Friday, July 31, 2009

ELF Arrived!

This is supposed to be my blog entry yesterday but since I was busy doing things with Lauren I put it off! But yup the title says it all my ELF purchase arrived yesterday yahoooooo! I put my order on the 17th of July that was Friday so I knew for sure they will not process my order on the weekends! I got an email on July 21st saying that my order was shipped already so I thought that was fast! Then yesterday I got it wuhooo considering I'm here in Canada I thought it'll take like 2weeks or more for me to get it! I was very skeptical in ordering from ELF because of the bad shipping reviews I heard to some people but lucky me! The shipping cost here in Canada is expensive but I got a coupon code for their "buy one get half off" so I took advantage of that and just ordered and sucked up the costly shipping fee errr! (used hubby's credit card... thank you very much mwahaha!)

I got 2 of the contouring blush and bronzer from the studio line so they are $3ea! I got no good reason why I got two! lol! Then the rest are $1ea so I got 3 pairs of lush lashes in natural, 2 eyeshadow brush, 2 blending eyeshadow brush because I heard of good things about this brushes....the brushes are softer than my sonia kashuk brushes loving these Elf brushes now wooot! 1 mechanical eyelash curler this is a great deal for a buck u get a really good quality eyelash curler me lovees it! 1 empty compact I am going to depot some of my Annabelle eyeshadows to put in this compact, 1 shine eraser blotting sheets and I got a free gift...a lipgloss tin in berry pop!

Comparison of the Elf duo and NARS blushes in "deep throat and orgasm" (names are horrible) The packaging of the Elf contouring blush and bronzer is similar to Nars' packaging but the Elf one is pure plastic and the Nars on the other hand have that velvety material to it! On the bronzer a lot compared to Nars Laguna bronzer but I dunno how to compare them because I don't own the Nars Laguna! But I have both of the Nars blushes that they often compared it to! So what do u girls think which one is closest to the Elf blush, is it the Nars "deep throat" or Nars "oragsm"???

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All About Lippies

Lovely ladies shared their lips stuff collection here in blog world and I really enjoyed looking at them, this time its my lippies turn to be on the spotlight ahihi!

L-R: MAC Dazzleglass in "local colour", dazzleglass in "utterly posh", laquer in"varneesh", plushglass in "bigbaby", plushglass in "bigkiss", lipglass in "vivaglamVI" and HK lipglass in " mimmy"

L-R: MAC slimshine in "ultra-elegant", slimshine in "mousse", HK lipstick in"cutester", lipstick in "charismatic", lipstick in "creme cerise", lipstick in "bisque", lipstick in "vivaglamVI" and lip conditioner in "strobe rays" (middle) Tendertone in "hush hush"!

L-R: More lips stuff! Smashbox mini lipgloss in "desire", Lancome Juicy tube in "euphoric", Dior Kiss Lipgloss in "Praline", Dior UltraGlossReflect in "587-lace beige", Chanel Glossimer in "coral reef", Chanel Aqualumiere in "bon bon" and Chanel Hydrabase Creme Lipstick in "128-magnolia rose"!

OTHER: NYC lipstick are Looovvvvvve! Carmex too is a lip-must-have, gotta try NYX lipstick too, Bodyshop lipbalm, Rimmel lipstick, covergirl lipstick, revlon lipstick and etc etc etc that I still use once in awhile! :P

I tried lots of lipsticks and lipglosses that didn't work out but I try my best not to go straight to garbage so what I do is I ask my mom or my friends if they want it and most of the time they do end up with them so I'm happy coz its not wasted :D I've been meaning to do some swatches but dannggg Lauren keep snatching my lippies so I was like forget it hehe! But if some of you needs some swatches on some of my lippies that u think u might like let me know...will do swatches when Lauren is sleeping so I could concentrate bwahaha! Ok thats it right now and yupppers I SMELL 100th Follower Contest real soon! :D laters lovers!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mini Rant(s)

Its almost 3am and I can't sleep! (Ugh rant #1!) Anywhoooo, me and Lauren went out 2day because we both feel better! Last weekend was so hectic, started last Friday we are busy preparing for the garage sale but then I remembered shooot I gotta go to my friends daughters' (twins) 2nd bday! So we went to the bday party and told myself that we are not staying that long because I got lots of things to do still for the garage sale but NOPE we end up staying there until 930ish pm! Thank goodness its only a 5minutes drive to my house so I put Lauren for bed and I continued preparing for our garage sale then I started feeling sick! My throat is sore and headache! So I took tylenol colds and flu but it didn't work - feel more dizzy so I went to bed and snoozed then I woke up and felt like I have morning sickness! Its like someone hit me in the head, also my arms and legs are sore! Thinking ewwww F*CK if I got swine flu!

