Sunday, January 18, 2009


Whatelse is new than going to MACcosmetics!

From left to right I recently bought JEST, NYLON (both in pro pan because it's cheaper) and AMBERLIGHTS (in pot, ding that baby from depotting grrr! u see?!)

This is my MACeyeshadow pallete! I have 11 so I need 4 more to fill up my pallete! On the top of my list I need HUMID but they are sold out when I got there bummer! Then CARBON, STEAMY and GOLDMINE! I am almost out of my DA BLING e/s (right corner) I always use this shade and I hit the bottom of the pan :D So what I got on my pallete right now are (from l-r) JUXT, TRAX, NYLON, JEST, MYTHOLOGY, BEAUTIFUL IRIS, CRANBERRY, SUSHI FLOWER, BEAUTY MARK, AMBERLIGHTS and DA BLING! I have NOCTURNELLE, EXPENSIVE PINK and FICTION in there pots but I will leave them just like that because I will not attempt to depot them anymore hehe its too much work thats why I prefer getting them in Pro pan form!

My funny-crazy-sex face! :P I guess this is my FOTD! I use my fave e/s DA BLING and SUSHI FLOWER with my VANILLA pigment! :D

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