! Obviously rite now I am blogging but I'm cooking at the same time and by the time I finished this entry it'll be 4-5hours later LOL!On the lighter side of my life besides stressful things happened to me in the last few months (almost 3yrs actually) I finally met someone...well I met him at my current workplace! I hope he is not reading my blog or my twitter coz that could be embarrassing huh LOL! Rite now we are just on the "getting to know" phase but we both know we liked each other, cheesssyy noh! :D This thing between us is all new to me, first thing is....he is not Filipino yep this is the first time I am dating a white guy and I'm not saying that there is something wrong about it, actually I like it...I can get along with him just fine and so as Lauren :) Its a long story but to make it shorter I am happy when we get together, he makes me smile, laugh and just be myself!

But not everyone is happy about us....oh my family is fine about me dating him, I am talking about some people at work who likes to gossip about us but I just don't care anymore if they like to talk shit about us well bring it on, people does that are people who got nothing to do in their lives LOL! My ex-hubby knows it too now, he's not ok at first but he'll get over it ahaha! It's not like we r still together talking about our feelings but i still do consider him as my bestfriend! And its not like I dated rite away after our separation, its been almost 3yrs folks I deserve to be happy and move on with my life right!?

Drama, drama, drama *sigh* LOL! nways I wish all of you lovelies a Merry Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please don't drink and drive! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Title of this post is just "Christmas" with "?" yup, I don't know but this year I don't feel the real spirit of Christmas! I didn't even do my Christmas shopping or any Christmas decorations at home! Don't get me wrong I am huge fan of Christmas holidays! Last year I started shopping like around Sept or Oct and by November I'm done haha! NOW....NONE! Been thinking of just buying gift cards as gifts but I'm not a gift card person myself ugh! I might do a last minute shopping this Friday on my day off ahaha we shall see!

On other side of a darling daughter Lauren is turning 2 on December 26th and I haven't even plan anything for her bday yet! I was thinking to eat out in a nice restaurant with family, give her a big present and wish her that she'll be healthy and happy all the time! I'm still on the hunt what should I get her for her bday, on her Christmas present I bought her clothes so for her bday i would get her toys that she really like....maybe a Nihao Ke-lan talking doll? or Dora things? She pretty much like to play with my itouch but i am not buying her a new itouch thats just crazy! I don't know what toy should a 2 year old would enjoy nowadays they like all the high-tech toys, hmmm so maybe I will get her those educational leap-frog toys! Grrr so STRESSful to think huh?! I just want her to be happy! lol!

Whatelse to blog here ahm oh I tried fixing my blog about posting pics here but i need more time to work on this thing haha, i will definitely fix my blog or even change my boring layout soon probably on my Christmas holidays which I'm off work full 4 days yey! I'll try to bake and cook and decorate the house LMAO not happening! LOL!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Sorry guys! My winner for my contest is way long overdue! I am having problems with my blogger I can't upload pictures or video at the moment! But I will announce the winner anyway right now! I used to pick a winner....if u comment more than once on my blog contest post then for sure u have more than one chance to win! I just wished I could post the screen shot of the number picked by the website ( but oh well here it is.....the winner for my 2nd giveway is number 59! FIFTY NINE! and that would be IRISH! please contact me on my email with your full mailing address on thankssssss to every one who joined! and thanks to all who currently following me in blogworld woooww I love ya'll! muah!