Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Things Can't Live Without

10 Things I Can't Live Without or things that matters.....

1. My daughter Lauren...she's not a "thing" but I can't live without her!

2. Blackberry...talk about portability, plus im a BB addict!

3. Internet Connection...i freak out everytime we have "technical difficulties" on our connection at home!

4. Computer...i'm in it almost everyday, oh ok EVERYDAY!

5. Camera...got to carry them around, i will never know when to capture those precious moments of Lauren

6. TV/DVD...i love watching my movies over and over again! same to Lauren she like to watch her kiddie dvds like a million times a day!

7. BearPaws boots/Uggs boots...both love it if only i could wear them in a formal occasions hehe!

8. Makeup...probably it won't be on my list right now because I can still go on without wearing any makeup but this past few months makeup is like my therapy *toinkkk*

9. Hoodies...i never realize my love of hooded sweatshirts/shirts till now!

10. Rings with diamonds(?)...my parents gave it to me so they have sentimental value plus they are expensive!

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