Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Things

As promise on my Birthday Recap post this is my blog post on what I got from my bday! I had a hundred bucks to spend at Sephora, some I ordered online and some I just went to the store and got it! I didn't end up spending it all but I will go back and pick out couple things though :)

What I ordered online was the Urban Decay eye primer in "Eden", the Benefit bestsellers trial kit, Rosebud Salve original then I got the Beauty Insider's Birthday reward gift and 3 samples I picked out perfume samples!

This Rosebud Salve is soooo worth ur money I'm telling ya'll! This is multipurpose, not only to use for ur dry chapped lips, but can also use on any dry areas in ur body! Also can use on baby's diaper rash! yey! I love how there is no strong smell! Truly a-must on your purse!

Philosophy shampoo, showergel, bubble bath in one! I picked this out in the store and I absolutely fell inlove with the scent! So sweet smell like cotton candy but not too much...so excited to use it as a shampoo and showergel so the next day I tried it and OMG my hair was freaking out! So dry and went frenzy crazy ahaha Efff the $21....I will give it another try though before I decided to ditch it :( or just use it as plain showergel but I will not recommend it for your hair!

On to Misc. Things:

I went to Zellers to check out some nailpolish for my toes and I found this pretty nailpolish by wet'n'wild! Its called "through the grapevine"! I love how creamy and pigmented compared to China Glaze, surprisingly I love wetnwild megalast better! I might get more of these! For $2 I think its descent! The only thing I notice is the bottle is smaller than other nailpolishes. The other thing I got was an earring, its actually made by Swarovski Crystals I love how shiny it is! And it was on sale too! :)

I don't do yoga but I will someday when I find free time but right now I just love yoga pants! They are very comfortable to wear! Lululemon got the best ones, love love love the brand! They are a bit pricey but so worth it! I got 1 pair as a gift with a pink stripes on the side and I bought 2 black ones! I love wearing these to work!

Random pics:

Lauren shopping! :P

Lauren with Uncle and Cousin Audric at Dinner

Lauren with Uncle Brian

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Recap

I know its kinda late for this but I was sick after my 28th Birthday last April 22nd! ugh! But my birthday went awesome! First thing in the morning Bf texted me but later during the day he came over to my house so we could go to work together! (sweet ano! LOL) I brought my bday cake, shared it with my co-workers. I'm glad they all liked it so yummy Ube Macapuno cake! Then we left early at work then headed for dinner, drinks and goodtime at Moxies. As for my bf bday present to me... couple months ago when we were talking about the movie "the notebook" I told him that I saw it a few times and I loved the movie but I dont have a copy of it! He's so sweet that he remembered and got me the dvd yay! He also gave me a bday card that I totally love like the ones he gave me last Valentines! I love cards like that, can make me smile but romantic yah know give u the "kilig" moment! So enough with the mushy things, By the way I load em up with pictures for ya'll :P

After dinner we just went home and enjoy the rest of the night watching my very own dvd copy of "the notebook"! ahaha! The next day, I went for dinner with my family I will post some pics of them soon!

I will do a separate blog entry about my Bday presents and my Sephora haul! Yep all the fun stuff to see! So watch out for that :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Girly Survey

Got this survey from a blogger Deanne and I think its so cute...so yep I'm doing it so here it goes! oh and anyone who wants to do it, well....DO IT!

1. Is it cute when a guy kiss you in the forehead?
- yes and no! on the lips is cuter and hotter LOL!

2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress?
- neither

3. What would you do if you recieved a long love letter?
- ohh love to read it and i will appreciate it! this days u dont get guys to do that anymore hmpf!

4. Group dates or Single dates?
- Single dates...i want my alone time with my date! hehe!

5. Do you hate it when guys act different around their friends?
- depends, if he neglect me or left me out then fuk i'll go home and discuss this shit later! :/

6. Are diamonds are girl's bestfriend?
- I'm trying to believe in it, because diamonds is actually my birth stone (april)

7. Is your hair up or down?
- always down

8. Do you straighten ur hair?
- Don't need to....its straight no matter what!

9. What is your favorite girly magazine?
- Flare and Instyle

10. What is your favorite Mascara?
- Estee Lauder double wear mascara

11. Do you get your nails done?
- very rare! occasionally!

12. Small or Large purse?
- Large is better for me, I carry all my junk and my daughter's stuff too!

13. In your purse, what are your must-haves?
- wallet, cellphone, keys, makeup bag, diapers, baby wipes, baby toys and her pillow...yes her baby pillow in my purse! LOL!

