Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Baby!

As much as the title says it all I'm not preggers ok LOL! My brother loaned me a new Dell Mini (netbook) My old Acer laptop is done...with me anyways! I got my old laptop way before I got pregnant. That laptop served me 4years of good and bad times online! Kept me company while I was pregnant hehe! I remembered I wake up around 2am just to go use the washroom and cant sleep no more so I go check babycenter and askdramy online :D Ok here is my new baby's picture! Sorry not the actual pic but taken from the website! I'm just too lazy to do anything whatcha guys think?! check the website for more info about this netbook! Oh I also bought the cutest USB flash memory its Minnie Mouse, haaaa will take pictures of them soon :)

I wanted to do a EOTD/FOTD but I'm still sick till now! I lost my voice over the weekend and I still sound terrible err! I'm not in the mood doing looks or go through my makeup! Although I got my Chanel lipgloss in "coral reef" in the mail on my recent swap on MUA. I wanted to try it out but I'm really not in a makeup mood! But I love the lippie helloooo its Chanel! The swapper also included a free Smashbox lipgloss mini in "desire" from the look outside the tube its too light for me to wear it but maybe I'll find a way to mix it up with some of my darker/bright lipsticks! I swapped my Nars Lipgloss in "orgasm" I used it maybe 1x or 2x and I find it really sticky so I never touch it in awhile till I decided to put it up on MUA! Which now I'm happy with the Chanel lippie I got wooot! Ok this is for now...will blog more laters ahmm maybe a LOTD? FOTD? maybe baby?


becky said...

well, your new baby is really cute :)

i hope you feel better soon.

Jannie said...

awww... still sick? hope get well soon, sis.

looks like you got some goodies in mail. abt. the smashbox lipgloss, yeah, it would be a good idea to blend it in with a darker color if it's too light. blended colors make a pretty and unique color too. :)

haha... yeah, i remember putting off buying saint germain. when the MA told me it was popular, i went ahead and got it. maganda kasi at nakakatakot maubusan eh. hehe... that color will look pretty on you too. lalo na maganda ang lips mo. it'll look great. :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

When I first starting reading this post, I though "omg, she's pregnang!?" & then I kept reading!!! HAHHA

Well I hope you start feeling better soon hun <3