Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sephora, Rant and ETC

So last Friday Sephora opened their doors to Winnipegers, and I was there to celebrate that day and spend my entire savings bwahaha just kidding! So anyways what did I picked up? not much! I mean it was really busy packed with people plus I drag my baby daughter with me so basically she was on her stroller with people roaming around her so she's a bit cranky! So I have to get whatever that I was lemming for months! So I got a back up for my UDPP because I love it! And then here's a total disappointment....I got the BeneFit's Girls Night In pack for like $48 bucks looks like this:

It includes: 3 collectable magnets, 1 talent brush, 2 creaseless cream/liner shadow (skinny jeans and bday suit) and 1 lipstick (ladies choice) It was a great deal in deed! It works out to be a 50 percent off and awesome packaging so I got that!

I was like in a hurry when I got home to try it out especially the shadows....well....well...well surpringly I didn't like it at all! I was so sad that I tried my hardest to really like them but nope it didn't work out for me, they work on some people but not me! I have extremely oily lids and I guess the cream shadows are too silky that glides on that I felt like its too greasy, I am sticking to my Mac paint pot from now on! Depends on people's preference I guess! So today I went back to Sephora to return the whole pack and got my money back! I was thinking to get another Nars blush or an eyeshadow but I kinda stop myself of doing that, I might get it later on when I got more time to browse the store without my clingy baby with me! ahaha!

But I went to Mac and finally got my "silverthorn" eyeshadow and it was LOVE!

And then I got the chance to depot my "empty" UDPP today and chuck them into pieces to get whats left inside that cute lil bottle! I was shock that I have to use 2 of those 5gram jars! That's a lot of product inside, thinking that it was really empty! So here is the pic of what I was doing for the past 2 hours haha, I used a steak knife, I really work hard but it was worth getting all those shit inside bleh!

Gotta go sleep now....tired of depotting LOL! Nighty Night lovely ladies! :D

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gold Brown Look

Excuse the shirt please LOL! It was my work shirt and now its one of my "pambahay" (house) clothes! Closely looking at the can now stalk me at work! Luckily I don't work there anymore ehehe! Anywhoooo, I was bored and thinking what to do while Lauren is napping so I did a look using my fave gold eyedust pigment by Annabelle cosmetics! Rest of the shadows I used are from my 88 CS pallete! Also revisiting my NYC lipstick in "mousse" that I bought few weeks ago, I can say I love the lipstick! Perfect nude lips and sooooo cheap $1.79CAD at Walmart!

Thanks for dropping by! mwahugz! :D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LOTD and things!

I passed by at Mac Cosmetics (again?) today because I went to downtown The Bay with bestie and I was this close of getting one eyeshadow "silverthorn" from Rose Romance collection but I didn't get it because this coming Friday is the grand opening of Sephora wooot! I got couple things I have to buy first, I might buy the silverthorn if there is left over on my sephora budget hehe! But I did play around with my 88 CS pallete and used the 2 silver eyeshadows from the pallete and used "club" from my Mac Novel Twist! I'm not happy with the outcome but I'll show you guys anyways.....

We also went to a buck or two AGAIN! I bought the L.A. colors eyeshadow pallete for $2 but too lazy to take pics! I also swatched them in my hand as soon as I got home and they are kinda like powdery and not liking it hmp! It's not even worth it to post it here on my blog ahaha! Remember this post? yup same quality of eyeshadows...they are not that pigmented, too powdery and lots of fall outs! I guess you get what you really paid for! These are the earrings I got from the store though! Aren't they cute?! The first one was a hoopy hello kitty earrings ($2) and the 2nd one was a "chanel" earrings($5)!

And this last pic is the Rimmel Bronzer brush that I got from London Drugs, I bought it last weekend when we went to St. Vital and I'm actually shock by the price! Good sized kabuki brush for only $3.99?!I really have to get it! I used it today and its awesome! Didn't shed when I washed it and its so soft! It's my first ever kabuki brush! Not a tiny brush, not really a big brush but its just the perfect size brush to me! Loveee ittt! :D

That's it my lovely ladies......I better get my beauty sleep because tomorrow is a brand new day :) ta-ta!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I need a netbook soooo bad, so if you are generous enough to buy me a new laptop that would be very much appreciated LOL! My Acer Aspire is 3+ years old and needs to replace the lcd screen! I believe that I will spend at least $250CAD to replace it, labor cost laptop is one piece of shit now! If you are wondering how I still use my laptop with a broken lcd screen?! I put the old monitor screen from our old computer connected to the laptop! Get it? I can't move my laptop because its attached to the big monitor screen ahaha so whats the point of having a laptop now huh? yah i told you its a piece of crappy shit!

Just browsing around what I want if I care to switch to Macbook?! errr! maybe not! So I found this one @ Bestbuy for $750CAD and all the specs are very promising plus I'm an HP user since 2000 until i bought my Acer laptop 3years ago! The HP pc still works till now but its in the storage collecting dust! My bro used it also for a long amount of time he even upgraded the ram but I guess everybody needs upgrade so he recently bought himself a new laptop haha! Thats the pic below! Look at that baby....its red and cute like a button! This is the HP 10.1" Viviene Tam Edition Netbook, view more pics and specs/info here!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Play House?!

Cool Mommy should play and make her child happy...right? I try my hardest everyday to be cool and pretty to my princess daughter LOL! I was thinking what did I enjoy playing when I was a kid, i did the blast from my past moment, then I remembered I enjoyed playing with the umbrella plus putting a blanket on top of it and imagined my own little private space haha! Re-creating this scenario the other day wasn't too hard since Lauren was so excited about it when I opened the umbrella! She really enjoyed it! So come in ladies you are all welcome to play house house house with Lauren hahaha! "Under my umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh!"

