Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Killing Boredom!

Im in bed now with Lauren and Im sad that my daughter still looks sick and not happy baby herself yet! The baby book says that I should just let her be and just comfort her and give her lots of fluids! Poor baby is irritated by every little things like she always want to be carried which she isnt like that usually! My back hurts carrying her all day, she also sleeps cradled in my arms all night long and now I have stiff neck and not to mention that its not easy to take my daily shower or just go to the washroom to do my business! Teething phase is really hard for both us, but I want her to be comfortable as she can be so whatever she wants just not to hear her cry, I will do it....even not showering for 2days now errr stinky me! Our flight is on Saturday and Im hoping Lauren feels better by then! A visit to Calgary would be good for the both of us to have different fresh air in our system! This trip will rejuvenate us! Also I can do some of my Christmas shopping there wooot!

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