Monday, June 13, 2016

Just Almost a Year!

I didn't mean to abandon this blog page, but there are lots of things went on and I just totally forgot about this blog! Apologies to the person still reading this post lol!

I want to revamp this blog page soon as I have some ideas on top of my head but for now I won't be promising just yet because if you know me I might as well jinx it haha! But any suggestions for this blog page are welcome and I will consider it! I miss blogging! I don't have all the free time in the world but I want to set a time for blogging again. Having 2 kids are a handful and also I started working part time again as a Field Safety Inspector/Consultant, I am liking this job and I am thinking to take some courses to enhance and widen my career in this field but that will be on my bucket list for now... for my future self lol!

I have so many things to write on this blog but again I am all out of words!  I will just update you with our recent family picture! =)