Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coffe what?!

So this is just a random rant about this coffee thing that I got from a friend whom she thinks that it works for her to lose some weight! As you all probably know that I've been struggling losing weight for the past few years! I never had a problem about losing weight when I was pregnant because I didn't gain any weight, thanks to vomiting! After giving birth to Lauren all the weight came back in like 3months?! or maybe 2! But all this drama going on in my life I can't help it to just eat all the wrong foods (junk) ! So when she told me about Coffee King Plus, I was a bit skeptical of trying it! It was a bit pricey though! I bought the whole box that contains 2o individual sachets for $20, kinda works out to be 1buck each cup of coffee! The secret of this coffee as I search via internet was the Spirulina and Ganoderma Extract which are both natural and won't harm the link over here for more info about this product's ingredients! It didn't say anything much about losing weight but its a good thing that all the ingredients are natural and also its a goood alternative of regular coffee intake which gives you caffeine and sugar.

Hopefully this coffee thing will help me out....this is the first time trying out a product that will help me to lose weight because I was this close in buying over-the-counter capsules/tablets you will find in drugstores or department stores or those things u see on TV! I didn't try any of it as I won't go that far because I can't even say/pronounce or understand all the words in it...ingredient-wise LOL! So I hope this thing will work out for me because its all natural! I'm loving the taste by the way! I'm not a coffee fanatic but its not a bitter coffee as I expected to be its just the right sweetness with a lil bit of cream taste to it so I like it so far! Taste is important to me as well, I'm not a fan of herb-y taste either! I will keep you guys updated if there is any negative side effects or any changes on my weight (crossing fingers)! I can use my TimHorton's Cup that my friend Ann gave me last Christmas! :D

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