Saturday, December 13, 2008

No place like home!

Ive been here in Airdrie/Calgary for a week and its time to go back home to Winnipeg! Im kinda excited to go back...i missed everybody, my room, my bed, my things and for sure Lauren misses her toys as well LOL! I miss doing all the things I normaly do at home ahaha (like?) just excited to go home! Its funny how a one week get-away would do to you! Hehehe!

I've been going back and forth here in Calgary and a big realization came up to me! Calgary is a big city with lots of job opportunities that pays good money! Lots of places to see! Weatherwise?! Its not bad either! I heard a lot of great things y i should consider to move in Calgary! Do I want to move? Maybe not! I know Winnipeg is a small city, slow in everything, no good jobs with low pay and the weather sucks but i heart Winnipeg! My family and friends are in Winnipeg although one by one they are moving elsewhere LOL! I just love to travel around visit other places here and there but its not a plan that i have to move out of Winnipeg! Philippines is a different story...but for Winnipeg is very special to me, I went to highschool, meet new friends, got my first ever job, had my 18th bday, meet a bf, got married, got heartbroken, given birth, re-new life etc know what i mean...all the big events in my life happened in Winnipeg! And now its just the beginning of Lauren's too!

Even if i move somewhere i will always come back to Winnipeg! Like Philippines, if time and money will allow us i would loooove to go back to Philippines! THAT is truly my home! And hopefully i could show Lauren everything when the right time and age comes! Its important to me that Lauren knows where her mom and dad grew up and where we came from originaly, i want her to be proud of who she is! :)

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