14. Jeans or skirts?
- Jeans! u rarely see me wearing a skirt!

15. Do you wear uncomfortable clothes, shoes, accessories?
- No way....if its uncomfy why wear em? :P

16. What would you do if you got pregnant?
- I already have one...adorable baby girl that I love soo sooo much!

17. What is your favorite color?
- Black

18. Do you text a lot?
- i used to text a lot...but i prefer to talk instead of text!

19. Heels or flats?
- flats, but i would like to own a nice, comfy heels ugh!

20. Did you ever cry over romantic movies?
- yep

21. Would you ever leave the house without makeup on?
- I always do!

22. Walmart or Target?
- Walmart, no target here in Canada :(

23. Do you like preppy boys?
- its ok but not to preppy, i like em a lil rugged but clean looking :)

24. Are you spoiled?
- No...I work hard of what I want in life yeah rite, maybe im a little spoiled!

25. Do you think lipgloss is the best?
- nope...lipbalms are!

26. Do you own big sunglasses?
- yep!

27. How long does it takes you to get ready in the morning?
- Forever! duh!

28. Do you like to wear band aids?
- yep i wear em everyday in my heart...my bleeding heart waaah! jk!

29. Do you like skater boys?
- nope

30. Do you wish there is something you could change about you?
- Im happy of who I am!

31. Gold or Silver
- Silver

32. Do you like to receive flowers?
- of course!

33. Do you like surfer boys?
- nope!

34. Do you dress up during holidays?
- sometimes!

35. Do you like to wear dresses?
- well, just occasionally!

36. On scale 1-10 how much do guys confuse you?
- 8...just because!

37. In the last 48 hrs do you hung out with a guy?
- not really hung out but I saw my bf for a bit on my lunch break 2day! :)

38. Do you wear lipstick?
- yep I have 2 fave lipsticks i wear everyday on alternate days ahaha!

39. Would you date a guy shorter than you?
- y not height doesn't matter ahaha! Thank goodness, bf is taller than me!

40. Do you like to hold hands?
- I am a hand holder and so as bf :)

41. What is the youngest you would date?
- oh geee...current bf is 5 yrs younger than I am but we get along just fine and i never dated a guy younger before so i would say I will never date anyone younger than him!

42. What do you notice when you first meet a guy?
- his eyes and his smile

43. Is it hot if guys are sweaty?
- not really lol!

44. What is the best possible feature in a boy?
- sense of humor and he's gotta be romantic

45. Do you like making eye contacts?
- yep....making sexy eye contacts you mean? bwahaha i love those!

46. Do you ever picture your wedding dress and wedding?
- nope! I will never get married unless we both deathly inlove with each other! :/

47. Would you kill for a chocolate?
- uhm NO...y would I?

48. Do you ever spend all day or night getting pretty for a guy?
- nope not really just an hour tops and I'm ready! lol!

49. On scale 1-10 how fun is shopping?
- 9 its sad at the end when you dont have money left muwahaha!

50. Do you freak out when you miss your favorite shows/tv shows?
- nope, im used to it now since my baby daughter watch cartoon channel all the time so no more tv time for me!

51. Do you yell a lot?
- nope if im mad i'm in a silent mode....bf knew that by now ;)

52. Do you wear sweat pants or pajamas to school or work?
- just yoga pants to work and i love lululemon they are the best ones! pajamas to work? ahm NOPE!

53. Do you write a lot of mush love poems?
- i used to

54. what makeup would you not live without?
- eyeliner pencil and face powder

55. Do you fall inlove easily?
- not really!

56. Do you have cramps? right now?
- nope not right now but during monthly period I have suck ass cramps!

57. Do you consider yourself pretty?
- everyone is pretty

I did missed some questions I think...im not too sure but I'm sleepy now its getting late so laters lovelies! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bare Minerals Minis

So I got the urge to go visit Sephora on my days off...I haven't step in to Sephora in a long time so I just went there to check out couple things! I want to view the Tokidoki cosmetic line, i loveee the packaging its way too cute but I stop myself of buying anything from that line LOL! Also I went to swatch the new Urban Decay eye primer in "eden" and im just 'eh' whatever! Just when I came home that same day I placed my Sephora order online, so stupid to buy online coz it seems like I'm paying double all the time with the taxes and shipping fees ugh but kinda exciting to know u will get something in the mail hahaha! I ordered the UB in eden, the Benefit's Minis and then I got the Rosebud's Lipbalm/moisturizer! So excited to get it hmm and oh plus my Bday gift rewards woot! Also 3 free samples I picked out from the website yey!

