Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MIA in Wpg!

We arrived here in Calgary last Saturday for our one week hiatus in Winnipeg! But we are actually staying at a fren's haus in Airdrie Alberta, like 15mins away to Calgary! We enjoyed our first day going to the outlet mall and also the nice weather compared to snowy winterpeg but on the very next day it snowed like crazy! Its like 10cm of snow....the road are all slippery and slushy grrrr i thought me and Lauren could get away of snow and enjoy the nice weather but i guess not! For some reasons the snow is following us LOL! Yesterday we went out and the road is not too bad so the shopping goes on! Bought some kid's presents and some stuff for Lauren ....lil things for me of course! We haven't visit Sephora but hopefully tomorrow we could go because im too darn excited to get my Shu Uemura eyelash curler, the famous eyelash curler that i've been hearing about, it has all the awesome reviews from MUA, youtube, bloggers etc etc...oh well i will keep u guys posted of whats up here on our trip but we will go back home this coming Saturday! For now the pic above is Lauren with sisters Kaitlynn and Katherynn, they are soooo great with LC and both too cute! :) Links are to be edited as I'm posting this entry via email! Laters!

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