Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm watching Ellen show right now coz i'm bored! Lauren is taking her afternoon nap! Britney and Ellen are so funny doing all the holiday cheers door to door nyahaha! Nways I'm still on vacation mode but yup I'm back here Winnipeg, as usual doing some laundry and trying to fix and fitting all the crap in my closet! I will set a rule that at least once a month I have to go through the closet and look for all the stuff thats not been touch for a month then get rid of it! Especially Lauren's clothes and shoes, like right now I brought some hand-me-down clothes from a friend's daughters from Airdrie and they are all in good condition but its still a lil bit big for Lauren so I have to stash them somewhere put them all in a box and I'm hoping that I will remember to bring them out when Lauren can fit on them LOL!

My Sephora purchase of Nars blush in "deep throat" was awesome! I'm loving the blush! I was supposed to get the "orgasm" but from swatching it's too sparkly for me! If you folks haven't try this product go get it! It's worth the $29 bucks ahaha! I don't own a lot of blushes...I think I only have one Mac blush which I wear it everytime I put my makeup on, I love Mac's "melba" blush, I got that a few months ago, so this Nars blush is my 2nd one! I heart blushes now ahehehe but I still love playing with eyeshadows! I'm not into lippies that's why I'm not too happy with my Nars "orgasm" lipgloss its $28 and it feels like a regular sticky lipgloss...nothing special! I still love my Mac Plushglasses! I heard they are going to discontinue Plushglasses please nooo! I hope not, but before they are going buh-bye I hafto stock up somehow, I can swap some of my Mac items at MUA for plushglasses? ahm maybe? Nah there is always ebay to rely on to buying discontinued ones LOL!

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