Oh wait, didn't came out of the store empty handed I actually bought this travel size duo the Bare Minerals Lustworthy Lips and Lashes mini mascara and gloss duo! Look how cute they are!

Here's my little review about them i kinda used these babies yesterday! The Lipgloss in "strawberry creme" is awesome! I love it coz it aint sticky at all, smells like vanilla butter, not overpower smell tho and there is no after taste, so smooth to apply and last longer than any other lipgloss I tried so I'm happy about that! I'm excited to try the mascara I tried it today too for the 2nd time and I'm not too sure about it, it definitely gives me the length but didn't separate/volumize at all and also it didn't hold up my curl on my lashes....oh well I'm still going to use this mascara anyways! This duo cost me $19CDN hmm its not too bad eh!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pre-BDAY and NYC in July Post

Yep its really me ...making some time to blog because its a great relaxing Saturday morning! Anyways let me start to say about me and the boyfriend went to watch Shen Yun Performing Arts Concert last Wednesday April 7 at Centennial Concert Hall. It was amazing! I love their costumes so colorful and flowy soo cute! Performances consist of Opera singing, classic Chinese dances mix with props, dresses and unique dance techniques! Kind of like Chinese ballet performance I would say to describe the show :) Boyfriend enjoyed it, he's such a weirdo LOL!

Boyfriend and I's California trip got doomed! It's not going to happen! I was kind of disappointed at first but thinking that boyfriend is moving to the city and getting a house is a big step for him, I should be happy for him right? It'll be more convenient for him to go to work and school and of course living near me ehehe! He won't be driving all the way to the country side every single day! I just hope we are not get sick of each other, because we are used to be apart all the time! Now we are managing to see each other once or twice a week but if he finally lives in the city then we can get together more often! Yay or eh?!

My filed vacation at work will not be wasted anyways, baby Lauren and my Dad decided to visit my aunt Alice in New Jersey and not far to the awesomeness of New York City wooopp! It's official now! We finally booked our flight in July 20-Aug 01! Lucky Lauren is going on a trip again...my little traveller will have so much fun with me and her "Lolo" ehehe! I so excited but won't expect too much or else I will get disappointed if it doesn't turn out what I wanted, too much excitement will hurt ahaha! But my agenda for sure at NYC is to go to Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Central Park and of course the famous China Town for shopping, I heard a lot of people go there to shop coz they have cheap things!

My Bday is coming up....April 22 that is! I'm turning 28 ugh! I'm getting a year old, in a couple years I'll hit the big 3-0! :( My bday falls on a Thursday this year, meaning I'm working! I don't want to take a day off and celebrate but i know for sure that I'm not working the next day so the plan is just take my family and close friends for dinner on a Friday! Boyfriend is saying he might surprise me with something LOL! Oh well, pretty much guys thinks that flowers, chocolates, cards or jewelry will surprise us girls this days? hehe! Whatever the boyfriend gets me, i will appreciate it...even if he will not get me anything its ok too! As long as he's here with me on my bday its all good! :) I should be working on my bday wishlist but I really don't want anything this year as I have what I really wanted but I still have to buy some makeup essentials like MAC concealer and powder foundation that I am running low now! Definitely at Sephora I'm still hunting a good face primer, also wanting to try the Urban Decay eye primer in "eden"! See I don't want anything bwahaha jk!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anna's 7thYR Anniversary

Where did all the time go? Because I didn't even notice all these years blogging about whatever in my life and known great awesome friends thru blogging world! One of them is Anna...I'm fascinated by her blog and I love all her blog entry posts! I kind of lost my interest in blogging for few years back but 2 years ago I'm so glad that I found her blogsite again and I added her right away! I get excited when I see new post from her (naks!) Wow 7 year Anniversary? was it that long already? Anyways she's having a Moleskin Give away....so nice of her to give some of her Moleskin notebooks huh :P

This is my entry for Anna's 7th year Anniversary Moleskin giveaway!