Monday, September 29, 2008

Migraine Attack!

Migraine day for me today not because its Monday LOL! Migraine attack since yesterday, maybe I was watching too much Dora Explorer all day yesterday and 2day over and over and over OVERRRR! My daughter loves Dora, she got this huge giggle everytime Dora Dances and also when her backpack thingy comes on she goes whoaa of happiness! I think I memorized most of it too! Good thing of me watching this with my daughter....ahm I learned spanish in just a couple of days ahehe! Do-do-do-dora do-do-do-dora the exploreerrrrrr (whistles*) ahgrrr I can't get that out of my head its like a playback over and over and OVERRR!

Good thing I have sort of good news to my email 2day! Because I was a loyal customer to my bank for almost 10years now they are giving me a thank you/appreciation gift! Starting the month of October my bank will be giving me 3.75% interest on my savings account whooott! awesome!! They increase by 1.25% all I have to do is get some money$$$ to put on my account ahhaha! Anyone want to give out some cash?!? I accept Paypal, bank transfers or simple as cash and any amount will do nyahhaha!

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