Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honesty Scrap Tag + 1Tagged

Thanks Jannie for tagging me this Honesty Scrap Tag....I know some of my friends and relatives are secretly reading my blog (*wink) but honestly I don't care haha! They know me in person but I bet there are things that they still don't know about me! (ohhhh...lol)

The simple rules about this tag. Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag 10 people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

1. The 1st honest info about me would be is that I have a complicated life right now! And if you don't really read my blog by heart then you could catch up in here!

2. I'm HOT and COLD to my hubby! I could be so nice to him but I could bitch at him like there is no tomorrow! We are talking about honesty so mind as well be honest right now! I still do care about him even all the horrible things he did to me and his GF but helloooo we have a daughter together as much as I want him to cut him off of our lives I just can't! He still my bestfriend!

3. I love to travel, packing is one of the exciting things to do (weird) but UNpacking? duh it'll take days or even weeks for me to unpack LOL!

4. I have Friendster and Facebook for ages and I love catching up with my friends especially with my friends back home but honestly I don't like joining to those game apps! Its not really a thing for me to do even if I'm really really really bored!

5. I'm a bargain whore! hehe Who don't like stuff on SALE! I don't buy things unless they are on sale! But there are exceptions of course, I do love brand names like in makeup I do love high-end cosmetics! I do tried a lot of drugstore brands and they do work ok but not as good as the high-end ones! Drugstore brands are not cheap either this days but if I put out money on a cheaper powder foundie that might break me out or won't match my skin tone then I'd rather add a few dollars to buy the expensive brand! NOTE: I still use a lot of drugstore cosmetics that I find that it works well on me!

6. I love to watch DVD movies or tv shows on DVDsets over and over and over again! I love my Friends DVD I could watch it all day long!

7. I'm addicted to my Blackberry! I sleep, eat, pee, poo with this thing! LOL!

8. I still have my baby pillow but put it away in my closet because its falling apart because its really really old....ahmm now I do sometimes steal Lauren's baby pillow when she's asleep (bad mom!)

9. I don't know how to swim! I can't swim! I don't swim! :( waaaaaaah Just the thought that I'm too heavy to float and die in the water ahuhuhu!

10. I'm a chicken fanatic! We all do respect the chickens ....beautiful bird right?! But I could eat chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner! You can do a lot of yummy dishes with chicken! My fave is chicken adobo, curry chicken, chicken tinola, chicken soup, fried chicken etc etc etc etc....(getting hungry now!)

Now I'm tagging:
Emms my bestie!, Pau, Anna, Iyah, Krystall, Laura and Ashlee!

This is another Tag from Pau! Thanks sweets! :D

Take care lovelies byeeeee!


chetzmosa said...

hey there nancy!! it's nice to see another familiar face! Yay!! Glad to know that you're blogging still.

hahaha you hate unpacking too! LOL that's so funny. We're so lazy.

I also like chicken... especially chicken curry. yummy. omg, i'm hungry now. lol

Caramel Diva said...

Great Facts about yourself...I like chicken too lol..who doesn't lol

we have a lot of things in common

I like to watch dvd's, I can't swim and I'm a bargain shopper as well..But I will buy some higher end products such as foundations, some eyeshadows (mac) and purses lol

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I enjoyed reading these facts, buut the first one made me really sad when I went to the link you posted.

Jannie said...

hi, nancy!

thanks, sis, for doing the honesty scrap tag. :) buti ka pa, at least you like packing. me, i procrastinate. pero yeah, nakakatamad talagang mag-unpack. i sometimes forget where the things packed in the bag originally belong. lol.

chicken is THE best. i can never get tired of chicken. haha... masarap sa breakfast yung chicken ah. hahaha...

i do agree with you about drugstore makeup. a handful of it is good, but it is kinda risky to buy. esp. stuff like foundation. sayang lang ang pera kung allergic ka or something.

i sure had fun reading your 10 facts. ingats. :D

mszcheysser said...

Wow :(

I read fact number 1, and I have to applaud you for being so strong. I would had never been able to pull off that, especially if I was pregnant. I wouldn't know what to do. Wow, I'm speechless. =/

On a lighter note, I am on the same page with you about packing. I could pack days before, I get all excited. But when I come back from my trip, I get sooooo lazy =[

annings said...

Oooh, I want to get starting on this tag. Looks fun! Hehe! I love SALES too! I always end up buying more than I intend to! And it also doesn't help that there's always Sale in Singapore! LOL! But yeah, who doesn't like a good bargain, yeah? =P