Sunday, July 12, 2009

FOTD: Heritage Rouge

Another FOTD....its a bit sloppy but oh well I love this pigment! I used Mac's Pigment in "Heritage Rouge"! I had a sample when it came out but it was a limited edition and that time I really don't know how to use pigments LOL! Oh in this EOTD, I paired up with Mac's eyeshadow in "nylon"! Just a simple eyelook nothing special hehe!

I'm also using my new Mac's highlight powder in "what a dame"! :D That's about it guys....byeee till next post! muah!


Zoe said... lovely^^

KRYSTAL said...

its pretty! i love the color combo!

Jannie said...

actually, this is special. you look very pretty and BLOOMING. type ko rin ang top na suot mo dito, sis. :D

ay. parang vaseline pala yung salve ng naked honey. eh 'di parang sticky pala. yikes. yeah, mas mabuti pang quad na lang kunin mo. the colors are pretty too. i really like buckwheat. would make a great highlighter or lid color. :)

yeah. 2 lippies lang ang kinuha ko sa dame edna collection because i was lemming more for HK. now i kick myself for not getting what a dame. i heard it's really pretty. :)

becky said...

this is not sloppy, its very pretty, i like the color combo.

Ida said...

very nice natural flush :) and the eye colors brighten up your eyes real well :)

Jannie said...

wow. $3 is a great deal for a pretty blouse like yours. :)

buti kayo one week nakapagtrip. kami 3 days lang. i hope i can go on another trip there for a week at least. my sister wanted to show us more places. bitin din. hehe... yeah, bay area is a must-see on your next trip. you and lauren will like great america. :)

ay. buti nasabi mo sa akin yung tungkol sa color craft. i definitely won't get the eyeshadows after all. maybe just some lippies and blush. that's it. lol. there are more nicer collections to come. hehe... we can wait. :)

Jannie said...

hey nancy. you've been tagged nga pala. :D

Anonymous said...

so far this is my favorite look you did, i think the color combo came out pretty! :) your lippy is the bomb!

yes i miss s badly and kaw din lol?! yes the hardest of part of being a mother is giving birth ingit nga ako sa madali lang manganak :(

thx for comment and dropping by :)

Krystia said...

Your face is illuminated; you look gorgeous and like a diva!