Ok moving on to the garage sale....even I felt so sick it didn't stop me from negotiating people who are really bargain hunters! Some are just pain in the butt lowering price! (This will be my rant #2?) So, I was selling Lauren's 3-in-1 basinet/playpen/changingtable for $60 it was practically brandnew then this filipino guy came by saying his wife is 5mts pregnant blah blah so he ask how much? I told him the price and he bargained right away $30bucks? I was like r u kidding me? He actually ask half price of my asking price! That baby item cost like $140 plus taxes at walmart duh! I told him alright $50bucks and that's my final price! And he was like nah I dunno mumbling here and there! I know he wants it that's why he was sticking around looking at our stuff then talking to me again and my bestie! I overheard him saying that he is actually embarrased walking around with his wife because she's huge! I was like WTF! I hate guys like that...shallow and stupid! And it doesn't end my frustration with this guy! He was talking to my bestie how my bestie looks good even she just got a baby, then he looked at me and out of nowhere he blurted "oh look at her looks like she didn't take care of herself!" I know I'm FAT so what? don't be so mean about it! I just want him to get out of our garage sale seriously so I offered my last price $40 take it or leave it or else get the hell out of our property! So he left with my playpen but seriously I HATE HIM and I swear he will have a FAT wife pretty soon KARMA!

Day 2 of our garage sale it was Sunday morning my whole body was sore! My throat is killing me! The weather is way too hot! My brother babysits Lauren but once in awhile she was with us outside helping to sell her junks hahaha! It was slow Sunday but not much of a bargain whores! Us asians are too cheap with almost everything but compare to white people they won't negotiate at all! Whatever the sticker price they pay! Too bad we live in asian community area so a lot of our buyers are asians ugh! (I'm not racist ok!) But u guys know what I'm saying right!?!

Rant #3 I completely lost my voice last Monday morning it was terrible! But at least Lauren is not that sick like me! Lauren got colds but its good that no fever involved! *sigh* Tuesday I still sound terrible till Wednesday! Thursday...still off-pitch but its getting there! Friday I felt great and finally my voice is getting back to normal yeeey!

My mini rant went too crazy but mostly ramblings that don't matter? Errr! Ok, its weekend once again and I hope I will have a good week ahead of me and I hope you guys will have it too :) night blogworld, laters!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Baby!

As much as the title says it all I'm not preggers ok LOL! My brother loaned me a new Dell Mini (netbook) My old Acer laptop is done...with me anyways! I got my old laptop way before I got pregnant. That laptop served me 4years of good and bad times online! Kept me company while I was pregnant hehe! I remembered I wake up around 2am just to go use the washroom and cant sleep no more so I go check babycenter and askdramy online :D Ok here is my new baby's picture! Sorry not the actual pic but taken from the website! I'm just too lazy to do anything whatcha guys think?! check the website for more info about this netbook! Oh I also bought the cutest USB flash memory its Minnie Mouse, haaaa will take pictures of them soon :)

I wanted to do a EOTD/FOTD but I'm still sick till now! I lost my voice over the weekend and I still sound terrible err! I'm not in the mood doing looks or go through my makeup! Although I got my Chanel lipgloss in "coral reef" in the mail on my recent swap on MUA. I wanted to try it out but I'm really not in a makeup mood! But I love the lippie helloooo its Chanel! The swapper also included a free Smashbox lipgloss mini in "desire" from the look outside the tube its too light for me to wear it but maybe I'll find a way to mix it up with some of my darker/bright lipsticks! I swapped my Nars Lipgloss in "orgasm" I used it maybe 1x or 2x and I find it really sticky so I never touch it in awhile till I decided to put it up on MUA! Which now I'm happy with the Chanel lippie I got wooot! Ok this is for now...will blog more laters ahmm maybe a LOTD? FOTD? maybe baby?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekend FOTD

Nothing to do so whatelse a bored mommy would do on a Friday night? Duh playing with my makeup of course LOL! Re-visiting my 88 original makeup pallete because I haven't touch it in awhile but heres the look I did! I didn't use any foundie just my Mac Mineralized Skin Finish in Medium plus, that explain the acne marks u see everywhere in my fezzz!

