Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July HAUL (late post...sorry guys hehe!)

A quick post of what I did shop during our weekend vacation in US of A last 4th of July, its really late I know.... but some of my followers and a friend of mine (who secretly reads my blog) wants to know what I got, so its not like I'm bragging or showing off because I really don't have anything to show off hehehe!

This is the only thing I got from CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet)! I got the Mac's "what a dame" highlight powder ! I didn't like this collection, I hate the packaging but I heard a lot of good things about this powder so I was there and I got it and I'm glad that I did because i love this highlighter, really brightens and gives my face an extra glow :P

Then I went to Target and bought Sonia Kashuk brushes! I got 3 brushes the crease brush, eyeshadow brush and the angled eyeliner brush....they are just ok :( I still love Posh brushes and Ecotools!
Been wanting a Coach for a long time, so went to Coach Outlet ...Black Carly Tote and a Wristlet, 50% off the clearance price so why not....splurge!? At least its real, can u tell?

Gotta show Lauren's things too....her Nike rubber shoes are the cutest and her dad got this Skechers sandals/slippers so cute and oh the heart thingy in the middle lights up too when she's walking , so cool! Me and my sis-in-law bought her loads of summer outfits but didn't take pictures on those because its in the laundry right now :P

Got some sweets at Duty Free when we got home because my sis-in-law stopped by to buy some liquor hehe I should've got some rum for myself LOL!

Didn't show everything that I got but I also bought T-shirts, shorts and some lil things for me, but those are the boring things that I bought so nothing special :D Love yall byyeee!


donnarence said...

what a dame blush looks promising when you swatched it.. love lauren's sandals cuteness!!!

Iyah said...

What a dame blush is one of my faves! :)