Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Presents and Mini Haul

As promised on my previous entry that I will make a blog and show off what I got from Christmas and these are what I got! Picture heavy so I hope you enjoy as much as I did opening them hehe!

The perfect present from my nephew Audric: A shirt says "I'm stressed!" I really heart the shirt, so cute!!!

From my sis-inlaw Grace: I got a gift certificate from Professional Nails for a Pedicure yeeyy!

I got a replica Prada bag from a friend Vicky in Calgary and a Tommy sweater from sis-inlaw Marinel!

And then a teacup set by Tim Hortons from friend Ann!

Gift Cards are very much appreciated! They are from friends....I have more but they are in my other purse, i'm too lazy to get them and take a pic LOL! (Sears, The Bay, Wal-mart etc etc.)

Neutrogena Set from a friend, and my very first Dior: ultra gloss reflect from Hubby Mark and then my first ever Chanel: tweedrose blush from my brother Brian! TYVM :D

These items below are some stuff I bought over the holidays: the cute yellow tube is a Japanese Egg Facial Foam I got from Asian Supermarket during my stay in Alberta. Heard a lot of good reviews about Japanese products especially egg facial peel, egg facial cleansers, egg etc etc.! Then I purchased Physician's Formula Green Corrector Stick because it really works for me, I had that little trial size so its time to get the full-size! I got that @ Zellers! I went to The Bay during boxing day and I got 3 pairs of silver hoop earrings! Lastly I depot some of my MAC eyeshadows and finished my bottle of MAC Makeup Remover so I went to MAC and picked up my free Lipstick for their Back to MAC program! I got a MAC Slimshine in the shade of Ultra-Elegant , this shade for me is just too pretty loveeee love love!

So that's about it...its not that much but I'm pretty happy of all the things I got for Christmas! Also Lauren got lots of presents especially clothes, toys and money...one lucky girl! HAPPY NEW YEAR! What's your resolution for the New Year?!

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