Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I was sick for the past few days and I need to treat myself with something that would make me feel better so I went shopping! Bwahaha!

MAC @ The Bay:

- e/s brush 224

- e/s brush 217

- e/s in cranberry

- lipstick in viva glam VI

- pro e/s empty quad

Lancome @ Sears:

- eye pallete in starlette and stunning

- 2 samples of e/s quads *free

- whole bunch of skin samples *free

And @ London Drugs:

- Posh face powder brush

Whew it seems like a lot of stuff but these are all the things that I kind of wanting to get for a long time especially for the MAC brushes! The brushes are way expensive but they have awesome reviews online! And yes, they are my very first MAC brushes! I also bought an eyeshadow in cranberry and I'm liking it so far. I want to get humid and nylon but its out of stock...bummer! So I ended up getting a lipstick in viva glam VI and empty pro e/s quad! I had some gift cards that I got from Xmas that I did use so its not like I spend a whole lot out of my pocket! The Lancome eye pallete was from the holiday collection and its the last one so I have to get it plus everything is just so pretty even the packaging! And the sales associate gave me a LOT of freebies/samples so yeey!

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