Monday, December 1, 2008

How are we?!

Sorry for not blogging for like a week, but I don't think anyone cares if I blog or not! Who read my blog anways?! The reason for that is I just got busy with life and our recent sickness! Me and my daughter somewhat caught a stomach flu err sucks eh! Its ok if its just me I could still brush it off and I'll be fine but Lauren too got it! I'm so worried about her, she was vomiting like 3times at night for 2nights, diarrhea and the crying OMG! We both got sick at the same time...that's the worst part of all she was crying then I started crying just because I can't even take care of myself, how could I take care of my own daughter?! My dad and everybody else in the house are out of town so just me and Lauren! (Oh 1 bro is here, he check us out once in while but he can't do anything about the crying and the screaming!) The next day the throwing up part for both of us mellowed down so I managed to drive by to the nearest children's emergency just to make sure Lauren is ok! The doctor didn't say much but she checked everything on her and she told me she's going to be fine! It was some kind of a stomach flu or something related to her teething! Lots of fluids for both of us as doctor's order! So today....we are getting out of our horrible sickening experience although Lauren is still not herself, what I meant...ahmm she's not as the happy baby as she is but hopefully the happy/energetic/non-stoppable baby will back soon! (I miss her giggles!) It's almost 4am right now and I'm looking at Lauren right now and she's gorgeously sleeping (*sigh* 2sleepless nights did this!) and at the same time I was looking at her picture too! (below) Made me smile :) There is no words to tell her how much I love her!

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