Monday, October 27, 2008


I've been itching to blog for the past few days now but I can't finish a single entry coz I get distracted or just lazy to post for anything! Finally...*sigh* I got peace and quiet in here hayy! Lauren slept early plus I'm not sleepy yet coz I feel bloated ahgrr!

Skin problem? Yup I started breaking out lately...AGAIN! I don't know which product I did use for me to break out again! Might be Proactiv? duh! My foundation? I'm using Maybelline Dream Matte and Mac Studio Fix powder! I tried not to use Proactiv for a week just because ... expensive?!? But I have sort of an emergency fix if ever yah knowwww but forgot all about it till now im breaking out like crazy. The name of the product: Mena Melasma Acne Cream yup my acne saver in a pink jar! I used this since the Philippines! I got 3 jars when my dad went for vacation so this jar I'm using right now is my last one! I went looking for one last weekend, I went to the leading asian supermarket here in the city and ask for Mena, unfortunately they don't have it or carry the product at all but the salesgirl told me they have similar product called Ly-Na Pearl Face Cream so I bought it! Oh well its only $5 so why not give it a try right!?

So, I'm almost out with my good 'ol Mena cream so I started using Ly-Na and to tell you boys and girls its amaziinngggggg! Gave me that healthy glow on my skin, not too mention I got rid all my major acne in a week! I still have lil bumps here in there but hopefully few more weeks of using this baby will clear it up! Cons? The smell! It really doesn't bother me that much coz Mena have this similar scent but Ly-Na is more powerful! Its not a bad scent but I like unscented products especially face stuff! Nways its ok, the smell is kinda grew on me now so no biggie!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dora The Explorer Day!

So...this Sunday I called it Dora the Explorer Day! LOL! Because Dora will be visiting Canadian Tire Store for the Grand Opening! Yup, we are ready to see her live appearance in store @ 3pm. We got there like around 2:15ish, I was thinking to go early so I could see all the sales and participate some of the raffle draws hehe! But just when I was browsing the flyers I heard the announcement that the line up to see Dora just begun few minutes ago so I checked out where the line up was and holly molly its like a zoo full of kids way at the back of the store so I went where the end of the line and I was like ahmm its not too bad where we are because in a few minutes the line went even longer! In my head....this is what I do now that I have a daughter, lining up and meeting Dora, then trick or treating on Halloween and then lining up for Santa on Christmas! ahahaha! Seriously I wouldn't mind taking my almost 10month old baby (LC) in store to meet Dora, but some people thinks she's too young and some thinks she's not even aware of Dora! I'm looking around and there are babies much younger than my newborns duh! It's none of their business if I want to take my baby and lined up to meet Dora, Lauren wasn't complaining anyways, she didn't cry, she just sit in the shopping cart and waiting patiently! So here are some pictures.......

My little a-DORA-ble baby!

She's having fun just sitting on the shopping cart!

While waiting in line...she's also eating her cookies!

That's the line up in front of us!

Dora Dora Dora the Explorerrrrrr!

My daughter is a little shock here...LOL!

Dora with Us!

We are going home....we are laughing coz we met and took pictures with Dora and then the line up is even longer than we thought...its all the way outside the store! Poor kids, its cold and windy outside brrrr!

With my sis-in-law Marinel

Saturday, October 18, 2008


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Dunn dunn dunn! My wishlist is up.....u can check out over on the left side of my blog under !wants.


It's more of my wishlist and none for Lauren ahaha, gift cards are always acceptable so her mommy could buy her stuff she needs LOL! MacAddict's Picture(s)......

I used all the purples and came out really nice....nah I don't think u care nways!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Macblog plus Ramblings!

I noticed its my first post for the month of October errr nice! So what is up? I've been really busy lately with Lauren, working, schooling, and working part-time??? huh??? kidding duh as if! Well I'll tell you guys what is really up, I've been MaC shopping lately, seriously I spend $$$ again on just makeup! It's disturbing enough that I have this growing interest on cosmetics! So here are some of the stuff I got at MacStore (yesterday): My 1st ever Mac Blush "Melba" , Browset in "Mink", NeoSciFi e/s in Expensive Pink and lastly I got my first Mac e/s pallete, I just have to fill it up with Macpro eyeshadows!

So the day after MaC-cing (hehe) I went to The Bay to look around and I remembered I hafto check out if they have Too Faced Cosmetics and ask if they E/s insurance unfortunately they don't , bummer! But passed by a Christian Dior Counter looked around a bit then the sales associate was so nice to me so I asked questions about lipsticks and e/s but I was really interested on the Diorshow "Iconic" Mascara so she gave me a little sample ! It's good for 2 to 4 times of applications and let me tell you guys it was gurrrrrgoussssss! My lashes became longer and almost looks like a falsies! I'm really in love with it but my wallet won't allow me to spend $32Can plus taxes....well I won't allow myself spend that much on Mascara ahaha! But I had so much fun using Dior! Definitely on my wishlist: Diorshow Iconic Mascara!

Today, me and my baby went out to look for new sleepers and luckily I found some sales at Zellers I bought her 3 new sleepers that are good for upcoming winter! I bought her bottle liners and baby cookies too! I can't help myself not to go to Mac hehe and I bought this: E/s in Nocturnelle I love the color! love love love the purple! See, its not too bad.... I only got one thing! =P