Sunday, January 25, 2009

New little things!

I went to Rexall Pharma Plus yesterday because they had a sale going on to their NYX items and then I went there thinking I would buy Nyx Stuff but nopeeee I end up with all these:

-Renu Multiplus Solution for Contact Lens...I got the travel kit
-Lóreal Makeup Remover (I am a little obsessed with makeup removers lately)
-Prevens Makeup Remover towelettes purse size (see...obsessed!)
-Gosh Face Primer
-Nyx Long Lash Mascara (only Nyx product I got!)
-Ardell Falsies Starter Kit (I really have to practice putting some on)
-2 OPI nailpolishes in Onyx Black and Oh to be 25 again!

So I went to pay for all these items on the cosmetic's register and the SA was like punching something on the computer/register after scanning each items and I asked her about it coz it bothers me, u know when u go to check-in your bags in an airport and the front person is busy typing something on the computer?! She's doing that ! Sorry I'm just curious! LOL! So she said there is additional 10% off only that day so yeeyy SALE! Most of the items I picked are sale already so additional percent off is awesome! And it doesn't stop there....SA asked me to pick something up on the basket besides the desk for a cosmetics grab bag for FREE! Yup freebies yo! LOL! I picked this baggy just because I could use the eyelash comb thingy plus a mascara (no name, I don't think I'll use this), NeoStrata Moisturizer Sample and a Vanilla lipgloss that smells so good but to bad there are chunky glitters on it...who cares they are FREE! Oh wait...I end up with $50.05 and this weekend they have a promo that if u spend $50 or more before taxes its $10bucks off so yup another discount! I am one LUCKY shopper!

I went out today and got MORE stuff...yup if you guys can read my mind you know what they are! For now my princess will take a nap! And I will leave u with my FOTD pic! Laters lovers! :D


janniedoll77 said...

yay! comments for nancy! i love the new layout and your new picture too. again, i can't help but compliment your lovely lipgloss. :)

it's fun to see your hauls. i'm glad you got some freebies too. take care. :)

Makeup Mama said...

Free grab bag?? Fun! Thanks so much for the comment. I can't believe your holts doesn't have nars OR shu!! I see you got the lash kit...I've tried that lash applicator and I am so useless at it! I have a much easier time with a pair of tweezers. Oh and when you get your sephora, you HAVE to get shu uemura's lash glue! So much beter than ardell's AND duo!

N=LC^101 said...

@jannie: thanks sweets :D yup inlove with my mac's slimshine! don't u just love freebies?! who don't? LOL

@makeupmama: u are right about the lash applicator, its so hard putting it on i used my tweezers! i will put shu's glue on my list, can u believe i have list already for sephora once it opens up hahaha!