Friday, December 19, 2008

1st Dior Product

The weather here is sooo sooo soo cold but me and Lauren went out today! We went to Winners because I was looking for an outfit on Lauren's 1st bday party on the 27th and I found a perfect top that can go on my old black dress pants! It's really cute and the price is just right so I got that! Will take pictures on the actual party so u guys could see it but I don't think anyone would care what I wear LOL! And then Mark (hubby) called and told me it's his day off so he'll meet me but ended up showing half an hour late! But its ok because I was too busy shopping and keep Lauren busy by giving her crackers and toys! After that, we went to Old Navy because I heard they have sales going on! Mark tag along with us and left his car on the parking lot! But on our way there Lauren fell asleep so I went inside the store by myself and Mark and Lauren stayed in the car! I bought some last minute presents for the boys (dad and 2brothers) and I was supposed to use a coupon for additional 15% off but I forgot about that grrr! Oh well...will use ém next time! We head off to the mall after because I was starving so we stop at the mall's food court right away and decided for Brioni's, I ordered spaghetti with chicken parmesan and chicken noodle soup for Lauren! Mark ordred the same thing.... yum carbs! After we ate our late lunch, we are in a good mood for window shopping so we browsed almost every stores LOL!

We stopped infront of The Bay because I gave Lauren her bottled milk plus I'm feeling a little tired! So while resting I glanced at the store's window and it's MacCosmetics stand! I went ahead and browse a bit but I went back outside where Mark and Lauren are seated with a sad face! They're sold out of the holiday set of lippies that I want! Mark want to look around in men's fragrance so we went inside the department store and while he was browsing perfumes with Lauren, first I went to Chanel cosmetics stand, 2nd Lancome stand then Dior...OMG I fell inlove with Dior's Lipgloss! As I have mentioned on my previous post that Im not a lippy person but I can't leave the store without Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect! Even if its $31CAN + taxes, I really can't compare it to Mac or Nars Lippies that I already own because its just too perfect! It's not sticky, no smell, shade is awesome and hopefully it'll last long, wear-wise! I tried 3 shades and I absolutely heart the 587 Lace Beige (plum beige)! I asked hubby if its too much for a lipgloss but he told me that I have to get it if I really really really want it, I said yah I really really really want it! So he end up paying for it! Yipeeee my 1st ever Dior product! BUT...I asked him if this counts as my Xmas gift from him?! He just gave me that weird look meaning to shuttup! While walking out the store he told me that the only reason he let me have it because the salesgirl was hot! LOL nah he's kidding! :P

So...that's my little Dior story hehehe! ciao! =)

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