Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hey Hey :P

OMG! Haven't been here in a long time! I do really miss this! Ive been busy with work and also Lauren is officially in kindergarten half days so my hands get hectic! But I have an announcement since I posted this anywhere else but here lol! Me and my other half is Expecting a baby! Lauren is more excited than me, i feel nervous and scared coz i really cant imagine having more than just 1 child! My honey bear is beyond excited as well, its his first child so he gets anxious and oh much nervous than i do lol! My EDD is in the Middle of August, summer baby for a change! (Our family got lots of December bdays lol) My Ultrasound is scheduled next week and also a Drs appt, so im excited to see my little beanie soon! In terms of morning sickness, yes im getting that a lot not only in the morning but it comes and goes through out the day/night! Hope at 2nd trimester itll go away! Please follow my Instagram and also Im trying to tweet more (hmm we'll see!) AND BLOG MORE! I'll try to update you all on my pregnancy and how things are! Im surprised that I still have followers left here in my blog and thanks who is ever still reading my this;) I just want to jump and be passionate on blogging again coz I used to love doing this :)