Saturday, July 30, 2016

Thrifted LOUIS VUITTON...Fake or Not?!

 Just another day thrifting at Value Village (same as Savers in the US) I spotted on this Louis Vuitton piece, I got excited to pick up off the rack and snugged it right aways before anyone else will! lol! I inspected thoroughly, theres a crease on the front that is very noticeable but I figured its alright, I still go through it and look for the date code! But unfortunately after few minutes flipping, opening and closing the purse i didn't find the date code, I even went on my iPhone and Google it whats this LV piece called! Louis Vuitton Epi Bleu Demi Lune Pochette! Anyways, I questioned myself if I will buy the bag! It was priced $9.99 but i have a 30% off coupon card from donating stuff there all the time! Half an hour later I walked around the store and decided to take it anyways! For $7....Im not loosing much money anyways if this turns out not real! I search more info online when I got home, I got really curious as every details on the bag is on point! The stitching, the leather, the lining, the stamp label, the hardware, the measurements etc...just without date code! The only explanation I found online why theres no date code on the bag is, it could be vintage because from mid 80s below some LV pieces don't have date codes especially smaller pieces like pochettes. Im still not satisfied on that information, i need someone knowledgable about luxury pieces to tell me if this piece I got thrifted is Real or Fake?! What do you guys think?