I bought this a Rexall Pharmaplus for a cheap prize $3bucks! Its the Red Earth cream eyeliner pallete in "winter fire" ! They are 75% off the regular price because I think they will discontinue Red Earth cosmetic line or maybe Rexall will not carry them anymore...i dunno! I actually own 1 crease eye brush from Red Earth and its not a bad brush at all but they are expensive, couple dollars more then get Mac instead! The drugstore I went to doesn't have much things to choose from on Red Earth as they are on sale, this pallete caught my eye because of the red one! I included some swatches without anything underneath like base or primer.....pigmented right? I used the silver once and it was actually really good! $3 well spent :D

That's it lovelies...we are having a family garage sale here in my house tomorrow so busy busy busy Saturday all day! Hope I will make some money out of my junk here...ahm mostly Lauren's junk LOL! byeee! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honesty Scrap Tag + 1Tagged

Thanks Jannie for tagging me this Honesty Scrap Tag....I know some of my friends and relatives are secretly reading my blog (*wink) but honestly I don't care haha! They know me in person but I bet there are things that they still don't know about me! (

The simple rules about this tag. Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag 10 people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

1. The 1st honest info about me would be is that I have a complicated life right now! And if you don't really read my blog by heart then you could catch up in here!

2. I'm HOT and COLD to my hubby! I could be so nice to him but I could bitch at him like there is no tomorrow! We are talking about honesty so mind as well be honest right now! I still do care about him even all the horrible things he did to me and his GF but helloooo we have a daughter together as much as I want him to cut him off of our lives I just can't! He still my bestfriend!

3. I love to travel, packing is one of the exciting things to do (weird) but UNpacking? duh it'll take days or even weeks for me to unpack LOL!

4. I have Friendster and Facebook for ages and I love catching up with my friends especially with my friends back home but honestly I don't like joining to those game apps! Its not really a thing for me to do even if I'm really really really bored!

5. I'm a bargain whore! hehe Who don't like stuff on SALE! I don't buy things unless they are on sale! But there are exceptions of course, I do love brand names like in makeup I do love high-end cosmetics! I do tried a lot of drugstore brands and they do work ok but not as good as the high-end ones! Drugstore brands are not cheap either this days but if I put out money on a cheaper powder foundie that might break me out or won't match my skin tone then I'd rather add a few dollars to buy the expensive brand! NOTE: I still use a lot of drugstore cosmetics that I find that it works well on me!

6. I love to watch DVD movies or tv shows on DVDsets over and over and over again! I love my Friends DVD I could watch it all day long!

7. I'm addicted to my Blackberry! I sleep, eat, pee, poo with this thing! LOL!

8. I still have my baby pillow but put it away in my closet because its falling apart because its really really old....ahmm now I do sometimes steal Lauren's baby pillow when she's asleep (bad mom!)

9. I don't know how to swim! I can't swim! I don't swim! :( waaaaaaah Just the thought that I'm too heavy to float and die in the water ahuhuhu!

10. I'm a chicken fanatic! We all do respect the chickens ....beautiful bird right?! But I could eat chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner! You can do a lot of yummy dishes with chicken! My fave is chicken adobo, curry chicken, chicken tinola, chicken soup, fried chicken etc etc etc etc....(getting hungry now!)

Now I'm tagging:
Emms my bestie!, Pau, Anna, Iyah, Krystall, Laura and Ashlee!

This is another Tag from Pau! Thanks sweets! :D

Take care lovelies byeeeee!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

FOTD: Heritage Rouge

Another FOTD....its a bit sloppy but oh well I love this pigment! I used Mac's Pigment in "Heritage Rouge"! I had a sample when it came out but it was a limited edition and that time I really don't know how to use pigments LOL! Oh in this EOTD, I paired up with Mac's eyeshadow in "nylon"! Just a simple eyelook nothing special hehe!

I'm also using my new Mac's highlight powder in "what a dame"! :D That's about it guys....byeee till next post! muah!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July HAUL (late post...sorry guys hehe!)

A quick post of what I did shop during our weekend vacation in US of A last 4th of July, its really late I know.... but some of my followers and a friend of mine (who secretly reads my blog) wants to know what I got, so its not like I'm bragging or showing off because I really don't have anything to show off hehehe!