Friday, May 22, 2009


I hate MAC cosmetics seriously! Everytime I passed by I end up buying something! I went to the mall with bestie the other day to check out the Mac's Style Warrior collection. I wasn't so sure if I like anything on that collection, the packaging is cute especially the animal prints but the colors/shades didn't interest me much! I might go back and get a lippie though LOL! So here are the stuff I got from MAC....I got a lovely blush in "springsheen", also a pigment from rose romance collection in "circa plum", then I want to try the dazzleglasses so I picked up "utterly posh", this shade is limited! And lastly a new lipstick in "creme cerise"! I had a $30 giftcard anyways and also a $10 off if I spend 50bucks...I still have to pay $15 on top of my purchase ugh! Nah its ok, I'm inlove with all of them anyways haha! As much I would love to hate MAC I just can't help it, I'm addicted!?!

If some of you girls want some swatches of the stuff I got just let me know okae :D laters sexy ladies! :)

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Thee" Lashes!

I got some awesome compliments wearing these falsies when I went to the party couple weeks ago and then I wore this again on doing a look on one of my blog entry not too long ago! And a friend of mine is requesting to post pictures and more info about them so here it is!

When I saw this lashes from buck or two store I was like, really?! They sell falsies? They are $3 a pair which is a little pricey in my opinion, you can add $1 more and you can buy Ardell ones! So u can see on the pics here, the falsies brand called "MOK" They are made in China! I assume these are not real human hair, from looking at them they are like synthetic hair or something! They came with a glue and plastic case so you can put them back, clean and use it again! I tried Ardell lashes but I don't seem to get putting it on, its always messy errr but when I tried MOK lashes it easy to use and so neat to look at! Maybe this MOK brand has that stiffness on the band yet soft not hurting your eye when you blink haha! Really comfy wearing them! :) By the way I don't use the glue that came with even the ardell glue, I use a DUO lash glue in dark that my grandma gave me when I was in LA a month ago and that glue is awesome, its a must have for false lash wearers! So yup that's it! I as much as I hate doing reviews, I will not call this a product review its just sharing some info on these beautiful lashes that I will definitely purchase again! :D I might edit this a little later as I'm putting Lauren for a nap! Laters lovers! :)

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long Weekend EOTD!

Yes everyone its Victoria Day long weekend and I don't really celebrate this event/ holiday ever since I moved here in Canada errrr! I'm bored to death so I decided to play around with my makeup and I did a look using my Coastal Scents 88 makeup pallete! Loving the Green, Blue and teal smokey eyes and I came up with this:

Basically I used the 88 eyeshadow pallete for my eyeshadows with UDPP as my eye primer! I didn't do much on my face makeup just mineralized skin finish from MAC (medium plus) and NARS blush (deep throat) and Revlon lipgloss (barely blossom) and another unbranded falsies! I liked the other falsies I wore on my previous post I got lots of compliments wearing that lashes and I will make a post with pictures about them soon! So thats it and I hope all of you enjoyed the weekend! bye! :D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I feel Green 2day because it's raining all day and I'm so bored! Please excuse my bushy-all-over- the place eyebrows! :D

What I used:
Eyes = Mac PP "soft ochre", Coastal Scent 88 orig Pallete, unbranded falsies, Mac fluidline "blacktrack" and Almay black eyeliner

Face = Maxi-Peel concealing cream, Mac Mineralized Skin Finish "medium plus" and that's it because I'm too lazy to make it all nice hehe!

Cheeks = Mac blush "spaced out" from Neo-scifi collection (love it!)

Lips = Mac Plushglass "big kiss"


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MakeUp for Less

Anyways I'm still broke from buying stuff from the Gala Night last May 2nd, so buying makeup is not an option right now but that doesn't stop me from looking around for cheap things! So bestie and I went to Portage Place and came across to Buck or Two which is like a dollar store here in North America. They have tons of makeup stuff for cheap! They have palletes, brushes, nailpolishes etc etc.... I'm tempted to buy a lot but on second thought I was like I guess I don't need all that shit hahaha so I end up buying couple of makeup items which is the Profound Cosmetics eye pallete in no. 3 (mostly teal shades) and a professional lip brush! Both of them are $1 each! I bought a Hello kitty table cloth for $1.50 and alphabet magnets (not pictured) for Lauren for a buck!

Then I went to a Filipino Store near my house to buy Lauren's fave noodles Lucky Me Pansit Canton haha then I saw they have Maxi-Peel concealing cream for only $4. On the box....this baby supposed to help whitens your skin, moisturize, also good for makeup base and has sunblock of spf20! I got the shade of Fair and I'm glad that I did got that instead of Natural shade because if I did get the natural shade its too dark for my skin tone! I used it only once and I guess it was ok, it instantly brightens my face and evens out my skin in applying foundation but I have to test it out all day, lets say i'm going in a hot weather outside LOL! This is awesome for winter though!

She's camera shy...but Lauren wants to show all of you her new Maxi-Peel Concealing Cream! LOL!

Thats it for now! It's a makeup recession stress for me so I'm going crazy here! Laters loveliessss! :D

Friday, May 8, 2009

I know....CHANEL!

Chanel Lipgloss and Lipstick I got from the Gala Night @ The Bay! It was kind of my early Mother's Day present to myself LOL! This is picture heavy...i just have to make a special photo treatment in them because its CHANEL okaiii!

AquaLumiere' Lipgloss in Bonbon

Swatched in my hand

Hydrabase Lipstick in 128 Magnolia Rose

Swatched in my hand

Swatched on both
On my lips