Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mini Rant(s)

Its almost 3am and I can't sleep! (Ugh rant #1!) Anywhoooo, me and Lauren went out 2day because we both feel better! Last weekend was so hectic, started last Friday we are busy preparing for the garage sale but then I remembered shooot I gotta go to my friends daughters' (twins) 2nd bday! So we went to the bday party and told myself that we are not staying that long because I got lots of things to do still for the garage sale but NOPE we end up staying there until 930ish pm! Thank goodness its only a 5minutes drive to my house so I put Lauren for bed and I continued preparing for our garage sale then I started feeling sick! My throat is sore and headache! So I took tylenol colds and flu but it didn't work - feel more dizzy so I went to bed and snoozed then I woke up and felt like I have morning sickness! Its like someone hit me in the head, also my arms and legs are sore! Thinking ewwww F*CK if I got swine flu!

Ok moving on to the garage sale....even I felt so sick it didn't stop me from negotiating people who are really bargain hunters! Some are just pain in the butt lowering price! (This will be my rant #2?) So, I was selling Lauren's 3-in-1 basinet/playpen/changingtable for $60 it was practically brandnew then this filipino guy came by saying his wife is 5mts pregnant blah blah so he ask how much? I told him the price and he bargained right away $30bucks? I was like r u kidding me? He actually ask half price of my asking price! That baby item cost like $140 plus taxes at walmart duh! I told him alright $50bucks and that's my final price! And he was like nah I dunno mumbling here and there! I know he wants it that's why he was sticking around looking at our stuff then talking to me again and my bestie! I overheard him saying that he is actually embarrased walking around with his wife because she's huge! I was like WTF! I hate guys like that...shallow and stupid! And it doesn't end my frustration with this guy! He was talking to my bestie how my bestie looks good even she just got a baby, then he looked at me and out of nowhere he blurted "oh look at her looks like she didn't take care of herself!" I know I'm FAT so what? don't be so mean about it! I just want him to get out of our garage sale seriously so I offered my last price $40 take it or leave it or else get the hell out of our property! So he left with my playpen but seriously I HATE HIM and I swear he will have a FAT wife pretty soon KARMA!

Day 2 of our garage sale it was Sunday morning my whole body was sore! My throat is killing me! The weather is way too hot! My brother babysits Lauren but once in awhile she was with us outside helping to sell her junks hahaha! It was slow Sunday but not much of a bargain whores! Us asians are too cheap with almost everything but compare to white people they won't negotiate at all! Whatever the sticker price they pay! Too bad we live in asian community area so a lot of our buyers are asians ugh! (I'm not racist ok!) But u guys know what I'm saying right!?!

Rant #3 I completely lost my voice last Monday morning it was terrible! But at least Lauren is not that sick like me! Lauren got colds but its good that no fever involved! *sigh* Tuesday I still sound terrible till Wednesday! Thursday...still off-pitch but its getting there! Friday I felt great and finally my voice is getting back to normal yeeey!

My mini rant went too crazy but mostly ramblings that don't matter? Errr! Ok, its weekend once again and I hope I will have a good week ahead of me and I hope you guys will have it too :) night blogworld, laters!

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Iyah said...

its way too hot in here too!! I haven't been to a garage sale!! must be fun!! :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I've never had or been to a garage sale before, but omg, I wouldn't want to deal with people like that man! Yikes! & I'd hate even more to be married to some one like that, I feel sorry for his wife! @__@
And hun you're not fat, don't let stupid people like that be mean to you

chetzmosa said...

Oh i can't believe that guy who was talking crap. The nerve!!! DOn't let him get to you...... he's a jerk!
Rant on sweetieee!! We're here to read it :-)

Jannie said...

sorry, i miss this rant, nancy. but geez, WTF is up with that dude? grabe. sarap nyang banatan, noh? kabastos naman. he must have some facial (and most esp. attitude issues too) issues to deal with. that's probably why he's talking smack and being bitter about life. you are beautiful. sorry na lang sya because lovely ladies like you won't go for beasts like him.