This is the only thing I got from CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet)! I got the Mac's "what a dame" highlight powder ! I didn't like this collection, I hate the packaging but I heard a lot of good things about this powder so I was there and I got it and I'm glad that I did because i love this highlighter, really brightens and gives my face an extra glow :P

Then I went to Target and bought Sonia Kashuk brushes! I got 3 brushes the crease brush, eyeshadow brush and the angled eyeliner brush....they are just ok :( I still love Posh brushes and Ecotools!
Been wanting a Coach for a long time, so went to Coach Outlet ...Black Carly Tote and a Wristlet, 50% off the clearance price so why not....splurge!? At least its real, can u tell?

Gotta show Lauren's things too....her Nike rubber shoes are the cutest and her dad got this Skechers sandals/slippers so cute and oh the heart thingy in the middle lights up too when she's walking , so cool! Me and my sis-in-law bought her loads of summer outfits but didn't take pictures on those because its in the laundry right now :P

Got some sweets at Duty Free when we got home because my sis-in-law stopped by to buy some liquor hehe I should've got some rum for myself LOL!

Didn't show everything that I got but I also bought T-shirts, shorts and some lil things for me, but those are the boring things that I bought so nothing special :D Love yall byyeee!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July in Minnesota

Kinda late post but here are the pictures on our 4th of July wkend in Minnesota US! We stayed in at Regency Hotel in Monticello MN, it was a cheap hotel but descent place to stay LOL! Hotel is close by Albertville Premium outlet, Super Target, Walmart Supercenter and that yummy Chinese Buffet China Garden!

"no pets allowed" not allowed? hhehe!

Lauren and I

Lauren and her Shadow :D

Albertville rained but still fun :D

Lauren and BigBird, she looked scared but she actually don't want to leave this ride LOL!

Me and Boyfriend Elmo! hehe!

Me, my sister inlaw Marinel and Lauren....ready to shop!

View from our room...there is Patty! (My pathfinder...Patty...Gets?)

Just waiting for everyone to get ready...errr!

We are watching "Enchanted" movie hahaha I love that movie!

3 of us sitting at the back....cutie patotie in the middle of course!

I'm just bored :P

My weird Smiley Face :)

Haaaaa what did I shop for? ahm maybe next post I'll do my haul entry hehehe stay tuned :D byeee!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy in Red

Okay...first of all I don't wear red lipstick at all, but today I'm in a mood for a makeup experiment! I even end up doing my eyes with a overly silvery eyes! I want to look different, after all I needed a break from packing our things on our 2nights 3days trip to Minnesota tomorrow! So here's what I look like with hot lips! CRAZY right?! LOL!

I also send out 2 packages to my 2 lovely winners on my give away! I completed all my errands for 2day and I'm so proud that we even got home early to do my left over laundry and while waiting I have to kill time and did this makeup experiment! bwahaha! No biggie ladies I know red lips is really horrible on me but it was a New York Cosmetics lipstick in "retro red" (.99cents @ Rexall pharmaplus) it was really cheap and I just wanted to try it out on how I look like wearing a red leeeppps! :P Sorry to disappoint myself this red lips thing isn't working out :( byeeeee gotta continue packing! ciao!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog Award

5 of the rules for the Über Amazing Blog award.

One, you must write five interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
Two, jot down 10 interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.
Three, pick your ten most deserving recipients and describe them.
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And five, paste the award badge on your sidebar.

I knew Jannie ages ago when I started exploring in the blog world! Even before I got my domain maybe 8 yrs ago now. I bet she's a great friend even we haven't meet yet! I'm wowed from her art works, have u guys seen her sketches?! She loves big accessories like earrings and long necklaces. She got a 4yr old handsome son....and she's just amazing :D

10 Interesting Facts about ME:
1. Taurus...I'm one of the Bull errrr!
2. Got a daughter LC, born Dec26 Boxing Day!
3. I love watching tagalog movies and any chick flicks!
4. I collect all plastic and shopping bags, weird but hey I'm not alone in doing this hehe!
5. I named my daughter after Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach and The Hills.
6. I am married, unlegally separated, not divorced but I'm single....most interested fact about me so far!
7. I'm Blackberry addict!
8. Anyone tried Wonka Tinglerz Choco poppin'tinglin' Ugghh LOVE it!
9. I still have my baby pillow....seriously!
10. I collect bags other than makeup

Now I tagged:
Jannie ...back atcha sis! lol! bestie!
Kryztal...gotta love her blog hehe!
Nehs...always got awesome FOTD
Louie...she's a sweetie :D
Donnarence....pretty LOTD
Iyah...she got awesome makeup skillz :D
-Anyone wants to this TAG......night ladies! muah!